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Hey Kibo,

For the phase tester, call around to some of the local system rental companies in your area. In Montreal there has to be at least one or two.
See if they will let you rent or borrow one for a couple days. That way you're not out a ton of money for someting you may not need again for a while.
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Just make your set a bunch of songs you can do in your sleep no matter how much you may not like them and you'll be fine.

If youre trying to keep it small and simple the Bose may be biting off a bit more than he's willing to chew but its still not impossible. You're most likely gonna bust that 1000 dollars with it, though. Unless you've got a serious hookup.

I tested out the fiirst edition of the The L1 system and I will say it was incredibly powerful but needed some high end roll-off. I also felt that the system was useless without the bass bin (which is gonna add more cost) to even out the highs and lows. I don't know about the later incarnations of it, though.

Not trying to steer you away from the system because it is very good. Just giving my thoughts on it.
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Thanks Doc,

He's the most mellow little cat in the whole nursery. Barring the unforeseen, I should be able to get em both home tomorrow.

I was at about the same point as you till this weekend. This one makes three for me and the youngest (now middle) is six. Wouldn't trade em for the world.

I sent you a reply email. Can you get me the full model number from the bottom of the machine. The System file doesn't include it and I need to see what hardware is in it that the file doesn't address to answer your questions.

Take care and tell that young'n happy birthday for me. Did you get him/her their own set of headphones to be able to hang out with Papa? My two oldest boys love to hang with me in the Studio and listen to me mix stuff.
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Hey Joe,

That's probably one of the nicest things I've ever heard anyone do on these forums. Ya got a big heart there.

Some considerations and questions. There are several all-in-one systems on the market that are well within the price you're looking at. Fender Passport comes to mind. I know Behringer makes one that's a little bigger. There's also the Peavey Escort system that includes stands and a mic. Yamaha StagePas 500 is 2 speakers with the mixer on the back of one of them, cost is about 900 so you could probably do it there if you don't mind going a few bucks over for cables stands and a mic. Samson Expedition systems are also a consideration.

I've heard the Yamaha, the Peavey and the Fender systems in action by some local single acts and as far as sound quality and capabilities I would rate them in the order stated. The Yamaha system is the only one of the three that doesn't come as something you can combine up into one piece for transport but it's still not bad for transport and it is the highest power and IMHO the nicest sounding. The Peavey has the most bang for the buck as it comes with the most pieces and it has wheels. And the Fender is the most easily transported of the three as it has the smallest combined mass but I think must be hand carried.

You could also look into self powered mixers and lightweight passive speakers. Pretty much every medium range mixer company has one or the other or both.

What kind of limiting factors do you know of? Is weight a concern? Does it need wheels? What kind of room does he have in his vehicle? Will it need to all be moved at once or can he make a couple trips?

These questions will help to locate good match for your friend.

And if your friend needs any extra backing music to add to his repertoir drop me a PM I have a really good connection. I used to be a karaoke guy and that's basically what he is doing.

For cost, I'd have to say Ebay would be your friend on these unless you have a local shop that can get stuff for you for decent cost. My guys get me stuff for about 10 over their cost so I usually wind up using them (and first notice of things at less than cost).

Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
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I salute you!!! Viva La Capitalism!!!

Saw that box you're talking about in the 4U bottom version. I don't need the lappy rack so I didn't jump for it. I guess I should call them and see if they can custom build it for me. At the moment I have mine in a Guitar Center Special and have to unscrew it for every event to get connected.

Anyone figured out how to post pics from a harddrive on here? I'd love to show off my computer setup.
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Hey Doc,

Drop me the full model number of your laptop and I will do some looking for you. You have a very good chance that it will work but there will be some growing pains with the Windows software. Make sure you get the approved card as a starter but don't do it just yet let me check a few things first for you.

You've still got my email and phone number as well if you'd like some tech support.

I'm still in the hospital with the new little guy til tomorrow but they have wifi here and I have downtime between diapers and feedings and helpin momma.
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Just shot you a PM. It should help. Systune is very similar to Smaart with the only differences I see being from add-ons in one or the other.

