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I'm sorry, forgive me, when you said bounce, I was thinking about bouncing down as in mixing down to wave file. It initially sounds like the compressor may not be receiving anything from the kick, but that shouldn't limit it from bouncing at all. The effect would just not be compressed.

You can do a "Export Stems" and choose the "FX Compress" bus channel and use the option "Import to Track". This should work in terms of rendering that effect. You may have to choose "Realtime Processing" so that it plays in realtime and you get the effects of your "Pipeline" processing.

I hope that helps.

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Yes, I use my Digi 003 control surface with Studio One everyday. But only via the midi mode, I don't remember if you can use it as an interface and in midi mode.
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BWall, more than likely you have installed the Universal Control for your Firestudio Mobile from the disk. This would be an incompatible version for your operating system and has been known to crash Studio One on Lion.

To fix, download the latest version of Universal Control from the Presonus website. It would be Universal Control - Mac.

Here's a link: Find your device and choose the before mentioned driver.

Once you have installed this and restarted your Mac, Studio One will start up without any issues.


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Eddie, I've posted this as a response to your ticket:

Eddie, I've reviewed this again. Your video really helped me out here. I see where things are going wrong. To fix, here's what you need to do:

When you put in the data for the value of the Program Change you want, the automation line moves to that value. In order for the automation to actually be imprinted for that track you need to create at least one node by clicking on the automation line. This creates a dot that signifies a midi signal is being sent at that moment in time for that value. So it would be preferable to place your node at the very beginning.

I've attached a video so that you can see how this works on my end. I show two different songs which have two different sets of Program Changes to send out. Both songs retain and transmit proper Program Change messages.

This should finally get you where you need to be.


Dominic Bazile
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Yes, this was tested as of right before January. I got the message that they weren't issuing anymore serials and that current Kore users could stil download the player if need be.

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Native Instruments is not distributing serials for Kore player anymore. If you already have Kore products, that is you bought it and already have the serial for it, than they do offer the download of the Kore Player.

Komplete Player replaces the Kore package they offered for free before. Presonus offers this with Studio One 2.

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Where did you purchase? Check your invoice for the product key or email if you purchased online.

Else, put in a support ticket or call tech support and we can help you.

Here is the link:

Best Regards

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What are you using the Wacom for exactly? Like a mouse? Does it use a special protocol or require a driver? I'm pretty sure S1 hasn't been tested for this type of use. As Studio One was built from the ground up specifically for ease of workflow, I'm sure there are plenty of things that don't function as they do in other DAWS. (not a bad thing either) As the software grows and Presonus gets more user feedback, advanced features may surely be integrated.
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Don't forget Lazer Bass for Reaktor, nice wobbles there as well.
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I think Avid is really gonna lose here. Thier history of tea spoon feeding their customer base with features and charging out the wazoo for it is going to bite them in the end. Especially for the low to mid level consumer base. Who wants to pay those prices for a couple of features that probably only moderately improve workflow and sound (which is very subjective). I think Presonus (imo) has positioned itself to take a large chunk of the low-mid level audio market. Protools has a great reputation, but their product is not easy for beginners. I think Avid maybe banking on their reputation to carry them to the next iteration instead of offering features that low-mid level audio users can REALLY use.
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Our sincerest regards!!! We are excited that everyone is enjoying the new update!!!

Studio One General Discussion » OT: Pro Tools 10 Announced and Available Now » Go to message
I'll pass here as well. I just upgraded to 9 earlier this year, guess what? I've been using Studio One Pro 2 for the past 2 months not even thinking about it.

Cheers to Presonus!!!
Studio One General Discussion » Has Artist To Pro (Version 1) $99 Upgrade Offer Through 10/31 Been Revoked? » Go to message
You should still be able to get it from any retailer/dealer that sells Studio One. Just ask for the Artist to Pro v1 upgrade and they should still have the same offer in their system.


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I would try first trying to clear out low end on both guitars to reduce muddiness in the mix. Add a little high end as well. You can try some harmonic distortion (just a little) and add some lift to the high end. Of course depending on your monitors, you will have to listen very critically to get the best results. Play a comparable recording that has been professionally mixed and mastered and compare. These are only suggestions, but it's where I may start to try and shape the sound that I want.



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