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I don't know tonespace.

Create two instrument tracks and load your vst to one and tonespace to the other. "Route" the input (in the track header) of your vst to the tonespace, don't forget to activate the monitor buttons.

similar to this
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Häh? Du hast doch fünf Lizenzen für deine Pro-Version frei, warum benutzt du die nicht einfach? Ich habe auf meinem iMac und dem Macbook jeweils Pro und da muss ich nichts neu eingeben, das funktioniert bestens.

Und wieso "in die Cloud"? Hm, kenne ich nicht, du kannst doch immer nur eine Lizenz benutzen und sie nicht zurück in die Cloud schieben. Oder täusche ich mich da?
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Waiting for what? Version 3? 2.6.2 is the last release of Studio One, Capture will be the only Presonus "DAW" in the future.
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What's your task? Organ? nord elekro 4D, nothing else
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I've the same problem, my 16.0.2 is every second / third time not showing up in UC (1.7) nor in Studio One as an interface. I must switch off and on the mixer while the iMac is running, then SL is showing up in UC and as an interface in Studio One.

Just curious : If the mixer is not showing up in UC and I try "Check Firmware", a message box comes up, that the attached Hardware is already up to date....

This appears since I've bought this device one and a half year ago.
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Thats's the difference between "cheap" and "a little more than cheap".

Since make the "Switch" from Redmond to Cupertino several years ago, most of the problems are gone.

Maybe a PC-Freak can configure an audiosystem with "doing this, doing this easily" ... buy a Mac anywhere and you're above all system specific contraints.

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This one?

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Yes, this is a great idea! But I think S1 must go ahead, to the next step! If the plugin crashes it will be destroyed and S1 sets a flag in his blacklist

Hey man, what's the idea behind dirty programmed plugs? The same for 32bit plugs?
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tonydennis wrote:
The only channels missing this function are the FX and Bus channels. I believe a workaround is to put a binaural pan and set it to mono on the FX/Bus channel but it would be nice to have the same option as the audio tracks.

Have you ever try to export an audio from a mutliout VST, like EZDrummer or to get a mono / stereo rewire out for all revere channels? Mono isn't the way, Presonus thinks about audio.

So we have minimal two non-mono things to your "list"
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Back to topic : What ist Bitwig? I've heard, it's a orgasm help center for young daw-hopping people? Is this correct? Or is it the short form for "berlin is transport wedges into garden"? Or "Better idea to walk into graves"? I don't know
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32bit plugs are working in 10 years? So, my 32bit friends, cut any 32bit connection, any 32/64 bridge can only handle plugs which are running with the xyz OS! THIS ist definitely NOT a DAW problem, it's your's!!!

The time has running out for some great things, including magnetic tapes. In german we said "At imperator times all is fine", but the imperator is dead for a very long time

Fiddling around with dinosaurs is not our future.

Maybe, the Bitwig release is over-scheduled while they have a problem with their 32 bridge

And last but not .... why, dear musicians, you're NOT using the 32bit version of a DAW?!?!? If using these funeral plugs,this is like, die with with these plugs, like the companies. I wonder NI is still alive ....

And at the very last :
In ten years your computer is out of order, HDD crash e.g. What's up? Wining all around I've spend again and again hundreds of Euros for my plugs and all is lost! Great, boys. Very great Touch your nose and ask yourself : "What's wrong?".

Wake up, a Moog today is not a Moog yesterday, same to Hammond, condeser, tube, early transistor, µp723. time is gone and lost, if YOU spend time for already dead plugs.

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I'm using B4II, but with VSL Ensemble Pro, JBridge chrashes too often here. If the next OS kills my B4, it's sad, but true, old days will never come back

By the way, since NI canceled B4 and the the simple but good sounding Pro-53, I've closed my NI history, the only way, a company can realize what they did.
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I think there'll be some great enhancements within midi, but hopefully they don't loose the focus on mono busses
Studio One Feature Requests » If Plugin is missing PLEASE the possibility to define the right location! » Go to message
Lokeyfly wrote:I'd like Studio One to be able to find my keys. Damn, where did I leave them last......

Damn! But I miss "any key"!
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