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Studio One General Discussion » Studio One with AVID Venue SC48 console » Go to message
If the SC48 supports ASIO drivers for PC, then it should work and you should see all your inputs. This has not been tested so I'm not sure.

Please let us know if you are able to test this and if it works.
Studio One General Discussion » [2.6.2] issue with track selection » Go to message
Hi guys we're looking into this behavior. So far I see consistency with Studio One 2.6.1. But that doesn't mean it isn't an issue. Consider this issue as being reported.

Personally I use this feature of Shift + (arrow key left or right) not up or down, so that's probably why I hadn't seen it before.

If there are any other comments or suggestions for how this could work better or more efficiently, feel free to post.

Studio One Forum Community Support » Problem with notes not triggered » Go to message
Presonus Tech Support is aware of this issue. No need to expend more time reporting. Thanks you guys!!!
Studio One Forum Community Support » Studio One and Roland Integra 7 (volume control of each track/part) » Go to message
So for external midi devices such as the Roland Integra, you won't be able to assign the faders per se to midi volume, as they are only for audio. But you can set automation for volume control on your instrument track. This would do the same thing. So enable "Automation" view and add the the Volume CC7 parameter to the list of automatable CC messages. Now you can edit the volume automation for that particular Midi Channel assigned to that Instrument Track.

Studio One General Discussion » Studio One and OSX Mavericks » Go to message
We are aware there are some issues. We're working to resolve.

For those that see the issues with plugins not showing or the dialog box not going away, do you have Logic X installed?

Studio One General Discussion » 2.6 Bug? Transport Controls? » Go to message
The answer to the OP is the remaining time indicator was added. So room has to be made in the transport at certain resolutions. The icons are hidden depending on your screen resolution.
Studio One Forum Community Support » A concert recorded disappered! » Go to message
Jon, sorry for your troubles. This seems very strange especially with all of the testing and good preparation you took before the gig. I will start a support ticket for you so that we can look into this further. I'll leave instructions for posting your system specs and Studio One version number. The version number you were running at the time will be important so if you have updated since then please let me know which version you were running at the time of recording.

The thing is, if you were recording that data should have gone to disk so it's possible it may reside somewhere on your hard drive.

Please look for the support ticket in your email inbox.

Studio One General Discussion » Studio One 2.5.2 now available! » Go to message
Seems like, for what ever reason, perhaps he has multiple versions of Studio One installed on his computer, like I do, but he has changed the name of the app. I have been able to duplicate this.

So don't get too excited yet guys, but know that there's still time to get your feature requests in!!!

Studio One Forum Community Support » Burn Project to CD Problem » Go to message
Hi, usually its the "Test Write" option that will give you the behavior you experienced. Use Temporary Image File could be referencing a previous burn attempt. I would try deleting the "Cache" folder for that Project and try the burn again if you want to use that option. Otherwise it's not necessary, it just limits burn errors.

As far as the burn speed, I'll have to investigate that.

Studio One Forum Community Support » Bug with S1 64bit and EZMix. Confirmation needed. » Go to message
Ok, this happens to me but the AU version seems to work fine. If I instantiate the VST version while play mode is stopped, a crash does not happen. Also, if while in play mode I instantiate the Au version then the VST version it seems to work.

Kinda weird, I usually don't add plugs while in play mode just for that very reason but it should work no problems.

I've confirmed it on my end.

Studio One Forum Community Support » Melodyne undos disappearing » Go to message
I've responded in the preceding thread. This one is redundant.

Studio One General Discussion » Would this class as normal for Melodyne? » Go to message
I can verify that. I get the behavior on Studio One 2.5.1 x64 on Windows 8.

It happens when I close the Melodyne edit window then return to it. The Undo option in the Melodyne edit window is greyed out.
Studio One Forum Community Support » S1 crashes a lot with Mac (Mini 2.3 i7 2012) » Go to message
Hi guys! Most crashes can probably be attributed to RAM issues when a clear plugin incompatibility is not known. So if you have more than 4 GB's of RAM please use the 64 bit version so that Studio One can access your RAM. Also on MAC, you have three different types of plugin formats you can use. AU, VST and VST 3. It's recommended to use either AU or VST/VST3 versions but don't mix if possible. VST/VST3 will probably give you better stability and this is what I usually stick with. Plus VST/VST 3 offer expanded features than their AU counterparts.

Studio One will hold on to allocated RAM until you actually close the software. This is good because it makes loading the same samples faster when using VST's even between multiple songs. Maybe good or bad depending on your situation but at least you know how it works.

I use Studio One on a first gen Mac Pro with minimal crashes. That is once in a blue moon. Usually I can identify the source of a crash and just correct it. Sometimes it's an interface, plugin, hard disk permissions, hard disk access, etc. Can be a myriad of causes that can be identified and corrected.

If you get a specific crash that is persistent please send in a support request via the Presonus support page.

Studio One General Discussion » Open Air & Room Reverb vs Altiverb » Go to message
Check out the Bricasti IR's from samplicity! They're free! Here's a link:

I've used these and they sound great. Open Air won't support the 4 channel IR's however.

I believe Audioease's Altiverb uses a proprietary format for their IR's. So that would not work with Open Air.

The IR's are simiply wave files so any IR that is in wav file format should work provided it is not 4 channels.

Studio One General Discussion » Switching from Pro tools 8 to Studio One 2! but i have a couple questions first. » Go to message
Here is a new mapping for using the Digi 003 Control Surface/Interface with Studio One. I didn't post this before but I finally figured out how to bank or step through more than 16 faders. It was actually pretty simple I just overlooked something. Some users PM'd me and I sent them the previous version and how to install it. Hopefully with feedback we can improve it and get it into one of our S1 builds as a preset for everyone.

What's new in this version is that using the Nav button (up, down, left, right) on the Digi 003 you can cycle through banks of 8 faders (up and down) or step through single faders (left or right). There is no need to engage the bank button to access the other faders. Pressing the "Bank" button will flip to your Master fader. The "page buttons" at the top of the 003 are now for going forward and back between markers. Solo and Mute buttons work as expected. There are other buttons that can be mapped but you're probably better off mapping with "Control Link" as not all the buttons are setup by default so making a generic map would require instructions on mapping the Digi 003 itself.
Here are the instructions for installing.

Download the attached file and unzip it. You will need to put the folder that unzips in the following place:

Windows: c:\program files(x86)\PreSonus\StudioOne2\devices
c:\program files\PreSonus\StudioOne2\devices - if using the 64 bit version

MAC: Go to Applications, find the Studio One app, right click the app and choose "Show Package Contents"
Navigate to the /contents/devices and place the folder there

With this map, you will have to set the 003 to Midi Mode and select the "Standard MIDI Map" then you will have to change the mappings of the Transport Controls to send MMC messages.

While in midi mode press the "Midi Edit" button
Now you can press each transport button and change the "CC" message to the appropriate MMC message.

For instance - Press Play and change the CC parameter to "MMC PL"; Stop will be "MMC ST"

Do this for all parameters.

Now Start Studio One 2 and setup your 003 as an external device by going to the AVID preset folder and choosing the 003 Control Surface. Make sure you choose both Receive From and Send To so that your faders will adjust themselves when you move them on screen. It works pretty well having the faders motorized.

Attached is the file to use.

Send feedback on how to make it better.

Cheers to all!!!
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