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At my last gig, the hardest part of setup was the lighting! The sound was easy, and mic'ing everything took the longest. Sound check took maybe a minute or two at most. I can't wait to get a Macbook and some iPod's. May just get a second iPad and set it up as a "monitor board" lol. Thanks Presonus!
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Alright, I'm a bit late to the draw. Tried my stepdad's computer (Dell Studio Minitower with Firewire built in) with no luck, it connects and works for varying periods of time but randomly disconnects, can't figure out why. Got a guy with an HP DV5 laptop that I'm looking at buying, trying to figure out what Firewire chipset it has...If not, it does have Expresscard, but does anyone have an idea what the DV5's use? It's an HP DV5-1251NR, and will it be powerful enough to run remote control and at least record? I can do tweaking/mixdown on another computer, just need one that can control and/or record.
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Sounds great man! I'm thinking about those Yorkville's myself. Just need to listen to a set for myself. Which ones were those?
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I may be looking at a hell of a deal on a Dell Studio laptop (bleh) with an Expresscard slot, which will let me connect my SL24.4.2 to it. It will definitely have the specs: i7 Q720, 4GB DDR2 (or DDR3, doesn't specify) with no problem. I have a couple questions, before I decide to buy..

1. Does the Windows version of UControl work reliably?
2. What Expresscard would you guys recommend to connect to Firewire? Does it matter as far as getting one that is FW800 vs FW400?
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It all depends. Basic DJ setup anywhere between $150 and $350, weddings around $400, band gigs it can vary. Just got done running sound (first real gig with my SL24 by the way) for $500 for 3 bands, about 8 hours total. Hoping to get my lighting rig going so I can throw in a few extra $$$ to the prices. Those aren't really fixed though.
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wavepackets wrote:A couple friends and I put together a live show last Saturday night for a crowd of all ages. My ad-hoc band played a few tunes from every decade - 50s to 2000s. It was a lot of fun. I play keys on many of the songs and run the PA from the stage. I provided the PA - Studiolive 16.4.2, (2)ELX115P mains, 2 ELX118P Subs, 3 ELXP112P monitors, (2) QSC K10 monitors, etc. We had two drum sets - 1 acoustic, 1 V-Drums, three vocal mics - various lead singers + backup vocals, three guitar players (not all at same time), bass, keys, percussion., etc. It was the most complicated stage setup I have done to date. In fact, In general, I am reasonably new to the PA side of things and do not consider myself to be an expert, so it was difficult for me to set it all up. It was a party of friends and family all getting together to have a good time - about 200 people. We had a nice stage inside a well sized gymnasium with some reasonable sound treatment that makes the room multi-purpose.

Anyway, I tried the iPad control app for the first time. It was fantastic! When I was not playing on a song I would walk out into the crowd and check the sound and make some small adjustments. When I was playing, the iPad was placed on top of one of my keyboards where I could mute unused mics, quickly adjust a monitor when needed, etc. At the same time, the macbook pro was next to the mixer working away providing some sample instrument sounds (Spectrasonics Trillian, EXS 24) for some songs, and running capture. It was cool! The show lasted a little over two hours, and I never had a single issue with the link or software/hardware.

I rarely post to any forum, but Presonus deserves some kudos from me for making a great product!

Awesome man! I run the virtually same rig (all EV gear, 15" tops, 18" subs, 4 12" foldback), got my Studiolive on Thursday, played with it a bit at the club, & got it out on Friday for a Relay For Life gig with three different bands (Christian rock/county, bluegrass, & classic rock), all three went fine without a bit of problem. VERY little feedback issues, & once everything was mic'd up, it took less than 5 minutes to get sound checked and going. And I'm surprised at how far the 15/18 combo will throw.

Side note: where do you set your amp settings? On my tops, they're flat EQ, with sub, amp and input 1 @ 3:00, subs are set at noon, and it finally took me till yesterday to realize that's how it's supposed to sound, and I could hear it clear as a bell on the other side of a football field (about 350-400ft away!) Definitely keeping these sucks and buying more for sure! And definitely getting a Mac asap.
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Monolithent wrote:Been that way since at least the introduction of the 1602. I love that they think of little things like that.

