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also see this:
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hsfinlayson, your not a novice and nor are you ignorant and dont ever think that you are

Dante is a protocol that can be used over cat5/network cable. to put this in perspective, another protocol for the cable is TCP/IP which is what "language" computers communicate with over a cat5/network cable.

Dante is one of the possible protocols that can be used to send audio over cat5. another one that is common is CobraNet. QSC have just come out with their own proprietary one called Q-LAN.

Essential they all do the same thing and transfer audio over cat5, but they differ in terms of who owns the trademark and therefore which products use it. You can't use a CobraNet mixer and connect it to a Dante stagebox as they wont understand each other.

It does get a bit more complex as there are Layer 1, 2 and 3 protocols that have pros and cons for each.
An example, Layer 2 and 3 protocols for audio over ethernet (CobraNet - Layerr2, Dante - Layer) have the pro of being able to use standard network switches/routers that are used for computers which means you could set up a audio network fairly cheap using a home router if you wanted to. Whereas some of the other ones you need to buy network hardware that is specific to that protocol. I believe an example of this is BSS sound's "Soundweb London" where it can do audio over cat5, but you need the BSS hardware/switches to actually put it altogether. You couldn't use a netgear/cisco switch with their products.

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use this technique as well for vocals... why i never knew about this earlier i have no idea, but is fantastic.
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Tip No 1 from me (i have a few and for what its worth i still consider myself new after doing this for 13 years ):

31 Band EQs -
One of the most common uses for these are to remove feedback from monitors. The crude concept is that you stand a mic in front of the monitor and boost the frequencies one by one and if they end up squealing then it could potentially cause you feedback during the show. i've found the quicker it squeals, the further you have to drop it into the "below 0" area.

Walking into a lot of venues after someone else has used the venue i've seen so many eqs where every single band has been dropped below 0 to eliminate feedback.

So here is the tip - dropping every band in the eq is pretty much the equivalent of turning the volume down... so rather than destory the frequency band using the EQ, just turn the volume down - you'll get the same effect in reducing the feedback as well as keep the sound from being destroyed by bad eqing.

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don't usually chime in on this type of stuff, but happy to defend where appropriate.

I bought my 16.4.2 in about 2009. It was a digital mixer.

I then got 1 31 band eq for mains.
I then got software (VSL) to control the mixer from the computer
i then got remote control of the mixing via ipad
i then got eqs for all the auxes (new eq total = 8 31 band eqs)
i then got remote control of auxes via iphones and ipods
i then got real time analysing and sprectral analysis from one of the leader companies in this field.

4 dual channel 31 bands eqs on their own would have cost me at least $400 a pop, thats AUS$1600 just there.

i paid top dollar at that time - no deals, no second hand.
no decent updates? you say? For a live engineer, these things have been a god send. i've sold half my gear, can carry it all around in my car, cut my setup time in half... and the list goes on.

Does it have tube compressor effects? Who cares! by the time you get them how you want to its time to change over the band!

Your entitled to your opinion mate, but if you facts are facts. there have been plenty of significant updates to the mixer, and to the industry because of the updates that have been made to this mixer.
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Hi Chris,

just wondering if there is any online/digital training available for smaart? (for those of us on the other side of the planet)
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I went on with 2 foldback sends/speakers and that's it. Tight space. Make sure your equipment is on the ground before 6pm so the moment you can load in, you don't have to carry it from the car/van. sounds like you've got the same scenario i had... good luck :S
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also, dont know what type of music you like but you may wanna take a copy of this as well:

Live Sound » Sound on a boat ! » Go to message
Unboxed my 16.4.2 on a boat gig.... no really i did

couple of things:
1. make sure the boat has power - if you can, get on the boat at see where the band is going to be, where you cant set up and how you can run cable.
2. Get an idea of how much power the boat can give you. I managed to take 2 powered jbl subs, and 4 powered mid highs (2 for foh and 2 delay) but i went before hand to check it out
3. work out where the boat will dock for load on and make sure you can drive your vehicle right up to it for load in. get any passes etc before hand
4. see if there are any venues near the dock that might have people around on the dock/pier when the boat gets back. The place i did it has some dock warehouses that are also nightclubs. load in was easy, but when the boat got back, there were people all over the pier waiting in lines for the club. the security of the club cracked it when we drove the van down the pier to pick up gear.
5. get as many people to help load in and out if need be. you may find that the time to load gear on (not even setup) may be short because they want to get the people on and running asap.

sound wise i didn't have any issues, had some minor rocking of the boat, nothing crazy. have a think about how you are mounting the speakers. Boat i was on had a small room for the band, but was a low ceiling so almost couldn't get the poles up. Try and take minimal mic stands i.e. if you can use drum clips use them, if can use short boom (kick, guitar cabs) etc.

and finally, keep spares of essentials - mics, cables, small form factor mixer if you can. Once your on, your on.

Enjoy and keep an aye aye out for some booty
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the other thing to be weary of in terms of upgrade is that the AI boards are v1.0.... if you remember what the v1.0 of the studiolive was, its nothing like it is now in terms of features.... unfortunately its the unknown...
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talk is that apple may be announcing a new ipad on sep 10. If i was you i'd get the latest i can afford - when the new one comes out (ipad 5 i think) the ipad 2 will stop receiving ios updates from apple at some point and things like qmix and SL remote will have to be updated to the new ios in order to function at all.

Its already happening with iphones/ipods and qmix
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Waiting for the video to render but I'm guessing they didn't take the opportunity to put in motorized faders?
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yeah i found that out last year that yamaha now owns nexo and nexo helped with the DSR (and DXR) series.

Dont get me wrong i have no issues with yamaha - it was on my consideration list, but I am able to source the JBLs for a hundred or two hundred cheaper.
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Walker Revels wrote:I wonder why people when talking about self powered 12s tend to leave out the yamaha DSR112.. I know that there a tad bit more $ than the others but they sound great ! Ya know, when the little red light starts to blink at you most speakers sound like you should have turned them down about 10db before the light call your name. The DSRs are still clean, and will stay that way all night long. Yes I have 4 of them and they will nock you down. No one walks in front of them... Go and test a pair and let us know what you think, but ya got to turn um up. Oh and run a test on them, there flat.. 1300W spl 134 and yes they will do it

was also looking at them too and they seem like a great speaker - one that is often compared to the 3 i mentioned. Nothing against them, but from what i've heard/read the jbls are just as good (maybe even better) at lesser cost (over on this side of the planet anyway), but yeah consider those in the mix too.
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hmmm sounds like some realy cool features of the software. i tried using freestyler and not sure you can do stuff like that - might have to look into dmxis...

thanks for the info - im in the same boat - i'm a sound guy maybe we should talk to presonus and get them to make dmx software for the audio guy.... you know one fader controls the light, the fat channel control's the light channels (most have around 16 - wouldn't expect to use this for concert lighting), each light in its position can be saved to make a scene, some chase macro buttons to make a chase like the copy and paste function of the SL etc etc
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