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what i would like is if this is implemented the cursor will change from normal to curve when editing.
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LMike wrote:Page Up/Down Skip (CTRL PageUp/Down) will move through tabs.

is that in the manual?
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mwright137 wrote:The main reason companies don't publish any release dates is because then when the product release misses that date, there is a customer uproar. Imagine if PreSonus said v3 was coming out on July 4th and then it didn't get released until September. This is not an unreasonable scenario in software development timelines. Can you imagine the craziness of the threads on here starting July 3rd or even sooner?

No - I prefer they decide on a feature set and release the product when all features are working. There's a saying in software: you have three variables - time, cost, and features. Pick two. Cost is pretty much fixed unless you pay overtime or bring in extra help. So if you set a date, you have to cut out features as that date approaches.

Hope this isn't too confusing. I'm still waking up lol

games companies do it all the time lol
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dr4kan wrote:I also wish more flexibility for the metronome. More than a simple half/double speed option (which could be handy anyway) I'd like to be able to set specific patterns.

For example, if you play live and you are in 7/8, you don't count all 1/8 notes. Most of the time you count a 7/8 as a 3/4 + 1/8.

Other very important example, what about compound times (like, 3/8, 6/8, etc...)? A 6/8, for example, is two dotted-crotchets (dotted quarter notes) per bar....

yeh its not built yet for us prog rockers.
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everyone is talking about gainstaging in post production. but surely if you record properly you wont need to. or you could make a buss that controls the output of say the whole drum kit and bring that down.

also another trick i like to do is use something like a waves comp. and then drive it really hard to get saturation while bussing it to another bus to turn it down or slam a limiter on it. you get the satruated harmonic content and the low levels . i feel that people who use gain stagin are scared of saturation which is the best part of audio.
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can we have logged in automically at two places? or just an auto login based on ip address? its annoying when switching laptop or going to work and i have to login every time.

also emails are not current to alerting you to a reply. you get an email only when a few replies have been done.

bigger display pics would be nice.

more emoticons would be fun. stuff like bacon and presonus logos ... let your imagination run wild were a creative bunch we need entertainment.

also need a way to create groups from users so we can make it more social. i feel that the forum is great for meeting producers and talking on topics but noone of us really hang out or do a google hangout which id love to get started.
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it has 64 bit support and 32 bit support but you cant use both at the same time as it does not have a bit bridge.

for example if you run the 32 bit version of studio one you can only run 32 bit plugins.
and the same for 64 bit plugins you can only run 64 bit plugins.

you can get jbrdige which is very cheap but can be unrealiable.

the reason why studio one doesnt have a bit bridge is because in most daws these are the usual causes in daw breakdowns. it also encourages plugin companies to become 64 bit.
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jBranam wrote:well well... here we go again! what the heck does it matter?

im just checkin in since i havnt been active on here for months and months, i just wanted to know the developments of late.
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Lokeyfly wrote:
crashedthecar wrote: Something big must be brewing but I remember Jonathon said the tempo track was going to have a face lift in the life cycle of 2 so if thats true it means another major release before 3.

Oh, something is brewing alright, and that would be version 3. Not a point X version. You've probably been away. This was announced (unofficially but in a NAMM vid) about 3 months back.

Correct me if I'm wrong but Jonathan is no longer with Presonus, Not long after v2.5 was out he left and we wish him well. At that time the next major upgrade was 2.6, now currently at 2.6.2.

It's also been commented at Namm 2014, that version 3 will be out between this summer, or by late in the year. Probably the latter being the more accurate window.

I don't know why developers of daw software don't communicate timelines, it's not just presonus, pretty much all of them.

Well, that wouldn't be only DAW developers my friend. That's simply smart business/marketing tactics.

Nikon, Canon, Sony (formerly Minolta), etc do it all of the time.

They don't list a release date to laugh at the poor sod who buys something 2.5 months before it's released. They do it so that sales don't decline before hand. If the product is fairly old (comparatively to the competition), then a basic release date or window can be given, because sales are pretty low, and the company wants to stimulate their buyers and prevent them from leaving and going elsewhere.

It's all good business sense, weather anyone likes it or not. Hope this helps.

no jonathans left.... wow ive been away for a while
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LMike wrote:Here's the official timeline...

now--------------- complain ------------- wait----------------V3-------------- 2.16 minutes of joy-------------- complain

yey v3 ------------------ fix these bugs-------------whens v4 comin?
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any guesses?
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i would like to add without changing bar lengths or affecting the current project
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we both know its for the v3 it cant be for any other reason right?
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it would be useful for us editin video to have a function where when you export stems it cuts off where there are no sounds an auto stemming process. i know you could edit it manually but this is a long process when you want loads of tracks done
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