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24.4.2AI » Capture 2 with the new 24.4.2 AI » Go to message

What version of firmware is on the mixer (last page of the system menu), and what versions of both Universal Control-AI (File>About Universal Control-AI) and Capture 2 (Help>About Capture) do you have installed?

StudioLive General Discussion » 32.4.2AI & Sennheiser wireless mics - Full blast static received with mixer on » Go to message
Hi andguent,

I know of no known issue specific to the StudioLive AI mixers that would relate to this, and I'm not sure why having the Macbook connected with firewire would have any effect, but I have heard of this problem with Sennheiser wireless mics before (on a first gen StudioLive though).

Doing some googling, I find a couple of threads that look like they describe the exact symptoms you're having (minus the StudioLive/macbook/firewire part):

If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say that there is some RF noise being generated/picked up somehow when the Mac is connected to the mixer with a firewire cable, and your receivers are picking this up when the mic transmitters are turned off. Judging from those two forum threads, it may be something you can address with coordinating frequencies with the other nearby mics, and adjust the squelch on your receivers. From the thread:

"1) Signal and pilot indicators together usually indicate that another nearby mic is on and tuned too close in frequency. If not, or if it continues with the antennas disconnected, the receiver may be malfunctioning.

2)You must coordinate frequencies with the other nearby mics. A minimum frequency separation of 350KHz for G3 is a good rule of thumb.

3) Adjust the squelch on your receivers.

4) Always mute wireless channels when not in use. It is standard best practice when mixing."

Also, S-E-A is probably right, if you're using 1/4" unbalanced cables, it's probably a good idea to swap those out for some proper TRS balanced cables, even if only as a precaution.

StudioLive General Discussion » OSX 10.9 Mavericks - App Napp causes SL Remote to disconnect when VSL is hidden from view » Go to message
Hi all,

OSX 10.9 Mavericks introduced several new power saving technologies, and we've found that one of these can actually cause SL Remote to lose connection. You can read more about the new features in Mavericks here:

The new App Nap feature, which puts apps to sleep when they're not in use or visible, will cause VSL to lose its connection to SL Remote if the VSL window is minimized or hidden completely by other windows.

Thankfully it's quite easy to turn off App Nap for individual applications, and we recommend doing so if you are experiencing any issues with SL Remote or any other Presonus software on OSX 10.9 Mavericks.

See here for more info:

StudioLive General Discussion » SL Remote problem with OSX Mavericks » Go to message
Hi Guys,

Neither of those issues are actually specific to Mavericks. This thread was purely about App Nap causing SL Remote to disconnect after a minute or so if the VSL window was hidden.

Take a look at the SL Remote and Qmix troubleshooting guide on our Knowledgebase:

Check the obvious things like turning off the firewall on your computer, make sure you're only using one network connection on the computer (either wifi or ethernet, but not both), try resetting the iPad's network settings, etc. It's all in the troubleshooting guide.

If you're still stuck, give Tech Support a call or create a support ticket online at

StudioLive General Discussion » UC 1.7.2 installer = v. 1.6.5485, can't connect iPad SL Remote » Go to message

For your question about Universal Control version number, on Mac OSX, UC 1.7.X is not internally labeled as "1.7.X" when you look at "About Universal Control". It lists instead 1.6. and then a slightly incremented build number and the build date.

UC 1.7 shows as 1.6.5451 (Nov 7 2012), UC 1.7.1 shows up as 1.6.5460 (Dec 12 2012), and as you mentioned, UC 1.7.2 shows up as 1.6.5485 (Sep 6 2013), so this is actually correct.

If you want to confirm the actual Universal Control version, you can go to your Applications folder, hold cntrl on your keyboard, and click on Universal Control. You'll get a little pop up context menu, and if you click "Get Info", in that information box you can see the Version Number.

As to your issue with SL Remote connection, it will likely require some additional information gathering and some one on one, so I would highly recommend contacting Tech Support, either by phone or by creating a support ticket online:

You can also check our our Troubleshooting document here:

StudioLive General Discussion » SL Remote problem with OSX Mavericks » Go to message
Hello everyone,

As with any new OS, you usually get surprises, both good and bad. Apple introduced some new power saving features in Mavericks, and so we can expect a few bumps in the road at first.

