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Hey Folks, About ready to purchase a StudioLive. Still up in the air about either 16.0.2 or 16.4.2.
Have been reading reviews and I have a few concerns.
I see there have been lots of Fader issues, firewire , and firmware issues as well.
I have noticed that these reviews and problems have been around 2010 2011, & 2012.
Have these issues been taken care of or are they still on going?
These units ain't cheap so I want to make sure I know what I'm doing before I commit.
Need some good advise on which way to go.
Lots of Pros and Cons on the internet, but wanted to hear from some real users.
Any help, advise, etc would be much appreciated.
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Am looking to purchase this system. However, have read that there have been some problems with power and other things.
What I have read is older material.
Can you you advise me about the bugs?
Don't have a lot of $$$ and I cannot afford to have this go out on me in the middle of a show.
Am basically old skool with seperate amps and analog board.
Want to get into the 21st century.
I own the Studio One software and absolutly love it.
Want to move up.
Please help?
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Not sure if I have asked this before.
I have a Roland VS2000cd that I have been using for years.
Can anyone please tell me how to get those individual tracks from that to Studio One 2.5.1?
Appreciate any help.
How do I (You fill in the blank)? » External hard drive » Go to message
Is there really any problem when using an external hard drive?
Was told that I may have a problem recovering info from it.
Is there something specific that I need to know or do?
New to all this so bear with me.
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