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kibo wrote:Monolithent,

so you guys are changing names! hehehe... anyway, thanks you so much for trying to help us with this.

im now with Systune. so i can use my PC just to play around the software for now? can you tell me how?

just let me know if its ok to do this on this forum or i will PM or call you...

should i buy Reference mics first? what do you think about the iphone thing?

thanks a lot,


I haven't changed names, per se, just haven't had the chance to figure out how to import my old name into the new forums. I'll be back once I figure that part out.

As far as Systune goes I will have to do some reading on it but if it works like Smaart then it shouldn't be too difficult to set-up without a separate interface. My wife just had our baby this afternoon so it will be a little while til I can get into it but, I will hook you up if I can. I might try to use the wifi in the hospital to do some reading on it for the next couple nights.

Shoot me a PM and I can talk you through how to get set up for your first measurement. It's not tough but it takes a bit to get used to it. And there's a decent amount of prep work that has to be right before you take your first measurement.

I would recommend getting a low cost reference mic as your first purchase, definitely. If I can figure out how to get you set up without an inteface you could be up and running before you know it. I had it sort of working with just my StudioLive by itself and an external player (most likely due to the differences in Windows and ASIO compared to Core audio) but I still need to play with it a bit before I post how to do that.

As far as the iPhone app I have absolutely no knowledge. I've made it a point to not own anything that starts with a lower case "i". No disrespect to anyone else who has just a choice I made when the craze started.
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Hey all,

Wanted to jump back in here real quick. I used to be LowTech.

Big Joe, If you're looking for low budget but still decent to start off with parametrics I bought and use a Samson D-3500. Not the best reputation in the world, I know, but mine is whisper quiet and works perfectly. Nice thing about it is that there are 15 notches per channel digital or a mono combination of 30. Leveled my system out nicely and the cost wasn't bad either. I have the entire spectrum within 2-3 dB and then I use my Driverack to shape it and align crossovers afterword.

And as far as a low budget mic. The DBX RTA mic that came with my Driverack works great and it's only like $50-75.

I tried using the EQs built into my SL16 without great result. It seemed to not play well. I'm still messing with it but just so I can use less gear.

See if you can find Smaart v.6. Rational Acoustics has released v.7 so the price has come down. I got lucky and got my copy for free from a rental company who changed software.

JerryD/Dr. J...I never really got the chance to thank you. My system sounds incredible even with really cheap gear.

Kibo and OP...I'm here nearly all the time so if you need some help setting up. I just got through all of this and its still pretty fresh in my head. And I can help you avoid some of the mistakes I made. Like trusting that all your cables were built properly according to standard.

If you can't afford a second audio interface there are ways you can setup an FFT system without it using just your built computer's onboard sound. Gave it a test just for fun and the results were remarkably close to using pro gear.
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I know we are all (or at least most of us) on some kind of budget these days so I'm only going to add two suggestions for you Peary.

As soon as you can afford it get yourself a Parametric eq with as many channels and the best signal to noise ratio as you can afford on it

I tried using FFT(Smaart) with just a Graphic eq. It was a royal pain cause I couldn't tune the exact frequency I needed.

If your crossover has an alignment delay on it I would recommend using it to get everything aligned as well. It surprised me how big a difference it made. I don't know if the iPhone app can help with that though.

And don't let anyone give you a hard time about owning Peavey gear.
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Sounds like the gain on the board may be too low or the outputs in S1 may need to be adjusted up a bit.
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I used my Presonus log in just fine. I like the new look just hopre everyone can get everything they need from the old forums. Kinda sucks that I finally went gold last night and now I have to start over...oh well. Nice lookin place anyway.

For those who I was working with on the other forums my user name there was LowTech.

Which reminds me, will this new forum prevent those who have been banned in the older version from being able to play in the new one? Such as just changing their login name to something new and continuing where they left off. Not saying any names, nor will I ever but just seemed unfair in the old version.
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