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Not really. You won't likely see much of a difference from what you have now. In that $200-$300 range there really isn't a whole lot you can do to drastically improve sound quality. Most mics at that price point will be pretty transparent, often a little bit harsh in the high ranges, an the AKG perception line doesn't really change that much.

In order to truly notice a drastic difference you'd have to bump up to a significantly higher price range. And really what you're paying for at that point is uniqueness. This is why the Neuman high end mics are so famous. Not because they're "transparent" but quite the opposite. And you pay for that sound.

At the $300-$400 price point you can get excellent QUALITY meaning built well and long lasting with a generally similar sound to those you'd pay $200 for so I like to recommend some of those. ADK makes excellent microphones in this price range. The A6 in particular is one that you'd never get sick of, and it's very versatile. For slightly different colors the Vienna and Hamburg are excellent also.

Mics are an area where you get what you pay for. Often I've found that the cheaper the mic, the cheaper the build quality. They may sound fine, but might not be very durable or might not last.

I'd say stop spending at this point and save up for two or three high end pieces of gear for your setup. Drop a grand or so on a nice preamp and another $800-1000 on a mic. Then you'll stop worrying about always upgrading to the next best thing. You'll spend less in the long run and you'll stop looking for more gear. Note, of course, that recording space will always be the thing that MOST affects your sound. So if you're recording in a bathroom...expect it to sound like it was recorded in a bathroom. It's often better to spend money to use a nicer space like a hall somewhere or something like that.

My rambling $0.02 on the matter
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Copyrite1 wrote:
pinnocio wrote:
Copyrite1 wrote:I must be missing something but surely the samples that come with S1 Artist, is a joke right?

Im currently assessing S1 as an alternative to Abelton Live but this in not selling itself at all.

Please tell me Im wrong.

You bought a $99.95 (entry level) DAW = Digital Audio Workstation. A tool, a platform for recording and editing audio & midi; Mixing and mastering. with included (free) plugins and support for all external instruments and effects and you call the "included sample library" a joke?

Here are few funny (joke-like) facts -
BFD3 = $349.00
Superior Drummer 2 = $299.00
Slate Drums 4 = $199.00
Toontrack's EZdrummer that comes with some really bad samples but is required for the EZX packs costs $99.00 which is what you paid.

It's unfortunate to see how cheap people can be… That is, I'm afraid, isn't a joke at all.

Well it didnt take long for the first fanboi to come along now.
Gee thanks for the detailed description of a DAW. WOW, it does ALL those things? I didnt realise its so different from the 32000 other DAWs on the market.

As comprehension is not your forte, I will say again that I am evaluating this product to ensure that it meets my needs BEFORE handing over my hard earned. If said company cant provide that, then it doesn't get my business. You really have no idea if you believe the worst EZ drummer samples is on par with the tripe that's on offer in S1 Artist.

Are the drums a joke? Absolutely. Can I use a 3rd party plug in? No.

Im really getting sick of fanbois like you that get all defensive if someone dares mention anything negative. You continue being the marketers dream and who knows, maybe one day you might be interested in buying this bridge that I've got for sale.

He's not being a "fanboy" at all. He's commenting the fact that you haven't taken the time to compare equivalent products for price point. You bought a light version DAW, not a drum sampler, and the quality drum sampling that you're looking for comes from products that cost much more than what you paid. The product YOU bought is for mixing and audio production. If you wanted to buy a product that would allow you to use the highest quality samples, then you need producer or pro, and one of the many options that exist for drum sampling.

Also you're doing it wrong. Evaluating the product with Artist is a bad idea. If you had read the site you would know that Studio One features a no-limits 30 day demo that would allow you to use any plug ins you like. If you really want to get an impression of the software, the demo is the best way to do it. Artist is a specific version with specifc limits at a specific price.

The included samples aren't any better than Ableton Live Light's included samples...or really any other DAW's included samples in their introductory versions.

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soundguybob wrote:
gadget69 wrote:Known issue, they are working on it... I know new technology is attractive, but at the risk of sounding like one of those little birdies "I told you so"... there are warnings up, there is always problems that need to get worked out, so why jump in with both feet ? This happens every time there is a new update to OS, or driver...If it's critical to you and your business why risk it?

