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Same here
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I do the same as for me.
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This is true for sounds guys also..............
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I think the "Rosewill" model would be easy to modify to mount to the side of the case.
Take a picture if you make this.
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Thanks for a nice tool
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Last figures
Live Sound » Laptop Arms? » Go to message
More figures
Live Sound » Laptop Arms? » Go to message
Homemade laptop mount to fit OSP case.
If you have access to some scrap metal and tools you may want to make the mount to hold your laptop.
Figure 1 – Metal plate (scrap I had) approx.. 4 ½” x 3 ¼” x 1/16”
Slide between inside of foam and wall of case.
Figure 2 – Welded assembly (more scrap metal) Drilled and tapped hole 3/8” for locking knob
Holds drilled to clear 5/16” thumb screws (nuts welded on back side)
5/8’ hole drilled to accept steel rod.
Figure 3 – Backside of assembly, welded nuts
Figure 4 – Side of case with cut out foam to clear nuts on backside of assembly
Figure 5 – Bottom side of laptop support plate ( PannaVise model 305)
Figure 6 – Assembly mounted to side of OSP case with thumb screws through case into welded nuts.
Figure 7 – Laptop mount on case.
Figure 8 – Mount with laptop.
Yes you need to remove assembly (thumb screws) to close case.
I know this is not pretty………but it works
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Nice job, guess that kept you busy for a couple of hours
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I'm old school and like the mixer in FOH but some gigs just won't let me do that.
The Ipad is really nice in those cases.
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Great job Rob
attached is a pdf of SL QuickStart by Rob
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Thanks for all the input
This is a Yamaha model DTXpress IV, stereo out, L for the drummer monitor ( he wants it this way), R to the mixer.
I plan on feeding him a aux for a sep. monitor for the rest of the band.
I wish that his controller had seperate outputs for each drum that would be real nice.
He does use real cymbals, I plan on putting 1 or 2 overheads for them.
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I have a job next weekend 8/24 for a 70/80's rock & roll band that uses an electronic drum kit (single output to mixer 24.4.2).
Does anyone have a preset that they could send as a very good starting point for me?
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I use Sony MDR-7509HD
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Quick question - Universal Control "Safe Mode" drop down menu Normal, Safe Mode 1, Safe Mode 2, Low Latency.
What does "Low Latency" do and what does it effect on the pc using this setting?
I think that this is a new setting with UC ver 1.6
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