I read through a single line setup somewhere around page 19 of the manual its more of an RTA as opposed to how you'd do an FFT. I'm still reading, but the first PM should get you started and we can add on as necessary.
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Just by looking at it you've got a very good board. I am assuming a single 31 band EQ on the mains. Good amps and speakers. A condenser mic and a praise band.

First off get the system sounding good to the one most critical ear in the place first with the mics off. Play some gospel music through it and make it sound as good as you can with the board and available equipment.

Then fire up your mics and bring the levels up slowly till they start to howl at a low level from feedback. Try to keep them howling and find the freq on the EQ and lower it till it stops then raise the mic level again and repeat until you're at a comfortable mic level. You can use the EQ on the A&H but I would recommend it only as a last resort to eliminate feedback.

Some other things to consider. The phase of your system. Get something to check it. Speakers out of phase with each other and other pieces of equipment can cause feedback problems. The location and aiming of speakers (even ones in guitar amp cabs if they're miked) in reference to open mics can induce problems. System noise floor can also cause problems. If there is a 60hz hum in your system it can get into your mics and generate feedback on that freq. A low set gate or downward expander on your open mics can help out substantially.

You can do a lot just by adjusting where things are located and aimed. Think about the levels your band is running on their gear. Think about where the pulpit is in relation to the mains. Can you move it around? Does the bass player need to have a full cab onstage or can you just run him through a DI to the board. Where does the lead guitar have his amp sitting? Is it flat on the ground, is he sitting on it, is it hitting his butt or his ears? Get those things aimed where they need to the ears of those who need to hear will get the stage volume lower and less noise onstage is less chance for feedback.

Studying the Systune stuff now. Should have something for you shortly. We definitely need to get that system leveled out or you will be fighting feedback all the time.
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cmebane wrote:

So now some questions (more to follow). Thanks for any and all help.

1. Does this console seem like the right fit? Live shows will be limited but much more opportunity to work with DAW.
2. what is a good case (Gator has a molded case recommended by dealer)
3. What is the best laptop to interface for VSL and recording? Looking at MacBooks but pricey. Do they work better then Dells? I have seen issues with the chipsets so I'd prefer to start out with the proper gear since I don't have a laptop now.
4. I have an iPhone and S6D app and AudioInterface. Probably get an iPad soon so the MacBook integration is attractive. Can this be done on a Windows7 box as well?
5. How good is the digital reverb? I am spoiled by Lexicon and am considering an outboard. Any recommendations?
6. Can the internal fx returns be routed to a fader or are they only controlled in the fx sections.
7. Any other gotchas, recommendations, etc?


Lemme take a crack at this. I am not an expert but I have experience and enough smarts to help where I can.

Is the console a good fit? For what you have planned I would say probably yes. It has the channels you need. Enough returns to get the job done, a really old school new school feel that you can easily wrap your head around. The pre's are pretty clean for built in on a live board--she's no Midas or SSL but there's that money thing again with those. The Capture software is seamless simple and as no-nonsense as I've seen. And Studio 1 is awesome as well. Nice if you want to do some extra stuff while you're mixing like add some chorus effect to a guitar or backup vocals without any outboard gear (just make sure you've got one serious computer, though).

Recommendation for a case--no real answer but if you're gonna be doing real distance touring I would look into custom from Calzone or Anvil or the like. Better options than prebuilds and could last a century even after.

Computer (I personally don't recommend a laptop unless you are almost continuously mobile)--Get a Mac, and this is from a Windows guy. Less headaches getting things running out of the box. If you're lloking for prebuilt Windows then check with Rain or ADK or the like. Talk to them and make getting it to work right their problem so its good to go out of the box. And yes VSL works just fine on a Win 7 box.

I can't talk to the reverb other than there are a ton of options and built in presets. Don't think it's any better or worse sounding than the Lex...just different. Admittedly I don't have a ton of experience with the Lex.