Best regards

Unfortunately, the warnings should've been posted by Presonus days or weeks before the release of iOS7, not by users that have discovered the issue after the release. Too little too late.

Unless they didn't encounter it in their beta testing. Which means that they'll simply have to work a fix as fast as possible, which is precisely what they're doing. Criticize all you want but until you actually run a software company and do it perfectly with no hiccups on any release's a little unreasonable.
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themuzic wrote:
salvadoredelle wrote:I put a deposit down, waited and waited and waited then just got something else...

I'll wait a little longer now and let you work out the bugs on a few other's till I get one...

So you just posted this for sympathy? And besides, I thought these forums were locked down to only Registered users? Guess that didn't work.

He probably owns more than one product
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Cool story!
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Some of the folks in here don't understand business. This is part of a strategy for's very basic. Complaining about the company you support and even love acquiring new assets in new areas is backwards.

If you want the company to continue to be successful, said company needs to continue to make money, not only that but increase revenue. It doesn't get more simple than that. This is a way for Presonus to expand their market...make more money...with which they can continue development and branch out into new technologies. They've already done it once with ARA and it worked out brilliantly. So far they haven't given me any reason to question their development decisions.
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donato77 wrote:Not trying to build rumors or whatever. Just thinking out-loud and speculating like anyone else. So take that as a disclaimer. I'm not planning to jump ship and don't intend to. I think there are a lot of users out there though that are concerned (and perhaps rightfully so) that the direction MAY not be to their liking (but obviously to the liking of others). Again- speculation. Who knows? I think nobody will know until we see v3 perhaps.

Sounds like a zero sum game if some are happy with it and some aren't. None will know, however, until Presonus decides to elaborate on their plan...if there is one.
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donato77 wrote:
Guido Negraszus wrote:I think this is bad news for S1 users. Let's be real, how many S1 users are able to read notes? I wouldn't know but I'd be surprised if its more then 10%. So developers will now have to allocate a huge amount of time into integrating notation into S1. Therefore less time for the other natural developments in relation to audio and midi features. Unless they employ extra people for this. No idea. I would have thought there is still plenty of great features and improvements for S1 on the table before they look at notation features.

I have to agree with this to some extent. I think maybe they don't care about selling a bazillion copies of S1 and dominating the market (just make the midi competitive!)- they'd rather sell their hardware and these type of features are aimed at people that are going to spend that type of money on that (presumably). Judging by the recent sales influx at KVR of S1, it seems a lot of home project types are abandoning ship anyway. A copy of S1 Pro is still trying to sell at $120, and others priced around $150 aren't selling at all. As a home project type who mainly uses VST/AU I am starting to get discouraged about the direction S1 is taking. I still think it's the best daw though even for that usage. Hard to underestimate great workflow.

Fortunately there are many other options out there for you. This "step" hasn't actually been quantified in any way by Presonus. Just because they acquired another software company doesn't mean anything will happen to S1. You are both making assumptions based on guesses from other forum members without any actual representation from Presonus. A little forward leaning don't you think?

Nimibit, for example, was an acquisition that simply linked into S1 seamlessly. Lots of users have found great advantages by it, and anyone who doesn't want it can ignore it completely. The purchase of Notion doesn't resemble the Melodyne integration either since Celemony wasn't purchased!

Not only are you letting your imaginations get the best of you, you're working pretty hard at building rumors, and bashing the company based on nothing more than some unconnected extrapolations made by a few forum members.
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dr4kan wrote:
Deltones wrote:After installing White Tie's Imperial theme on Reaper, then yeah, no doubt about it, S1 is definitely not the belle of the ball by a long shot. But even if Presonus never plan for any theming in future versions or even keep this current look, at least make it so that color-blind people see that there is a change going on. Snap button, Loop Active buttons, metronome buttons, etc are completely undistinguishable from one state to another.

I checked the White Tie's Imperial theme (never heard before) and it's pure beauty! The most amazing mix console I have ever seen in a DAW...maybe people at Presonus could take inspiration

Yeah but use it for a while and you'll see it's not really efficient.
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Wait wait...what's this notation thing you all speak of? It looks like sheet music...