For the problem you're seeing, you'll need to disable the new App Nap feature in Mavericks for the Universal Control application. See here:

Make sure you quit Universal Control, then turn off App Nap, then re-launch Universal Control.

24.4.2 » SL 24 / HP60 Question » Go to message
mt2bfilled wrote:

The HP60 has a Left/Mono input. and for the mono button the front per ch. it will make your main stereo input mono.

Not true. The Mono button ONLY affects the Ext.In source (it even has a little line from the Mono button to the Ext. In knob implying as such).

I just tested with an HP60 to double check. Mono button engaged and I still had a stereo mix from Input A. Just wanted to clarify.

16.0.2 » how to use out 1 & 2 not integrated in the stereo output on Logic pro » Go to message
Hi Kostik,

Unfortunately this seems to be a quirk of Logic and the way it handles inputs and outputs. There's nothing we can do to change how Logic deals with the inputs and outputs that our driver presents to it.

I see other users with other interfaces are facing similar problems:

This last one has about as close to a "fix" as I could find, the last post in the thread:

It's for an Allen & Heath Zed R16 Firewire mixer, but the idea is the same.
24.4.2 » Scene Recall and GEQ output assignments » Go to message
lifegatesound wrote:

in VSL 1.6, when I move a frequency fader on one side of the Mains GEQs, the same frequency on the other Mains GEQ will move along with it.

So for instance, even though 50Hz may be at two different values for GEQ 1&2 (based on previously setting them directly in the mixer), when I move that 50 Hz fader in the VSL for either GEQ 1 or 2, the corresponding frequency on the other GEQ in the pair will jump up or the same adjusted value.

Hi Frank,

Just thought I'd point out, from the manual:

Power User Tip: If a bus is stereo-linked, the graphic EQ will link automatically. This can be overridden temporarily by holding the ALT/OPTION Key while moving a graphic EQ slider.

It's on page 30 of the new Software Library Manual, but it's been a feature in VSL for several versions at least I believe. I also just checked, and the same ALT/OPTION modifier works when dragging and dropping a GEQ preset. Hold ALT/OPTION, drag your preset onto Main L and it only loads for Main L, with Main R unaffected.

StudioLive Forum Community Support » Need help with Playback.. » Go to message
No offense gadget, but Universal Control is the driver for the Firestudio family of devices, not the Audiobox line. WDM routing does not apply in this case.

zchris, just to start with basics, does the transport move and Studio One appears to be playing back but you just don't hear audio?

Do you have speakers or headphones connected to the Audiobox?

Do you have the mixer knob on the Audiobox turned clockwise to Playback?

StudioLive Forum Community Support » studiolive question with protools10 » Go to message
Hi epting

Monolith is the man for sure. He's usually able to help you guys before we can even get to you. If you're ever really stuck, you can always give us a call or submit a support ticket with us. Forums are meant more for users to help support each other. We do what we can here when we can though.

Sounds like you got the ProTools end sorted, so cheers to that.

As for the Capture download, it's deliberately hard to get to because it's only meant to work with Studio Live mixers, We didn't want any confusion from people trying to use it with other interfaces cause it won't work.

The Capture download will only show up under My Hardware, and only if you have a Studio Live mixer registered to your user account.
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It looks like that laptop has a 54mm slot, and the card is probably a 34mm card. It will work just fine, but you may want to see about getting the little 34 to 54 card adapter/stabilizer so the card won't easily get knocked loose.

Like this:
StudioLive Forum Community Support » Capture "blocks" from time to time » Go to message
Hi Gregor,

Yep. O2Micro chipsets are not compatible. You're right. Time to get an add in card.

If you can make sure it has a TI (Texas Instruments) chipset, those tend to work the best.
StudioLive Forum Community Support » Capture "blocks" from time to time » Go to message
These aren't necessarily official recommendations, but these should have compatible chipsets:

Chipset is the key though. See here:
StudioLive Forum Community Support » Capture "blocks" from time to time » Go to message
Definitely do the OHCI tool.

Laptops with built in firewire that uses a compatible chipset are very rare. Being a Dell, it likely has a Ricoh or JMicron.

Luckily, the solution is usually a ~$40 expresscard with a TI chipset.
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