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c_s_bender wrote:My guess is that it was a tab used by the designers of the StudioLive Remote to analyze the performance of the software while they were testing it.

hahaha, I was going to say that when you press this button, everyone comes over and gives you their analysis of your mixing abilities.
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skinfrakki wrote:This may be a bit of knowledge that helps, but knowing PIRE helps out a lot. This helps you learn what your equipment draws, and how much you can plug into one unit.

Thanks for that one. I always kept this one on my desk top:

For working out live sound systems, I explain it to people as "WAV" (Like wav file - easy to remember). Where Watts = Amps x Volts.
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This Audio Technica model now comes with the dual ear mount kit for easy conversion from single ear mount when required. Also can be supplied with various termination for use with different wireless body packs.

Also the new Rode HS1 uses their "MiCon" range of connector/adapters so you can easily swap and change termination for use with various body pack brands.
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Not sure if it's already been brought up and I know a lot of S1 is drag n drop, but thought a Keyboard Cover by these guys would be good.

Howsaboutit PreSonus?
StudioLive General Discussion » New native VSL iPad interface is out!!!.....? » Go to message
And here's another at 2:30 into the video;
StudioLive General Discussion » New native VSL iPad interface is out!!!.....? » Go to message
New SL Remote video from NAMM 2011:
StudioLive General Discussion » ODD TRACKING BEHAVIOR IN CAPTURE » Go to message
tubeman1 wrote:

Serial Number (system): XXXXXXXX

Never a good idea to let your serial numbers be known. I would edit that out first.

I had a similar thing happen a long time ago on earlier capture and desk firmware builds, sorry cant remember which exactly. A few tracks progressively shifted from the others over time. Yours seem to have jumped suddenly. I do believe it happened towards the end of a one hour straight tracking of three to four channels. I was recording to an external hard drive. And again i cant be sure but i believe i had it hooked desk>external>laptop, rather than desk>laptop>external. I do know that that particular location has power that varies quite a bit in voltage and also has various bar equipment attached to that circuit.

I never really found out why it occurred. I did more recordings with that wire up but then swapped to hooking the desk straight to the laptop via expresscard, then hooking the external to the laptop's FW800 port (for buss powering). This made more sense as far as allowing a "cleaner" sync path between desk and laptop, and worked fine.

But then i found the laptop was more than capable of stably and reliably recording 18 channels straight to it's internal system hard drive. So now I just wire it up like that. Saves me carrying the external around and worrying about another connection. To save HD space I just transfer the files from internal to external when i get home.

Anyway I'm going on...

For your situation I would say your computer looks capable. I would imagine you were recording straight to the internal. I would put it down to a "hiccup" in power cleanliness/stability and/or firewire sync.
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MarkusHassold wrote:On a Mac you can also run a 64-Bit Version, if the Mac itself is run in 32-Bit - but that is only for Snow leopard. As far as I recall, OS 10.5.8 could not do that yet.

As I am currently on 10.5.8, that may be the explanation for the behavior I'm seeing.

Thanks for the replies
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Hi mike,

I think i read about that discovery you and a colleague had made. Never experienced it myself but then I haven't had the gains that high from memory. Will have to give it a try out of interest and hear it for myself when i get home (interstate at the moment).

For those interested in cloning a mac drive i recommend "Super Duper" or "Carbon Copy Cloner". Physically replacing a hard drive in a macbook pro is quite easy, iMacs are more involved.
StudioLive General Discussion » MAC + StudioLive users who had/have an onyx » Go to message
Thanks for the replies everyone, and to the PreSonus mods for allowing me to ask here. Thought I would post it here also as the Mackie forums are a fair bit quieter. But low and behold i received an answer and it seems i should be fine with 10.6.4.

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PREROCK wrote:since I buy SL there is no chance to power up my onyx again, because my SL is so much better.

haha agree.

My onyx goes out on rentals to venues and other bands when I'm not going to be present. If it's a gig/rental that I'm going to be around tho, always my StudioLive, makes me sound better haha.

Thanks for your reply
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Does my Mac's OS have to be 64 bit (Snow Leopard) before i can tell Studio One Pro to open and run in 64 bit?

I'm currently on 10.5.8 (32bit) and tried to open studio one as 64 bit. I had to accept a new license agreement and basically re register my software. It asked my for my product keys, which I found in the "My Software" area in my PreSonus Registration/account page. Okay that all worked fine. Then it immediately asked my to install the 11 packets of soundsets and demo/tutorials. I thought hmmm strange I already have all of those installed from when i first installed Studio One ages ago. I clicked "install" anyway thinking it must need 64bit versions maybe? It asked me to insert Studio One version 1.5 (my disks have always been v1.0.2) disk 1.

Then all sorts of troubles happened. Kept asking me to "Retry" and install canceled over and over. At one stage it said the first few packets had been installed but they never showed up at that location.

Finally Studio One quit unexpectedly and now everytime i launch it it asks for license acceptance, starts to gather it's plugins info then quits.

If I tell it to open in 32bit all is fine.

I'm new to 32/64bit so have i just made a dumb mistake trying to run Studio One at 64bit on a 32bit Operating System?

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Firstly I apologize for discussing a competitors product and fully understand should the mods wish to remove this thread.

I ask here because i know many StudioLive users like myself came from the Mackie Onyx series of mixers (1640 myself).

Here's the situation; My Macbook Pro is currently running on OS 10.5.8 quite hapily with the StudioLive and the Onyx1640 (not the newer "i" series). I want to upgrade to Snow Leopard 10.6._onwards so that I can take advantage of my 8gig of ram and move to 64bit. I know the StudioLive is happy in Snow Leopard land and i believe Studio One Pro for Mac is 64bit so all sorted thanks to PreSonus. But I'm not sure how the onyx 1640 likes Snow Leopard. I really dont want to lose functionality with this board as it still gets its fair share of work, mostly hire out for live recording.

So I ask Mac Snow Leopard users who had/have a mackie onyx desk; do they cooperate? Are you having any troubles? And what build of Snow Leopard are you using?


StudioLive General Discussion » Take a Peek At My New Itty Bitty Web Site » Go to message
Congratulations on putting it together Mike and thankyou for sharing.
StudioLive General Discussion » Idea for SoftwareUpdate or hardware? » Go to message
maccaldres wrote:

or maybe their will be two small boxes which routes the signals an convert FireWire to Ethernet and backwards

Maybe these;


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