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Studio One Exchange is down for maintenance. It will be back online as soon as we can.
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We will not be moving any data over. Please plan on which conversations you wish to move / restart in the new area. The old site will be listed as an archive. I suggest once the new site is up to find the threads you were running on the archive site and link to them in new posts when the site goes live.

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Your post was moved to another forum because your post was in the wrong place. Studio One issues need to be logged in the Studio one area. Not in pre-sales questions.
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Studio One bugs needs to be logged in the Studio One area.

Moving Thread.
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roblof wrote:It's already one and a half hour on the announced date and it's still same old site

Don't you americans know what GMT is

In the PreSonus world everything revolves around Central Standard Time. The new forum will go live around 1pm Tuesday CST.
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Noted. No pun intended. The Notion guys want to come over here too, I'm working on it. Hang tight.
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We are planning on setting up Studio One threads for Spanish and French speakers. Before we get started, we are looking for a few Studio One customers that speak Spanish and/or French that are interested in moderating in these areas.

Anyone interested, send me a PM (In English please).


Alex Tinsley

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It was brought to my attention that this forum was locked, I have unlocked it.

In retrospect, we would prefer that a new thread is started vs replying to old threads. That is why the thread was locked.

Nevertheless, the forum moderators are right, there is no ETA on the availability Thunderbolt option card on the StudioLive Ai Mixers at the present time.



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PreSonus is working with Apple doing some Account Maintenance.

In doing so our iOS apps will be offline for a period of 24 to 48 hours effective the evening of June 10, 2014.

If the applications are already installed on your iOS device, you are ok.

This only affects anyone who wishes to download a PreSonus iOS app from the Apple App Store at this time.

This effects:

- Room Control for iPad

- Q-Mix and Q-Mix for iPhone and iPod Touch

- StudioLive Remote and StudioLive Remote AI for iPad

- AudioBox 1818VSL Remote for iPad

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
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We really want to help you. There may be a problem with the power supply. Can you please register your 44VSL with us? And tell us where in the world you are? or just Private Message me the serial number so I can register it in your account for you? Then we can get a support ticket going to help you.


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No Melvis,

Mark is right. from the main index you can select "view all messages since my last visit" and sure enough the right edge is cut off. I'll log an issue with web team to see if there's something we can do.

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I see you logged your support ticket about an hour ago.

You will need to provide us with a copy of your purchase receipt for the 22VSL and we will then be able to issue you a studio one 2 artist key. If you don't have your receipt and you bought it from Guitar Center, they have 5 year receipt retention, go and get a copy of your receipt and send us a copy so we can help you out.


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Looking at your account I don't see any open tickets.
Please log a support request at so we can have our Transfer Support Agent assist.


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Hi Lucas,

You need to purchase an upgrade to go from Studio One 2 Artist to Studio One 2 Producer.

A crossgrade is only possible if you're coming from another vendors software other than Presonus.


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