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Hospital sounds right. Well, the product speaks for itself, but that's about it I guess.

It's like a bunch of ghosts around here isn't it?

Has an interesting presence like a house that had life, and all that remains are the Silhouettes of where pictures hung. Lots of good exchanges took place.

Will be interesting to see who pokes their head in, right? Cheers man. to good times ahead as well. Wherever we end up.
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Is it me or is it just a little nicer and familiar over here.

kickin' my feet up and sittin on the back porch with a cold one.

Stop in if you wish to chat. Shoot the breeze in a familiar place.
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So 1:00pm Central standard approx.
2:00pm EST.

((("""I'ma scared""""")))
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Oh no!

Hal to Dr. Chandler - "Will I dream?"
Dr. Chandler - "I don't know"
Hal - "Thank you Doctor Chandler"
Doctor - "You deserve it"

HAL, Later to Dave - "I'm afraid"
Dave - "Don't be. We'll be together again."
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.....wrong thread
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OK, I just want to say that I'll miss this nice family above.

Fortunately, there are good things to come.

Cheers all, and enjoy "the New forum"

If you have anything to say before the new digs, say it now.
(c'mon, bare your soul, for cryin' out loud.):

Lokeyfly - Thanks peeps for all of the insight into S1, laughs, deals to be found, and general all around, harmless banter. Live music in your heart and soul!

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oldblood wrote: Great bargains to be had, but as always they are at the wrong time I was tempted to get the Waves Analogue synth (Elements) which really sounded good on demo, but managed to resist, simple fact of food or toys. Normally I would have gone for toys, but some very strange reason I saw sense for once, very odd

I've had my eye on Elements too. Just can't bight on the hook yet. Having Reason does give me a lot of synthesis choice. Thor is to coin an old phrase....stupid (as in good) Plus the NI synths

hibidy wrote: Ok, that's good about it not really effecting you.
@B4: Yeah, I like that too. Some nice FX built in. I really think NI works very hard in sound design.
I'm starting to see that.
Those Germans do everything well. (except smooth lyrical phasing when singing) Great at soccer too!

Klypeman wrote:Just got the Supercharger GT from Native Instruments for 24,5 Euro as an Upgrade from Christmas present from same.
!!! Last Day Today !!! (This is not an Ad)

:Lokeyfly try out the Monark in Reaktor
Congrats Klypeman! NI get really good endorsements from people like Andy Scheps.
Yes, I'm looking forward to trying Monark out. Man, with K5, I never even opened Reaktor. Now, its an animal.

As to finding good plugin deals, JB is my sensei
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In the meantime, it would be great if Presonus would admit there is a problem and consider fixing it.
That would be great. Don't hold your breath. Not everyone is looking to run 5 discrete monitor mixes for them to apologize over.

I'm asking a real question. Isn't the ONLY function of a solo button to route that channel or mix to the CR monitors? Otherwise, why would there even BE a solo button? Follow the logical signal flow here... You don't need to solo the headphone mix for the performer who's plugged into that headphone mix. He/she is *already* hearing only that mix. Am I right?
No, its not the only function of a solo button to route that channel or mix to the CR monitors. Quite simply solo buttons on a mixer channel allow you to quickly audition a signal all by itself, or with a group of other solo enabled channels. The solo button is primarily to audition. Be it anyone who needs to use it. It commonly isolates the signal(s) outside for that very purpose. It's not strictly for the CR. Also, wrong again, the performer may not need to hear only their mix but what's in context to their piece. Perhaps one other instrument, a dummy track, a click track, whole enemble, etc. I often solo especially at the busses, because I may have a very subtle effect on, and need to compare it to say a parallel channel(s).
I think you are continuously trying to compare the use of a mixer with monitoring and if a DAW needs to emulate a mix console. It effectively can do more/less depending on the needs of the user (albeit with not every isolated monitor mix in mind, routed from performers mix to the CR monitors). In fact, its often attractive to keep as little in view as possible from the mixer, like when EQ's are not being used, and so forth. Less is often more in such cases.

If you don't mind my saying so, you are trying to prove Presonus as wrong for something you don't like or need when you have very little time clocked in using a DAW. Fact is, if we were to ask 100 DAW users if they need 3 to 5 separate monitor mixes for performers and not have to "drag their console into the digital world", You might get 1 out of that 100. That would be a conservative estimate.

Different DAW's have different strengths and their customers find what works for them within that domain. You yourself appreciate the workflow of S1, as we also do. Even interfaces differ drastically. Some go for an Audio box or Focusrite, and others require MADI where they need 32 tracks at 192k resolution simultaneously. Some DAW's excel in different areas. It's all good and it's not all solved by software. There are many feature requests here (and elsewhere) that validate that.

