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Studio One Feature Requests » Improvements to plugin favorites and categforization » Go to message
Okay this can be done already using the Files tab in the browser as a Preset, here is how:

#1. with a song open navigate to the Files tab in the Browser.

#2. Click on the "Studio One" tab, Either expand the Presets folder or Right Click and create a new folder.

#3. Right Click on that folder or the Users Preset folder and choose "New Tab From Here"'

#4. If you named the folder or wish to rename Right Click on the Tab and Rename "Favorites" or whatever you wish.

#5. Go to the Effect or Instruments tab and drop what ever plugins you want into Studio One Adjust parameters etc.

#6. Go to the Files tab click on your new Favorites tab and add a folder or drop your plugin and name it.

#7. Add Folders to Favorites to categorize further.

#8. When you want to use these Presets just Drag and Drop from this location.

Although it requires a little work it is the Studio One way of organization at the moment until your Feature request get attention. Also so others may find a way to do this.
Pre-Sales Questions » Demo virtual instruments » Go to message
cristofe wrote:
I was wondering if the full professional version of Studio one 2 has more and better presets for the included virtual instruments.


I respectfully disagree, the extra content includes some pretty decent presets here the list:

Acoustic Drum kits
Studio one Electric Pianos and Organs
Studio One Expansion
Studio One Instruments Vol 1 and 2
Studio One Piano
Uberschall Impact Drums
Vengeance Sound
Vintage Keys
Voodoo One Synth Sound Set

This all comes will the Full version as extra Content. There is a LOT of usable presets here in my opinion not to mention Presence loads SF2 files and Impact loads waves fairly easily. If it was all that I had I would be more than satisfied however Presence needs to be updated away from Disk streaming to be more efficient.
Studio One General Discussion » Why is Celomony sending me constant reminders to upgrade Melodyne? » Go to message
mistere wrote:Also Celemony is pretty persistent with their $149 upgrade offer so if you try the demo as Lokeyfly suggests you'll have another chance to purchase in a few months.

That's a good point. they do seem to spam a lot don't they.

As a song writer most if my published songs are actually performed by other vocalists so it's really not to much of a biggie for me. I also have the time to do things over if need be so at the moment I'm leaning on waiting a while to see if I miss it.

..... I find it hard though,,, walking away from a half off sale.
Studio One General Discussion » Why is Celomony sending me constant reminders to upgrade Melodyne? » Go to message
I figured that would be the case, on pianos and softsynths I usually work out any errors in the piano roll and with guitars I just do a better take.

I can see where that would help for recomposing a melody for the guitar though.
Studio One General Discussion » Why is Celomony sending me constant reminders to upgrade Melodyne? » Go to message
Just to let you know it's 149 to upgrade to full Editor... great deal for those that can use it.

I'm not saying I couldn't use it but most of the time the ONLY thing I need it for is a mono vocal track. I'm starting to feel a little self conscious about this I mean does Celomony know something about my needs(off pitch wise) that I don't know, if that is the case I will stop singing and then I wont need Melodyne at all, so there.

In all honesty I'm curious how often youz Guyz and Galz use it, I myself feel a great take shouldn't really need that much fixing and polyphonic material could be just as easily remixed rather than going for a pitch correcter.

Convince me I'm wrong and let me know what you think... I may be swayed into considering the upgrade.
Studio One General Discussion » Miroslav Philharmonik VST for $29.99 » Go to message
hibidy wrote:Oh I know, it's just that I've seen so many of these sales it's like "doesn't everyone already own all of these??????? "

No, I don't "own" a single one of them.... I don't even use Sampltank 2.5 FREE nor the Amplitube lite (even with ALL the free amps from their service center). They just hold a space in my burgeoning VST folder along with the 1000 some odd other plugins I may never use(which may include Guitar Rig since I found Peavey Revalver III.V).

Such is the life of a VST hoarder....
Studio One Free » Qwerty Keyboard » Go to message
dreadstar63 wrote:Does anyone know if there is a way to extend the QWERTY keyboard? As is it only covers one octave. It would be great if it could make use of more of the computer keyboard. Thanks.

The "QWERTY" keyboard is meant for sampling sounds more than it is for performance and recording. You need to get a controller if you want to do more than that.

Music production and performance also requires a little investment towards the product and in this case you can find MIDI controller keyboards for a fairly low price, I've seen some as low as $25. If your going to use software instruments they are indispensable.
StudioLive Forum Community Support » An equalizer like the "Pro EQ" that lets me boost ranges up to 20khz? » Go to message
Pro EQ HF is adjustable to 20Khz and has an adjustable shelf up to 20KHz, are we talking about the same Plugin?

or is it something else?

If you are not able to post in the Studio One forum what version do you have? even if it free the channel strip EQ is adjustable up to 16KHz.
Studio One FAQ » Someone Sold me Their S1 License and Excluded Melodyne, is it possible? » Go to message
While its true Professional comes with an Essential version of Melodyne unfortunately once it's registered at Celomony it's up to the original registrant to transfer that license. I don't believe a license transfer of Professional would grant the purchaser a free and separate key other than the one that came with the original purchase.

Was this a condition of the sale? did you know the seller was going to keep it? and was the price of the transfer adjusted as such?

I guess it's one of the pitfalls of these type of transactions and why I prefer to purchase brand new and original.
How do I (You fill in the blank)? » .. report SPAM » Go to message
It look unintentional but it's in more than a few forums:
Studio One General Discussion » apologies » Go to message
I really don't believe this place has gotten so bad that public apologies are necessary. :... I know that's not the case here in my experience

I'd also hate to think anyone here would hold a grudge but alas I'm naive about the Interwebs in general at least in normal everyday interaction. We all type things we don't realize may be gruff at times but it should be understood with no need to opine just move on to the next one.

I offer my sincere condolences and remember we all make mistakes and learn from them and I'd like to think this forum is mature enough to understand with no apologies necessary.
Studio One Feature Requests » Mid Side Processing » Go to message
I use Izotope Ozone 4 on the Master fader and Mixtool on the tracks. I don't know if that is a standard for Mixers in other comparable Sequencers yet so the best bet would be a VST, even Voxengo's MSED is a great solution and it is free.

Studio One General Discussion » studio one 2 is daw free » Go to message
The studio One upgrade from Artist version 1 to Artist version 2 is not free. it's $10, here is the link:
Studio One General Discussion » MANUAL SUGGESTIONS - MISSING IN THE MANUAL? POST IT <HERE> » Go to message
A Quick Reference with rich graphic content in a separate PDF would be handy although not necessary it would help with the newcomers. They provided it with the disk set in version 1(not sure with version 2). With each major update it would be easier to update that at least. Incorporate addendum's into the manual as one PDF and replace that with any updates that require it.
Studio One General Discussion » Just what is the story with the user manual? Why are half the features not documented? » Go to message
jemusic wrote:There is a pdf of the Studio One Key Commands. I have had it for ages. I am not sure where I got it though. I have checked the site and cannot find it anywhere. It has all the versions with the standard version and the Pro Tools other DAW versions as well.

Since the addition of the Macro bar the Actions list is dynamic so they provided a HTM in your Presonus projects folder that lists all available key bindings and Macro's including those made by the user and downloaded from the Exchange. Every time you change the key bindings it generates a list reflecting those changes(every time you close Studio One)
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