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I have not made up my mind yet.

So far, one of the things I do like about it...... loop record. I can loop record audio, just like midi. Going from one track to the next without having to stop the transport to arm/disarm audio tracks. Other DAWs do this as well. I think S1's is the best implementation though, so far.

There are still a lot of things I'm not comfortable with, but could learn to live with because of the audio loop record. That's been a big thing for me, for a long time.
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raquin wrote:
In the meantime, I'll just keep telling anyone who asks that S1 is, to me, the best DAW out there right now IMHO.

It may very well be.

This is not an "I hate Studio One" thread.

It's an, "I don't know since VSTi isn't supported I'm not even going to give it a shot."

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I reluctantly tested my hardware synths (since I don't have access to VSTis in Artist) just last night to see how this would work with S1. I quickly found out what you've already mentioned.

It would be nice if I could chose different presets like you said, but I've never really liked that in Sonar, or Logic. What I would prefer, would be if there was a button I could push where it asks for a dump. Then I could acknowledge on my synth. It would be nice if there was a way for it to record any changes I made to that patch as well, so when I call it up in that song again, it would come up exactly how it was.

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leroy749 wrote:You guys have it great nowadays. In the early 90s, Notator cost me $500 and it only did MIDI, then the upgrade to Logic 1.0 was $700 and again it only did MiDI. This was on a friggin Atari with 4 Mb RAM and a 40 Mb hard drive. I followed the upgrade path trough Logic 5 on a PC and then switched to Logic 6 on a Mac when Apple bought Emagic. Of course I also had to buy a new computer, a G4. I now have Logic 9 on a Mac Pro. I don't know how much I've spent on just this one DAW over the years, but I know it is many thousands of dollars.

I just bought Studio One Pro 2.5 for $299. To me it feels like a steal. And I just bought 24 Gb of RAM for my Mac for $350. I am in Heaven! LOL

Yeah, we're spoiled.

Again, my point is for Presonus to limit track count, bussing options, routing options, editing capabilities. Not limit the instruments I can use. This is only because they labeled it "Artist"

Avid, Cakewalk, Cubase, Ableton..... that's their model & it makes the most sense to me. I could be wrong.
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raquin wrote:Hey, guys, Presonus is a business and not a charitable, non-profit organization. To develop better products they spend money on knowledgable staff, high tech equipment, market research, manufacturing, distribution et al. This money comes from sales.

Sure, they offer a version that is a lost-leader and it is there to entice users to spend money on a better version of whatever product you're looking for. Compare there prices to some of the other products out there and Presonus ain't so bad.

My father always told me that there is no such thing as a free lunch. I, for one, see no problem with paying to get something better and right now, S1 2.5 Producer is it for me. Let's face it, I am not RCA's Nashville Studio B. I'm a home recordist. My total investment in S1, with the Audiobox USB and upgrade, came to less than $300.00.

I'm not going to complain.

Anyone seen the prices PT is asking for these days?

I'm not looking for a free lunch. As I stated earlier, my intention is to help PreSonus make money. If they aim their "Artist" (the lost leader) at guys who are coming from the hardware world (AW4416, VS2480, D3200, DPS24) then there is no need for this customer to ever upgrade. Artist is more powerful than any of these hard-disk multitrack recorders. Even without Rewire, I can bus 8 channels via adat to a modest computer running effects like I had to do with my AW4416 & have all the VST effects that I want. As a small project studio, I already have that capability.

If they aim it at the artist, the songwriter..I'm buying the 22VSL, or the 44VSL these people will use the product, collaborate with each other, take their songs further, & will eventually have to upgrade. Not being able to use VST instruments, if I were primarily a keyboard player, I would have moved on already. I wouldn't have even given Artist a shot since it has no VSTi support.

I don't want PreSonus to "give" me anything. They are already "giving" me a bunch of stuff I don't need, want, or find useful, the upgrade possibility for me to upgrade just to get a product that would be useful is slim.
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I often hear people saying there is no longer a need for DSP acceleration, with the speed of today's computers. Well, they've been saying that since the PowerPC G5 & today's computers are many times more powerful than that ancient piece..... and next year, we'll be looking for even more powerful PCs.