Don't any of you know that nobody reads sheet music anymore?? Jeez...way to live in the past guys.
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LMike wrote:I do like some of Reaper's themes tbh... but it's skinning isn't close to being complete. It's a paint job of the main parts. Open up some dialogs and file browsers and you see what it still looks like. S1's graphic theme (love it or hate it) is complete, for the entire application, every window, every part, with no exceptions.

You can run Imperial in Reaper and it looks great... until you start opening other windows that the theme doesn't and can't apply to... the parts that still look like Win 98.

Yes! This is one of the things I like MOST about Studio One. The internal consistency with it's plugins, and the rest of the GUI is outstanding. I also think that this is "hard coded" (for lack of a better term) in a way that other programs like Reaper aren't. In other words I think it would actually take some extensive reworking on the part of the development team to add or include the capability to change themes on the fly (particularly based on some of those discoveries you made via hex editing).

Also, this isn't an uncommon dilemma. Browse the Logic, Abeton, Image-Line, Cakewalk etc. forums and you'll see the exact same types of discussions. Even on the Reaper forums the whole skinning thing is a fairly common topic (worth it? not worth it?). I.E. it isn't a Presonus only problem.
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Deltones wrote:After installing White Tie's Imperial theme on Reaper, then yeah, no doubt about it, S1 is definitely not the belle of the ball by a long shot. But even if Presonus never plan for any theming in future versions or even keep this current look, at least make it so that color-blind people see that there is a change going on. Snap button, Loop Active buttons, metronome buttons, etc are completely undistinguishable from one state to another.

White Tie's Imperial Reaper skin does LOOK great, but it's not really functional. It takes up WAY too much space for large projects. It's a completely subjective thing to comment on GUI color schemes, but Reaper's flexibility in this regard is almost TOO wide. I've looked at a ton of skins, but I always just end up reverting back to the original. A set of color schemes might be nice, but I never use any of those GUIs that go to extremes to actually change the recognizeability (is that a word?) of things...At this point I'm very familiar with the buttonology of S1 and the look of it is a large part of that. Color variations, sure, but I don't actually want them to deviate from the look and feel of the thing.

As long as it doesn't mess with stability or anything like that (unlikely) I'm not opposed to it, I just wouldn't likely use it that much.

And those that say S1 looks dated...I just don't see it. I actually think it's quite modern looking personally.
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I won't offer any other options since the discussion is near pointless anyhow. Whether you need a preamp or not can't be answered by anyone other than yourself.

I will, however, vouch for the quality of the FMR products. I have two RNPs as well as an RNC and RNLA. All Excellent quality and the company itself is the textbook definition of a great american small business. They're awesome on the phone and will answer any questions you have honestly and without any marketing "fog".

I love the RNP and RNC setup...they work perfectly together (really they were designed that way) and as a dual channel "strip" setup it's worth two or three times what you pay, easily.

I'll also vouch for the quality of the ADK products since you mentioned you were looking. The A6 is a great multi-tool of a microphone though I generally like it best on instruments and slightly less on vocals, but it's well made, sounds excellent and is priced VERY reasonably for what you get. The Thor is similar though I consider it to be designed more for things like brass and loud percussion (snare, maybe toms etc.).

I own all of these, so first hand experience with them. Not unhappy with any of the purchases even years later (and with a lot of gained experience) they still hold up and are in constant rotation in both my personal projects and professional work.
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Hans Berggren wrote:Thanks for trying to help me, but all I can find is a S1 Pro demo (and S1 free). What am I dong wrong?

Ahh you mean the update to 2.6. In that case follow Toth's advice above.
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locomoPL wrote:
udapel wrote:for a professional DAW it´s a must have to support ww ledaing sample formats. I am not going to license an external tool like Kontakt or so just to convert my 200 GB sample library ;-) I would expect this support from the sample tool inside the DAW (S1) . If S1 wants to play in a Pro league of DAWs they need to support the 3 -4 standard formats of sampling

I am pretty sure that there is something like this in the backlog ..

Every professional musician has got Kontakt sampler to my knowledge. It's just the obvious standard.
If you consider S1 is not the professional DAW why not stay with Logic?

You behave like man with new 20years-youger-wife who's crying new wife cannot cook like your ex-wife. But she f..... much better:)

Dude...check the date. His posts were a LOOOOOONG time ago. Zombie's back...and it's ugly.
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