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I'm still studying the rest of your issue. I'm having a hard time seeing the source of the problem at this point.
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Check the Pre Post setting on the Solo bus in the master section and also make sure the CUE knob is turned up. See if that helps the levels in your cans.
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The power supply is universal. Just need an IEC cable that is compatible with your wall.
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Can't say for sure what will happen. Generally accepted best practice is don't change it unless you need to. If it works don't mess with it. Also understand your device is not supported on your current operating system , nor any future version.

The newest Macs, aside from the Mac mini have switched to a Thunderbolt 2 port. It is not compatible with the Thunderbolt 1 firewire adapter as of this time. I wouldn't recommend a purchase of a new one without a lot of verification.
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Glad to help!

Anytime you see driver then the driver is not seeing your firewire. In your case you just needed to set to the legacy version of the driver. Sometimes it gets much worse.
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They use different drivers and should be able to both exist on the computer at the same time. I dont' think that's the problem here.
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Hell, Firewire for the Windows guys should have taught us all a lesson.

Ricoh, O2Micro, JMicron have nearly killed us. And yet every week I hear another person clamoring for an interface that can use USB 3! We can't even get the manufacturers to make it properly backwards compatible.
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Can't be done.

You have to use the other FX bus or route through and out of an aux and back in somewhere.
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Two laptops I assume?

Use a VNC program or remote desktop. You'll see the VSL computer on the other one. There's a bit of delay.
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With respect, you're just confirming many of the previous statements by having two different devices with Android on them.

Though the devices are stout and powerful is not the main issue. The primary issue is that you have two different devices of which there are several from just that company, let alone all the others out there, that make android tablets.

There are just too many devices, too many different pieces of hardware, too many different ways of implementing the ins and outs. A few devices would have to be declared clear winners to get the attention of any company looking to develop an application that requires this level of testing and accuracy with the safeties that are built into the Presonus apps.

Pick any three to use as your confirmed testing devices and you further alienate the remainder of the users. When that happens you wind up with even more people crying "why not mine?" That's not good for public image and something that the other companies are trying to avoid as well which is why, to my knowledge which may be incorrect, there is not a corporately generated app to control a mixer. What's that tell you? It isn't laziness. It isn't insensitivity to the user. It is simple mathematics. Take a small controlled group of quality devices develop your app to that and you spend less money on development costs.

To develop an app, test it, and market it costs money. That money comes from a pool of money that sources all product development. What is more important? An app that has an alternative or newer and better equipment for the end user? And remember, above all else Presonus is a company with shareholders or whatever they use. Those people expect a return on their investment if they aren't spending the mone in the place tha tthe shareholders think is best they will not have shareholders for long. At which point this conversation all becomes mute point.

Let them make their business decision for what's best for all of us and them in the long run. They've stated on several occasions that they aren't saying an absolute no to Android. But some things have to change to make it a viable possibility.
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Should be. If it has the port for 800 then its compatible. If it has a thunderbolt then you'll just need to pick up the thunderbolt to firewire converter from apple and you should be good to go.
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Suit yourself. And best of luck to you.
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You can indeed control both but they'll show on the ipad and VSL as two mixers. Nothing that can be done about it.

Make sure to update the firmware to both separately and you should be good to go.
24.4.2 » VSL SL control issue - iPad sees device and UC sees Ipad, but connection can not complete » Go to message
I can't see that from this computer. I'll try to remember to throw eyes on it when I get a moment this evening.
FireStudio Mobile & FireStudio Project » Can't connect my FIRESTUDIO Project on iMac running on WIN7. » Go to message
Set the firewire driver to legacy in device manager on the Win 7 OS.

Seen this a couple times now. But should get you going.
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