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Trying to decide what snake I want to purchase before I order my 3242AI...had good luck with a reel snake from Audiopile with my 24 (24x12-150), but I'd like to get a snake that would contain enough returns for all 14 auxes and the masters. While I may not always need 'em, it's better to have them and not need them. Anyone know if someone makes a 32x16 analog snake yet?
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May as well bump my topic back up. Did a festival this weekend, started out loading in Saturday in the pouring rain, show was to start at noon, we started closer to 1, and the rain tapered off then, but still sprinkled until about 2:30 or 3, so all the bands were about an hour behind, but nobody seemed to care. 5 bands on Saturday; a two piece acoustic act, four-piece classic rock, 5-piece southern rock/country band, 4-piece alternative rock/pop band, and 3-piece rock band. Sunday was supposed to be 3 bands, but one had to cancel due to one of the members being in the hospital, the other two were a four-piece rock and roll band and a three-piece acoustic-style act. Only took an hour to load out (thanks to no lights and my newly built stage stringers) so it was a nice weekend in the end, and they guaranteed me to come back next year, and are going to budget for more stuff, stagehands, etc.

Here was one of the videos of the southern rock band, I've worked with them twice before, and they always have a great following and sound. With 22 channels, I would hope so!

Also, this coming weekend, I was asked to run sound for a small show in the same area, and didn't realize 'till tonight, that the headliner is Nashville act "Trailer Choir"...apparently one of the guys there knows the band, and they're going to stop in and do a show on their way to another show. First hand experience with a "bigger" band...the pressure's on now, and I hope they don't mind me using a Studiolive (they weren't too concerned about equipment as long as it sounded good)
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I use an SL24 with a QSC KW system (2-4 KW153's over 4 KW181's) and typically use aux subs. I run my KW153's at unity, and the KW181's at unity on the board with the gain set about 3:00 on the back, and have had great results. I'm planning on sitting down this week and working with it a bit and structure everything so the speakers limit near their peak, so I know where I sit as far as headroom on the board, just to give it a try.
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For those that didn't notice, the topic was from a lot earlier this year and bumped up for whatever reason...

With that being said, an Elvis impersonator came to one of the shows I did this year and used his own Bose column array. For his application, it was fine. Full sound without being loud and covered the immediate area, as it was intended. Could it handle a full band? Doubtful. For small acoustic-style events or for needing a simple (yet costly) solution for an instrument (keyboard player in a band I worked with last night used one) it would be OK. You'd probably be just as fine with a simple powered speaker though. YMMV
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perceval wrote:There is a noticeable speed bump from the iPad1 to iPad2. After that is just gravy... so iPad2 and up will do just fine.

I have an iPad2 and it has no problem dealing with the remote control of VSL or DAW.

Ditto. I use an iPad 2 and notice very little issues. Plus, I'm only running a B/G router, so my range is limited, definitely make sure you have a Wireless-N capable router.
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Two ways of setting up...
1. Standard L/R stereo set from SL24 -> subs -> tops (with HPF engaged on the tops), all gains set to Unity or as stated above, set to limit

2. (Sometimes preferred), Aux Fed subs...L/R goes to tops, either high passed or full range with ~80-100Hz cut with main EQ, and subs sent on an aux send (usually Aux 10), so you have easier control of what goes to subs, and helps cleans things up a bit. YMMV.

I've learned to take out a little notch of 100-125Hz to get rid of rumble, and a buddy of mine using my system took out a couple bands around 250Hz to get rid of any muddiness. Once again, YMMV. Welcome to the club!
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billnolan wrote:Forget all that, sell the wedges and buy an in ear system ! Youll never look back, Galaxy audio makes great systems for the money, you get get the whole band on IEMs for with a band pack system for 500 to 1500 depending on which unit you get ! then buy more subs, never can have enough subs !

Live sound, not a single band. Otherwise, I definitely would...I think I may sell the 15's and 18's, and rent the other two 12's, and purchase another set of KW181's.
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I'm trying to gear things a bit differently, and get rid of what I don't use. Right now, I have my QSC rig at Front of House, which is 4 KW153's over 4 KW181's...The QSC's are staying, for sure. My monitor rig consists of 4 EV ELX112P 12" monitors, 2 ELX115P 15" monitors, and 2 ELX118P subs. With the KW181's, I don't have a need for subs really, the monitors alone would be enough for drummers at my level. I also have a friend who can rent or sell me two ELX112P's as well. I have a few options available to me..

1. Sell the 18's and purchase the ELX112P's, so I have 6 12's and 2 15's to use as needed
2. Sell the 15's and 18's, and purchase two more KW181's (for a total of 6, because I do need additional low end, it's in the works...)
3. Sell all the monitors and purchase 4-5 KW122 monitors (Which are in the plans as well, but lower down)

What do you guys think? The EV's are nice, I just want to have everything upgraded and ready to go...what do you guys think? Constructive criticism only please.
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I recommend the Fab5's as well. Get them thru a reputable dealer. I purchased 16 of them. Unfortunately, one has a bad DMX panel (buttons wont work), and a second went up in smoke on me during set up Friday night. It was an older unit though, so it may have suffered the issues they had that delayed them for so long... But for the price, you can't beat them, they are EXTREMELY bright. I've also used them as uplights, and they look absolutely awesome.

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That's probably what I'm going to do...just didn't know if anyone had any issues with it before. Makes it easier to EQ everything as well..I had everything dialed out on the main stage, but we had no EQ of any sort on the second stage (besides channel EQ) but we made it work.
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Anyone ever had an issue using one board for two stages? I do a festival every year (just did it yesterday) and we're trying to simplify things and improve them. Right now on the list is to rent additional PA for our second stage (badly needed) but instead of also renting another board, I'd like to run everything off one board (namely the 32.4.2 that I plan on purchasing)...anyone ever done this, and can suggest the easiest way? I shouldn't have a problem with aux sends or channels or anything (most I used this year was like 15, and that can always be condensed as needed)
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I run aux subs with the tops either ran on the "Ext Sub" setting, or crossed over at 80-100Hz with the EQ. Still trying to find a happy medium.

If you do not have a dedicated FOH guy, just run full range with a crossover. Keep things simple.
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Looks like that's my best option then...thanks guys, I'll play with them tomorrow and see what I can come up with.
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As stated, what's the easiest way you guys have found to use 4 speakers, namely the KW153's (which have a 75* x 75* dispersion) together, 2 per side, with the least comb filtering and drop outs? (Some points, there is a huge HF drop out)
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markstar wrote:Hi guys just a quick question, I notice you have your subs up on the stage something nobody ever does here
Do you find that it reduces the bass ?

I only did it for height issues. I had no other way to raise the height of the speakers. In theory, they were still on the ground, just not on the low ground. Next time I do a show I will probably have extra low end though, so that wouldn't be an issue.
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