I've been using and owned several quality analog and automated mixers, mixed live for a number of professionals. Mixed in many NYC clubs that hold several thousand people, and I've never felt I had to later challenge Pro Tools developers or a host of other manufacturers why they do not have pre/post fade and Solo PFL/AFL buttons. Instead, I decided to learn the advantages and differences and functionality within each digital workstation first, before I tried to prove "my" points. Especially when those points largely deal with outside equipment. Yes, DAW's provide a mixer environment, but they do not try to replace a mixing console. The routing is affectively different. Yes some DAW's provide somewhat more mixer-like control such as gain at the inputs, SSL like consoles, etc. I guess Presonus decided the user handles those gains on their signals before they enter the inputs. Perfectly reasonable. DAW's also don't have to create or match impedances when writing to disk. They simply write that code be it hot or cold, and the user is to be aware (as in any studio environment) to watch those levels. I will tell you that it has been suggested more than a few times to have pre/post fade selection anyway. In the end, there is so much automation functionality, controller functionality and Rewire functionality to perform those things later in the evolution of the song. JMO.

So after all that amazing power... you claim it would be too expensive to route a solo to the CR? I don't believe it. But we might just have to disagree on that one. I could be wrong here too. I just don't know which Twilight Zone episode this is.

I think you nailed Twighlight Zone. Who mentioned "too expensive to route a solo to the CR?" WTF. Summing is a way of solving analog mixes, and it was used as a case scenario for people who sum mixes "out of the box". It was an example, not "your solution", though I was getting to that, and did. The solution was not expensive at all. Again, you have an insatiable desire to throw your attitude around. You ask for help, but get angry when you don't like the answer. Speaking of Twighlight Zone, you're like the episode that keeps arriving at the same train stop.
I offered a solution to roll back a monitor mix to your inputs but then you felt that solution steps on the mix. Fair enough. Your attempt to be one ahead of the performers is admirable, but I don't think you need to be monitoring others monitor levels/mixes when you are recording. If you simply check and satisfy their general needs in the mix or during soundcheck, you'll be fine, but that's your gig, not mine. We've tried to assist, but you manage to come back and insult, or remind everyone of your analog mixer experience. It sounds more like a live scenario than a studio monitor mix you are looking for.

Well, now I'm sorry I brought up 5 mixes. I made that an issue because I was getting lots of solutions (like Presonus monitor station) that only resolve it if I'm running one mix.

For the 2nd time now, I have corrected you that it has 2 separate inputs. We also agreed that was not the solution so you seem to want to harp on things that are no longer an issue.

mikemanthei to matthewgorman:
Tapping a copy of that signal and re-routing the copy is the right way. Just like every analog console made in the last 50 years does. If you have the experience of working with analog consoles, you know this is true.
What could we ever say to that.

Hope you got a little dose of what others have had to listen to.

Is there a way for us to have a phone conversation?
Good job making that happen (less than 24 hours and you are off and running with an attitude and insulting others). Uh. no.
Maybe you'll try being polite when you ask for suggestions in the future.

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hibidy wrote: You either have the problems, or you don't. To find out, load "studio drummer" and let it loop and watch the cpu meter. If you don't have the issue, then obviously those of us who DO have the problem are just cursed.
No issues. At one point Studio Drummer went up high with CPU activity, then immediately normalized. I'll keep an eye out for it though. Thanks!

Too much to report about K9 but coming from Komplete 5 (or 6, I forget), it was a nice upgrade. $79 worth of "somebody pinch me, I must be in heaven". The only downside was the install took forever. My preparing drives/songs took long as well.

I like piecing together my own plugs and finding deals like you guys in order to set up exactly what I want. Best way to go, really. In this case it was attractive to get this bundle upgrade as there are some niceties that I would of had to pay for or think what I had was good enough. Example, some real nice electric pianos, and those ol Fender Rhodes, and Wurlitzers sound amazing. Another nice surprise was the organs with Leslie cabinets. I'm very particular about true Hammond and Leslie sound, authenticity, and actual control, and I'd give this a 9 out of 10. Love the transient shaper, and Studio Drummer should prove useful. Always been a fan of Massive, Absynth and FM8, and they remain the same. The new Battery 4...............Big improvement in every way.
Komplete, never thought I'd need more pianos, but never say never. Upright Piano, Berlin, New York, and Vienna Concert Grands.They are very good. Lot's more too. Again, quite an upgrade.

Anyway, happy hunting. I see some of you all are beaming with a new glow from recent purchases as well.

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Is there a way to do this in S1, or have you all found a workaround that you'd like to share?

For a discrete monitor mix, this works for me.

I'm not interrupting the mix using an outboard mixer with all feeds going to it.
I seldom need more than 5 separate headphone cues.
but that's (with the console) really quite cumbersome to drag along to the DAW world. Not to mention, it's time to leave the analog world behind.

It takes a certain amount of analog hardware even to feed 5 performers with a discrete mix you are looking at.

In a live setup, I often dealt with a separate monitor mix to performers where obviously one musician is hearing too much of someone, or vice-versa. Studio's typically don't often have to record everyone at once (and particularly avoids any audible bleed), and much of the monitoring and cueing can be sorted right from the cue mix, as described even in the S1 manual. Yes, we know that's not what you want.

Since what you are describing by feeding several performers a unique monitor mix (and your cueing of them without disturbing the mix) sounds to me anyway like a console solution. You asked, and I shared.
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I liked when the Presonus forums were black background and not white pages.
Rumble rumble rumble. Uh oh, here come the "what?" crowd again.
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Jmo is all. It's easy for me to see the responses, but that's one point of view. I will respectfully disagree.