UAD is still very much in business; personally I don't believe we can ever have too much power.

A while back, Steinberg and Apple were working on node technology where processing power could be leveraged across several PCs on a LAN. I thought that idea would lead to big advances in digital audio recording.

Then you've got ViennaProEnsemble,which does something similar.

I'm sorry, what was your question again?
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Julia B wrote:I'd have to open a session and look to make sure, and we know how that's been going lately......

But make sure that your instrument inside Kontakt is set up for the correct midi channel and that you select that instrument INSIDE Kontakt before you record it as well so that you're hearing sound from it when you have your channel selected.

I'd have to open one of my older sessions to make sure, and I'm not doing anything with them until Tech Support solves my issue.

I wish I could tell you exactly what to do in S1, but since I'm using the lowly artist version... nevemind.

I've got 3 tracks going to a single Kontakt Instance. In that instance of Kontakt, I've got a bass synth assigned to midi channel A1, a West Africa instrument on midi channel A11, & a studio drummer kit on midi channel A12. It depends on how your midi is set up. I would think that it defaults with the host sequencer as A, but I don't know that. Yours may be B1-B16, or D1-D16. When you click on the port name (A1) look for the one that says "from host" & that should be the one.

Now I close the Kontakt viewer, & set up my instrument tracks in StudioOne. The first track is set up to go to Kontakt on CH1, the second track is set up to go to Kontakt on CH10, the third goes to Kontakt on CH11.
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fedexnman wrote:I upgraded to Studio One 2 Producer from Artist for a decent price it gives you 3rd party VST , You dont have to go for Professional with the mastering and melodyne etc etc . There is also some other cheap software out there to use Reaper , Tracktion 4 , Mulab , etc etc that is under $100 . Ive used all of them one time or another , I prefer Studio One2 Producer , but I wont say it is better , maybe better for me . But those other 3 are pretty descent DAW software and have there strenghts and weaknesses as well .

Yeah, I hear ya.... I probably wouldn't have said a thing, if they called it "StudioThreeQuarters" or StudioOneLIte or StudioOneLimited... That's pretty much what the other programs are.

But they called it "Artist" & I don't see how it's aimed at an artist. AbletonLive Lite/Intro... now that's a trimmed down package for an artist. 8 tracks total, midi or audio, 2 returns & a master. 6 scenes per track, then you've got samplers, synths, effects, & VST & Rewire.

Let's be honest, if you're going beyond those limitations, you're way past artist level... well, just about every workstation out there is going to give you 16 miditracks.

I do fine with the 8 tracks though. When I'm writing. When I get together with others & we're working on producing a song, Lite just won't do. But even tracking, I've used my 16 track Yamaha to track church choirs, middle school band concerts, local gigs, I've done several demos.... 3 piece bands, 5 piece bands... & I rarely ever went over 16 tracks. (Keep in mind, I"m not counting multiple takes, multiple takes are shuffled off to virtual tracks, then I'd have to get them back together to comp one good take, but it's all done in a 16 track format)

& while I was doing all this with my AW, I know tons of people who were doing their personal stuff with 8 track Roland recorders. I used to hang out on, lots of project guys & small studio guys on Roland's VS2480. The AW guys were sync'ing two AWs together for 32 track studios.

I've just never though too much about track limits & I'm sure those guys didn't either. Our biggest gripe was that we were limited on what effects we could use.

& I'm only 40, so it's not like this was that long ago.

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martin.jirsak wrote:1) Yes, there is. Us the thin/fat icons on the left side of the Mix (under the I/O).

Allright, that looks pretty nice. In StudioOne2, that option isn't there in V1.6

I'm showing 22 tracks plus the main out in my mixer on my desktop, with a 23" monitor using V1.6

I'm showing 30 tracks plus the main out on my 14" laptop using V2.5

This is with the browser closed. Can't imagine I'd need the browser while I'm mixing since you can't see a marker list there.

