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mech2161 wrote:What part of WV, Charleston? My son is playing two shows this weekend on Cheat Lake in Morgantown.

That was at Pullman Square in Huntington. I wish I could have done the one in Charleston, was a larger company, the news showed a full stage and everything.
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Simple topic idea. Post where you ran sound today/last night/etc. with a couple pictures/videos, and a short description of the event. Doesn't necessarily have to be Presonus-related, but of course the more Presonus the better! (If this has been done before and failed, I apologize, just figure it would be a nice general topic. I'll start it off...

Thursday: Ran sound for a pop/jazz band during a special concert of a local concert series, celebrating West Virginia's 150th Birthday. There was a presentation prior to the concert, and the place was packed. Really tested my QSC system. Used everything at my disposal...4 KW153's, 4 KW181's, 4 ELX112P's, 2 ELX115P's, and 1 ELX118P (other ELX118P was rented to a friend of mine)

It was a push alright...

Saturday: Ran sound for three electro/dubstep/trap DJ's at a local night club. There was an in house PA, but it consisted of Peavey tops, Tapco subs, and was only ran by two amps (Yamaha P7000S & PV2600) so we used mine. Used 2 KW153's and 4 KW181's inside, with the other two KW153's outdoor on the patio area. 8 Fab5's behind the DJ controlled by DMXIS, four uplighting outside, and 8 more uplighting the patio area.

I ended up moving the far right LED can to flood the shelter on the right. Looked a lot better than keeping the uplight there. Everyone loved it.

Now that I've started it, post yours. Would like to see a lot more of everyone's systems, big or small
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electro1 wrote:My first choice so far is the K12's. Don;t know if its overkill.

Better to have too much than too little. The K series should suit you fine.
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I don't mean 32 to 24, I mean two 32's...
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I'm thinking about picking up 4 EV ZLX-12P's and a Presonus 16.0.2 or 16.4.2 to use/rent as a small vocal PA, as I love my ELX speakers, and it would be nice to have a small system to take around when I don't need the big stuff. Maybe throw in one of my ELX118P's to have a little low end, but nothing too fancy. Anyone get a chance to listen to them and can speak on how they compare to the ELX series?
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Just a curious question...obviously with two FW800 ports on the rear, which means you can connect to a computer, or link a second 3242 to give a total of 64 channels. Are there going to be recording limitations like there was when linking two 24.4.2's? Also, are there still only going to be 14 aux mixes, or will the additional processing allow for a total of 28 aux mixes? Just curious...
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I'm borrowing an RTA mic tomorrow that I'm going to use for a show. Outdoors show, using my 4 KW153's and 4 KW181's. Probably don't necessarily need it but I'm gonna play with the settings a bit, especially for the monitors. Any tips or tricks?
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salvadoredelle wrote:Yea... I need to come up with a cowl... I have a bunch of outdoor stages I run over the summer so the Midas boards i have are fine but If I start using these SL consoles I am going to have an issue with seeing the consoles. I am installing 2 1642 this next few weeks in outdoor situations... even under the trees it is hard to see... i have a gig next saturday and pulling the Midas Venue for service and inserting the little 1602 for a real small stage set up... I hope I can see the read outs!

Easiest way may be a very light sheet and a set of metal rods, bent to sit over the board, just as a temporary solution.
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salvadoredelle wrote:Hey Iceman... what do you do for sunny day gigs when the light obliterates the LCD and LED on the 24.4.2?

Use my What I would like to see/do is design a cloth "cover" that pops up over the board as a sun shield, kind of like a baby stroller.
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babs2972 wrote:Finally got some pictures,

Looks good! Any videos? We love videos!

Here are the last few shows I did. First one was a funk band in a small bar, so the system was way overkill, but we REALLY tore the roof off! I'll be adding a video shortly, it's uploading to Youtube at the moment. EDIT: Here it is:

Here are two pics from the band page. First one is our "rigging" for the cowbelt, which was a RAD360 lavalier pack and lav mic taped to the inner bell. It was okay, we'll have to be a bit more creative next time. Second one was the cover from one of the air ducts that fell during the show, I guess I shouldn't use 4 KW181's indoors, especially in a small bar, lol. Hate to see what happens with 8 of them.