It's a no brainer that the tone of the Presonus forum is far more pleasant. Guess I'm just a tree kinda guy.

Maybe I should have picked a photography forum with a nice black background and tree like structure like DPReview.
A few million hits more a month than this forum will get you a fancy forum.
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mwright137 wrote: things will shake themselves out anew.The most popular threads in the new forums will stay on top just like in the old (these) forums.
This is only attempt to keep some ease in continuity as we don't have a clue what to expect and some people would appreciate picking right up on something they use often. Secondly, by dropping a link in the first thread that the OP starts, then referring back to an "oldie" would be easy. For all I know the original administrators could provide this, but a few of us know what we want to continue with.

If the thread loses activity it will still find its place either new or old and in the back pages. I was never suggesting these few startup threads be bulleted. They shouldn't be.

Btw, I sure hope the "New Forum" is actually new and has more of a tree like structure. That way people can actually see a trail of who is responding to whom. Be it another user, or directly to the OP, etc.

Copying and pasting quotes can still be used for specific quotes, but the way it is currently, it's pretty old hat, and not very visual.

Example: Propellerhead's forum has had a very nice tree like structure for a few years now.

Here's to a new forum (with tree structure), a new look, keeping the Header pic, and posed bullets a little more out of the way, a new S1 v3.0 on the way, and a continued great product!!!

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mikemanthei wrote: I'm fairly certain that external hardware is in the future, but I'm hoping to hear what others are doing to solve this issue and maybe I can get some ideas (other than keeping my behemoth of a mixing console powered up)
I really thought I'd find something in the way of a summing mixer (after all, it's not like you'd need mic/line inputs and gain). Nothing too esoteric as summing mixers get pricey because most who even care to use them are trying to allow very high analog circuitry to sum. Still, something with reputable preamps like a Mackie or even from Soundcraft would be useful.

There are some nice 2 aux send rack mount designs and that would effectively give you 3 discrete buss channels. The one already in S1 and the 2 returned. Plus you have cuing possibilities.

Even thought of a control surface where you could benefit from motorized faders, but nothing with much in the way of auxiliary sends there either. Besides S1 only allows for 1 audio interface at a time. They need to fix that soon.

Back to Internal Discrete Monitoring: Try this, Proofing this out on my laptop but try taking each Aux Bus as discussed earlier and insert the Pipeline Stereo Module for each of those Aux monitor groups. In the Pipeline Stereo VST, under "Send", select "Audio I/O Setup". That will bring up the Audio I/O of your Audio Interface. Select there the individual channel you wish to monitor out on. This pipelines your channels out. You may want to play around that way. I only have my laptop in front of me with a 2 in/2out 22VSL, but it seems to be working (I just don't have the numerous outs to prove it out).

Give it a whirl.
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mikemanthei wrote: However, your second message gets close. Let's drop all other discussions and start there.

Sorry for the delay Mike. Ive spent the week creating audio stems trying to make room for a huge sample library I just bought, and I can't afford to screw with those mixes. I will say I managed to keep the mixes very close if not exact when converting each track to audio. Admittedly, I was beyond brain dead yesterday. That library also had me up to 4:00am last night as it loaded so slowly.
I won't be at my multi audio interface computer until Monday but I will look at where we last discussed. I know exactly what you're looking to do. That aux scenario was my logical conclusion, though I can appreciate you've been striving to solve this for some time. With that, it may utterly be a limitation within S1 to solo within those aux mixes (internally as you say). I don't doubt you've tried everything you can and are left asking (hardware/or internal solution?).

I honestly have to point to a hardware solution with the ability to run separate mixes from there (lets say with 4 monitor auxes off a mini mixer), then run that back to an input in your multi channel interface (or "Monitor In") you use with Studio One. This way, you monitor right there in S1 without having to resort to separate headphones (or monitor mix) on your outboard mixer.

I've taken this ability a bit for granted as I have a Yamaha ProMix 01, and it's fully automated, motorized faders, midi assignable, the works. It has 4 aux sends, and setting up sub mixes is a thing of beauty. Since I also monitor S1 through that mixer, I sort of get it all with that ol' girl! Even using PT, I kept to this theme of monitoring separate groups.

To be fair, the monitor assigning you are doing is more extensive then most home users who have a DAW, and does typically require at some point hardware. Though, I'd (like you) want to return those subgroups back to S1 to hear each persons separate mix.

I'm entertaining the thought of you Rewiring with Reaper, but I still think you are left with the same conundrum. Having a "fully discrete" mix out of S1, or your audio interface. The limits seem apparent.

I will do my best to check further, but you may want to consider the small mixer option. Or use your present mixer.

BTW, love Soundcaft consoles. I almost bought one years ago, but went with Amek (TAC). A similar very punchy EQ British console. There's no substitute for a good board with high quality pre's.

Attached, load the higher res 1920 x 1200 signal flow below. JPetit provides insightful flow diagrams.
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