I really like the way the meters look in thin & tall mode. That's what it's supposed to look like. Still need to get rid of the fader, there's no "real" need for it. It would be much more elegant with the white pointer from the "thin & short" mode. But then you probably wouldn't need "thin & short" mode would you.

They need to ditch the "expand" arrow in "thin & short" mode, put the record & monitor buttons there. double clicking in the meter area does the same thing.

Funny, but I can't get my instrument tracks to show up in the mixer. The tracks with a virtual instrument... Presence or impact show up, but none of my external midi gear does.

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I just figured out how to find my upgrade pricing.

It's only $99 from Artist 1.6 to Pro 2.0

That's not too bad, but my point still stands.

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Ok, so that I can use my instrument of choice (Kontakt; Abbey Road Drums & New York) I've got Kontakt loaded on my laptop, going through my Audiobox22VSL. I've got Instrument cables running from the Audiobox to my mixer, which has a stereo out going to my MBox2pro, which is hooked up to my G5 that is running StudioOne Artist.

StudioOne is recording midi data from my Fantom-S, via 2x2 midisport port B. StudioOne sends the midi data out of port A on the midisport which has a midi cable hooked up to the Audiobox, driving Kontakt.

This is the only way I can get the sounds from Kontakt into the G5 since I can't install it on the G5.So I'd have to do this if I were using LogicPro or Cubase Artist 5 which are also loaded on the G5. However, if my DAW of choice were Sonar 5, or ProTools 10 (which are loaded on the laptop) or if I decided to install Cubase Artist 5 on the laptop, this setup would be simpler as I can run Kontakt (my instrument of choice) as a VST or rewired to any of those applications.

But I can't do that with the Artist version of StudioOne....... which is odd, because I consider myself an artist. Not a producer, not an engineer, not a mixer... just an artist.

StudioOne gives me unlimited Audio tracks, unlimited bussing options, sidechain capability, drag & drop groove extraction, real-time audio timestretching & resampling. I can understand how someone wanting to produce "polished" tracks would want these features.

But someone who just wants to capture an inspired moment? Someone who wants to flesh out a few ideas? Try out a chord progression? Layer a couple of sounds..... not so much.

I know I'm beating a dead horse, most likely wasting my time. No, presonus probably won't make a lot of money off of me (except I'm real interested in the 16.0.2 mixer which would be more of direct replacement for my AW4416) cause I'd probably never outgrow the Artist version of StudioOne if it had VST & right now, just don't see the point of paying $199 to get that functionality (there's no upgrade path for Artist 1.6 users as far as I can tell).

& I'd probably have done moved on, if I didn't really like the way StudioOne looks. Right now, that's the only thing about StudioOne that's caught my attention.
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Is there anyway to make the mixer objects, smaller/thinner. Like get rid of the MSR buttons & not show that "track icon"?

Is there a way to show a list of markers in the browser?

Is there a way to show a list of markers at all in StudioOne?
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Way back. Do you guys remember this?

I couldn't open a magazine without seeing that mug.
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Do you know if you can easily view 64 level meters at one time in any version of Studio One?
For example

Wouldn't it be nice to work on such a striped down interface? Or am I alone in this? To adjust individual track layers, you could click on a meter & drag up or down, left or right, whatever. Is there really a reason to "see" a virtual fader?

That's a screenshot of a very striped down DAW, not as flexible as most others. It doesn't allow you to adjust levels by clicking on the meters. I was just thinking it would be nice.

Here's an alternate view.

Simple, clean. Wouldn't you love to work on something like that? It looks so much like my AW4416.

If I had the know how, that's the GUI I would design for my DAW. You want to add affects, double click on the track, either on the meter, or in the arrange view. Or right click & chose from a context sensitive menu; effects, clip edit, wave edit, midi edit, event list, track properties, etc...

Or is it just me?
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I saw this on your technical support homepage.

What application is he looking at on the computer screen?

Is that an older version of Capture, or is it an alternate screenset?
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