No, the lav didn't stay in place...going to redesign and come up with a better idea for next time. At least it allowed me to record the cowbell sound to incorporate into the live recording.

These are from an outdoor show the next day with a band I've worked with several times. This has actually gotten me some awesome connections, as he's wanting me to see what I can do about running sound for an Eagles tribute band, as well as the county fair. And yes, I know the Duratruss isn't meant to do 20', but I'm just hanging LED cans from it, and it's temporary until I can afford/rent Global Truss. It was a small drive-in show, so it wasn't anything too spectacular anyways.

This is the only video clip from the show, which was more of a demo of the system at a distance. I was about 200-250' out, and the system wasn't even close to full volume yet.

Last show was last night, which was a small show at a model airfield, we ended up quitting early because there wasn't alot of people there...way overkilled it, but it was fun regardless. I didn't use the KW153's, I opted for my ELX's just for ease of putting everything up.

Was fun mixing from behind...not. Thank god I had an extra 15 next to me, plus my iPad.
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babs2972 wrote:Hey guys, I was just wondering if anybody uses the DB25 outputs and if so what are some scenario's you use them for? A kid tried to tell me that's how you link SL desks together but that is done with the fire wire correct?

Yeah, desks are linked via firewire. I'd say the most logical way would be if the SL was used as a monitor board and there was a separate FOH board. Just an assumption.
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How dare you tease us like Pics or GTFO.
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rockstardave wrote:i've spent hours playing around with an x32. never at a gig, but i've built entire scenes, maniuplated processing, etc.

i've also, more recently, taken the new soundcraft expression out for gigs. i gotta say - that soundcraft board is so much more elegant. it takes the ease-of-use that the studiolive offers, and makes it a bit more "professional" and even easier to use. for anyone interested in taking the next step up from the SL - those Expression mixers are where its at. on the flip-side, the soundcraft offers NO recording capabilities without spending extra loot on the recording card (which isn't available yet).

the x32 seems unnecessarily complex. the SL is similar but much easier. the soundcraft is fast and easiest.

My buddy had an Si Compact 32 he is trying to sell, he loved it but I think he's getting the Expression as well. I really do think the X32 is too complex for a true FOH board. The app is great, it allows individual control of everything, so I think it's great for bar bands in limited spaces, maybe a bit better than the Presonus at that point (especially since you can remote control the pre's and such). But for a dedicated FOH mixer for a small sound company, I'll stick with my Presonus. I hope I can get the 32.4.2AI soon, I'd REALLY like to upgrade to one.
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After a show last night, I got to go to my buddy's birthday party, where he had his new system out to play with (X32, with iNuke amplifiers powering a set of WorxAudio three-way cabinets over a set of Turbosound TMS4 dual 18's)...what happened with his limited headroom, I'm not sure, but as far as the X32 itself, I got to play with it for a short time before heading home (he was running sound for his son's band and there were SO many feedback issues)

- The processing is very hard to see and control, especially at night
- The moving faders are nice, but only having 16 at a time makes it a little more PITA to control, especially when you have to switch pages for the second half of the channels
- The aux bus control seems a little more of a PITA to adjust for each channel

Like I said, this was my limited experience on the X32 while I was there, versus me being a dedicated Presonus user. I plan on going over one day and actually sitting down and playing with it. It is nice for remote control (the app is a little better than Presonus Remote), but as far as the board itself, I find it a little more of a pain to work with, at least for someone being thrown into the mix. The Presonus is a lot easier to explain to someone that is coming from an analog board.
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babs2972 wrote:Nice set up Ice Man I will post pictures of mine next week.

Awesome. Do you use 3 153's over 4 181's? How do you like it?
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