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I took my new SL 16.0.2 out on a gig with my MacBook Air (Mid 2012) and its new Thunderbolt-to-Firewire-Adapter and I have to say that I cannot recommend this setup for serious recording intentions at all.

The first problem I encountered was that my MBA didn't wake up after going to stand-by TWICE, I had to do a hard shut-down to get it up and running again. This was of course pre-show and could be fixed by changing the energy saving preferences.

BUT, and that's a very big but, what troubles me the most is that the recordings are flawed. Every now and then a glitch (mostly repeating samples) appears and makes these 3+ hours of recording a PITA to edit.

I don't blame Presonus for this as I think that the TB-to-FW-adapter is the problem, BUT (another big one...) it's been some time since August and I wonder what the internal tests have shown.

One more thing: I've been using the stock version of Capture (1.1.112145) that came with my mixer as I didn't want to register it before knowing that I'll be going to keep it. I don't think that this was causing the glitches, but I wanted to mention it.

Regards, JK
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rnaqvi wrote:Unfortunately, the 1602 uses a different chipset than the other two mixers. So it doesn't have the full capability of the Room Analysis Wizard, System Delay Wizard or System check. However, since you have a 31 band GEQ on the 1602, you can still use the Smaart Spectograph and RTA on the main outputs.

Hi Rick!

First of all let me say that I did a check on mixers that can do multi-track recording to a PC in the last few days and decided to get a 16.0.2 because of it's amazing value for the price despite the fact that it's a Firewire device and limited to 48kHz. The thing I liked most was the idea of analysing a room and its speakers with the integrated Smaart software, so after being extremely excited about the new features you announced I was a little let down at the end of the video where it doesn't say that my mixer would be supported. So I was wondering if you could be a little more specific about the difference in the feature set regarding the 16.0.2. That would be great!

Regards, JK
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