I honestly did not know that. Here I am planning on having to buy one from Apple for the cost of my arm, and the board comes with one. I wish they had 800 from board to board too to do 48-track recording (not like 99% of the people need it, lol.
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When did they throw the FW400-FW800 cable in for the Studiolive's? I just got mine from Zzounds, and it came with a FW400-FW400 as well as a 400-800 cable. Makes things easier for me as far as hooking up to a Mac...that excited me other than getting an awesome sound board
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Monolithent wrote:At the moment there is only one way to get where you need to go with the Macbook Air and no one I know of has tested whether it works or not. There is a TB to Expresscard adapter on the market. Throw a Firewire expresscard into the slot and you should be able to get what you need, theoretically. This has not been tested by anyone that I have ever heard.

My honest opinion, go with the MacBook Pro.

That looks like the only viable option, 13" should be enough just for control & recording. Maybe get a small second screen to make things easier.
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Well, I'm finally breaking down and buying a 2442 for live and some basic recording. I would like to use my iPad to control it, and be able to record live shows & mix them down later on to work on my recording skills. Problem is, my $1500 computer doesn't have Firewire, and I'd like to get a Macbook Air, but I'm not having luck finding anything to go from TB to Firewire 800 or 400. Would it be better just to get a Macbook Pro and go 800->400? Or are there TB->Firewire options?
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Alright, another question...been thinking about the 13" MacBook Air, Core i7, 4GB DDR3-1333, & dual booting Windows. Has anyone tried finding a way to use it with the Thnderbolt port? Or anyone have some viable options?
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Monolithent wrote:I've not tested it on an SL24 but as long as you're really careful with what you're doing you should be able to do it.

But I seriously would recommend isolated operations. Like only capture and no VSL or only VSL and no Capture until you're sure it'll work for both without problems. You can test without audio by just arming and recording all tracks. The system won't notice any difference at all.

Also, tweak the crap out of it. Make sure you don't have anything running that will interfere with the firewire stream and the other critical things.

Gimme a yell if you need some assistance with tweaking.

My plan is mainly to use this for capturing and control. I may possibly use Pro Tools to record on my main computer with a separate interface. Still trying to think this out..
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Monolithent wrote:Bump the RAM up to max and don't give it too much to do and you should be fine with that computer and one of these.


Either should get you firewire in and out no problem.

I can say that I have a very similar system with a 2.0 GHz AMD processor in it that works with an SL16 and a 1602 and an 1818VSL as long as I don't push it too hard.

So I should be okay on 24 channels & recording/control?
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Monolithent wrote:Avoid combo cards. There are issues that have been discovered with them.

Get just the single purpose card.

What is the full model number of your laptop? I can try to find you some known good units, but I need to know if you'll need PCMCIA, CardBus, or Expresscard.

My MSI doesn't have any of the three, my old Acer with the slot was a 4730Z. I dunno if it would work as far as basic capturing & control...
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twostone wrote:
LRS wrote:

And some matching tops could include the RCF ART725a's. I have a pair and they are one of the best plastic box speakers I have come across. 2" horn, 750W RMS cab.


Yea but the 725's pair and 312's would exceed the OP's budget as Gadget mentioned with $2k would get a pair of decent 15's and maybe one wedge. Even the EV live X stuff would exceed the $2K budget with a pair of 15's and pair of 12's.

But a budget is a budget so might have to settle for lower end stuff and just deal with the final results.

If you look around for B-stock or used gear, you can easily fit under $2k, Like I said, my 15's I found for under $1100, & I'm sure if you threw an offer to a company for two 15's & two 12's for $2000 they will probably work with you... Remember, the EV's don'teasily fit into either the lower end category with Behringer, Mackie, etc or the upper end with JBL, QSC, etc. It's more of an intermediate category...just my opinion though. He asked for suggestions, I gave him mine. Whatever he gets, as long as he's happy, that's what matters.
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