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Do this:

- Start PC in safe mode. In Windows Explorer, look for the FireStudio Project folder under Program Files\Presonus and confirm that it is really gone. If not, delete it manually.

- Run a good registry cleaner like JV Power Tools or the free CCleaner. (Backup the registry before you do this part).

- Start PC. Reinstall FS driver package (Make sure you have the latest version which you can download from Presonus' website).

That should do it! Post back if you have any questions or run into problems.

Good luck.
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cowpunk wrote:....

.... the keyboard has all regular lights on etc. so I doubt the keyboard suddely died (Edirol P50 by the way). Driver conflict? I don't know.

You doubt it? Have you tested it without the Faderport attached?

If that fails, power everything off, remove the AC power cord from PC, then hold in power button for a few seconds. This will drain static (residue) electricity from mainboard. Then plug AC cord back, power it up as normal and test again (Believe it or not, this has solved a few weird problems for me over the years).

Good luck.

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Julia B wrote:

.... I'm so glad I've got that glitch fixed finally and can get back to work. It is so much easier for multi-channel Kontakt player stuff. I have to say not so great for EWQL stuff ... it seems Cubase 7 works better for my major orchestral work because of the fact I can do tempo curves rather than steps.....

Hi Julia,

I am 100% in agreement with you on the tempo curves. In the meanwhile, have you tried this workaround from the tips section of the forum (Thanks db!) which can give you an "almost" ramp to gradually alter tempo?

On a separate note, I vaguely remember your Kontakt outputs-issue.... What did you do to resolve it (Or was it fixed in an update?).
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If you want/need to stick to 64-bit there's this one:

GSI's VB3 is only 32-bit, but it's the one I see recommended more than any other:

Studio One General Discussion » So, I've Been Using Studio One For About a Year. » Go to message
skinsdc wrote:....
lol what clown uses Sonar to make music in the music industry? Sonar get's laughed at a lot and has no respect for the studios I use locally. I don't take Sonar users serious.....

And your snarky attitude is different how? A DAW is a tool - nothing more or less. Lots of talented folk everywhere using Sonar, Cubase, Reaper, FL Studio, or whatever. To laugh at someone simply because they don't use what you do is pretty juvenile... No different than many PT users looking down at everyone else, calling them "unprofessional".

BTW, Sun Records in Memphis (yes, THAT Sun Records) uses Sonar. Guess they ought to just give up since they don't know better.

(And no, I'm not a Sonar user - haven't been for a couple years.... Not since I found Studio One. )
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OS Service Packs are important, and contain hundreds of fixes. You can't troubleshoot a PC if at least your OS isn't reasonably up to date (and yours isn't).

If you're concerned it might mess things up (which is highly unlikely), then create a system restore point before running the update. This will allow you to "roll it back" if you need to.

Studio One General Discussion » 64 bit plugins that don't work with Studio One » Go to message
Pinging CPhoenix....

I'm a bit confused about your post above, and need some clarification, please. (I've used jBridge in the past, but only in the obvious way - bridging 32 bit plugs in a 64 bit host).

You mention using jBridge for only "ram-hungry" plugs (ie. Kontakt 5, the Spectrasonics stuff, etc).... That's exactly what I'd like to do with my laptop which will have 64 bit OS, but 32 bit Studio One. In this scenario, do you recommend bridging the 32 or 64 bit Kontakt 5 to utilize all of the OS's 4GB ram?

Hope that was clear enough...


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LMike wrote:....
It's all in under one top level folder with various sub folders. I prefer that so I always know where all that stuff is.

Exactly. A few hundred megabytes may not sound like much space, but what happens after you've installed three or four programs with "smallish" soundsets onto the C: drive? Suddenly you notice you have gigabytes of soundsets on your system drive, at which point you have to move them anyway.

Also, some folks have a small SSD drive, or they run a regular backup image of the system partition. In either case it's important to keep the size reasonably small, so best practice is to only put the OS and programs on the C: partition.

Call it Good Housekeeping 101.
Studio One General Discussion » Where did you install your Sound Sets and Sound Fonts? » Go to message
Anywhere but your OS partition is fine. (A partition or folder on your Samples drive makes sense).

Studio One General Discussion » melodyne help needed » Go to message
Not sure if this is related, but maybe it will help:

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hibidy wrote:And it's going to get asked again. Considering how simple the explanation is, wouldn't it have been best to just say that? sorry if it comes across the wrong way but this isn't a really active forum and I think it's ok to just help someone.

Seriously? You took the time to scold me, but didn't answer OP's question. At least I gave him a link (on pan law).

Whether you agree or not, I believe it's helpful to suggest that the search function is worth using... (Took me about 3 seconds to type in "pan law" and get a bunch of threads on the subject. Even more to the point, OP might not have thought of it).
Studio One General Discussion » Pan law - 3db » Go to message
The forum "search" function is a handy tool...

(The question on pan laws gets asked here at least every other month, so maybe you're on to something -- they need to make the search button bigger).
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Have you seen these videos?

(The second one is for using multi-outs from Superior Drummer and S1, but the principles are the same).

Studio One General Discussion » Cool tutorial for noob drum sequencers (like me!) » Go to message
Texas Willie wrote:....t video from Bill Edelman...........

Willie, your keyboard's acting up -- it meant to type "Bill Edstrom".

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Cheapest options:

-- Wired keyboard with long usb extension cable (as mentioned by user rluk).

- Wireless keyboard.

-- Korg NanoKontrol ($60). This comes with a 3 ft USB cable (One end has the mini-jack). Substitute with a longer cable, and you're all set!

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