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Presonusheads Rack Extensions

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It is the OP's right to whine about OT discussions. He probably learned what he had to. What do you want to know?

Operators are standing by...

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Digital Recording Software (DRS) might be more appropriate/accurate. The "workstation" insinuates a physicality that software doesn't offer; people used to sit at "workstations," not program on them.

That said, VHS won over BETA too, so logic is not always guaranteed where consumer products are concerned. Marketing and branding doesn't have to be intelligent, just enticing. DAW works for that purpose; that "all inclusive" pitch—everything you need is right here.

Okay, everyone, let's get back to our workstations.

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I'll vouch for the LA 610 (MK 1), which I've also had for a few years. A good investment. Great for vocals, even direct bass and guitar, etc.

I have RME converters so I don't know anything about the Firestudio stuff. But a decent preamp with a built in compressor, like the 610's LA2A, is an asset to any project studio's arsenal. That and a decent vocal mic and you can boast instead of apologize to any client who comes in to do work. Even for personal use, it's just better knowing that there are no weak links in your vocal chain.

P.S. Don't scrimp in paying for a mic or guitar cable. My tests showed me the difference between a crappy stock Fender guitar cable and one of my Monster or Mogami cables—the Fender was dull and murky sounding in comparison. Don't know why (lack of gold?) but my ears don't lie.
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Here you go. This guy is very helpful and has lots of free instructional videos that can be applied to any DAW.

This first episode (5 minutes running time) deals with volume issues.

Personally, I wouldn't touch the master fader. But that's me. It's just easier to have one consistent monitoring level when everything else is moving around. But once you start moving the master and the channels/busses/FX sends... CHAOS!
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Ahem...what about my default lavender MIDI notes?

Actually, this is a very cool update. Coincidentally, what I thought about yesterday for a considerable time was the metronome features - also the subject of my previous post re this update...

Q. Should I seek a career as a psychic reader of tea leaves and DAW updates?

Anyway, if you'll excuse me, I have some downloading to do.

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The principle update will be that all MIDI notes are now lavender in color by default. Oh, and the triangle icon for the metronome is slightly smaller due to budgeting constraints.

And after that, we must wait for version 3.

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My lawyer says that we have grounds to divorce Presonus for desertion, cruel treatment and possible adultery, considering that an original programmer left us for "someone else." I'm still waiting for those pictures from the private investigator, but I think we've got a solid case here.

I'm looking at a minimum settlement of three figures—maybe as high as four.

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...:: .:..

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Now, Foleycore did say: "I thought S1 would be different than other DAWs, how wrong i was. "

In my mind, that means "I've tried the others and they all broke my heart! I thought I'd give it one last chance with S1. Now I'm off to the bridge to jump. (or whatever method is convenient)."

In my mind, when I read the venom coming from Mr. Foleycore, I'm also thinking, "I bet that he's not only having trouble with DAWs but probably people, too."

Final analysis, Mr. Foleycore, if you also gone through 20 girlfriends and they all say you're an a**whole and you blame them instead. Well, I rest my case.

BTW. I'd bid $7.00 to win the license, but I already have one as a proud owner of Studio One Pro. My favorite of all the DAWs I've used or still own, including Cubase, Nuendo, Digital Performer, Tracktion, Reaper, Reason and ... I'm sure there are others buried under all those cardboard boxes and manuals.

Anyway, bye.
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Yes, obviously some internet decency law was broken and they were forced to remove them all. I think it was the nude picture of a cat that finally took things over the edge.
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I miss all the negativity and cynicism. Come back, Ray. I miss you. {{{HUG}}}

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Stop the Studio One 2.6 Truth Embargo - we now have evidence! Let us make use of this new technology for the good of all humankind.

(Well, I actually mean for the good of me - but it doesn't hurt to throw in a few "Save the children and the whales" kind of greater good sentimentalities in there, just to get everyone on side. :p
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And now, on to solve the UFO crisis. Those pesky little aliens, at it again.
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What about using the "save new version" feature? This puts it into the "history" folder as just a separate file, without extras.
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