If the 24 works like my 16 the FX can be routed to the sub buss but I'm not sure about anywhere else as I haven't had a need to try.

Final recommendation would be to say that, yes, the SL is a really good fit for many live applications. My concern wold be what to do with it after the 4-6 events you're looking at. Will it wind up resparking your interest in live work? Will it live out its days being called a console in a studio? Will be something in a box you find 10 years later and reminisce about? Will be put in the back on the discount rack like another can of beans? Basically can you justify the cost for something you may not use again? Would it maybe be a better option to find a large scale rental company and just rent it or something more powerful from them for the times you will be using it?

I've been known to be wrong on many occasions and might be here but these are my thoughts.
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I don't know if this will help but I gave up several DAW programs for S1.

I bought them and then tried with them for a while and just kept getting frustrated with them so I can appreciate where you're coming from. Mind you I am completely new to recording at this level. I found it to be so intuitive after about a day I had my first song (a really bad live I made) turned into a reasonably respectable song.

Also understand I did it with the Artist version of S1 and not Pro which has a ton more fuctionality. I will be with Presonus as long as I can.
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I know this will sound a bit weird but bear with me.

In my other life I'm a military aircraft mechanic. Excellent hearing protection is mandatory. One thing some of my flying crew chief's have done over the years is modify headset ear muffs that we use on the ramp (Peltor H10 are good for about 30 dB reduction) or just snake headphones up under them.

Looks a little dorky while playing but I've spent 12 to 16+ hour shifts in them without complaint and the cost very respectable. Try to get them with foam gel muffs, your ears will sweat a bit but, they're comfortable and do the job.

Just search for aircraft hearing protection and look around.
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And to answer your question about what to adjust in the event of feedback.
Adjust the EQ for the Monitor itself. If the freq is out of line and you tweak the monitor, the only one who knows is the artist behind it and not the paying audience.

I run my monitors off the aux outputs. They go from the aux TRS connection to a 31 band mono EQ to the monitor. That way I still have the 4 band on the SL for shaping the sound after I ring out if necessary. Just be careful with it. Once you have each monitor rung out only lower volumes on that channel. Never boost. Again...gain before feedback.

As far as a recommendation for a 31 band. Pretty much any pro grade unit will work fine. I'm actually, based on recent personal success with it, putting Samson D-3500 parametrics in that part of the signal chain in place of the Graphic EQs. Due to low cost good performance in my opinion and 15 fully parametric notches per channel. That and the SL should be plenty for nearly any monitor application. If you have deep pockets the DriveRacks are better now than the first editions and have a ton of processing capability. Ashly Protea series are excellent as well. Depends on needs and budget. I have a first edition Driverack PA on my Mains with a D-3500 in stereo before it and my system has a beautiful sound.
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Kibo. Thanks brother. He's a good lookin little guy and so far exceptionally mellow. I'll post a cool pic I took as soon as I can figure out how to post images from my computer with this upgraded forum.

On the subject, I fully agree with cmebane. Once you have the system flat and your monitors equalized, 99% of your feedback problems will disappear.

I still rent Graphic EQs for monitors though. I get bands that do their best to make my job impossible. Stage noise and trying to compete with it causes the bulk of your problems. I can't get a parametric adjusted in an emergency situation as fast as a graphic. I can tweak it back out later with the parametric if I need to. Most of the time its because the lead tries acting like an idiot and running all over the stage. As soon as he/she is back in front I can give that frequency back to whoever needs it.

Every mic has only so much gain before feedback, exceed it with monitor SPL while trying to make sure your lead can hear over the Marshall stack directly behind him and you're doomed. I always ring out when I can and the graphic is there just as an extra piece of insurance.

Watch the volume, teach the band to watch their volume, ring out, make sure things are in proper phase, consider the directivity of each mic, aim things where they need to be aimed only, and get the system leveled out and you should be just fine.
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Fully agree with both statements above. Love the look and the added functionality.
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Sony MDR-7506

Not the best noise reduction but the sound quality is incredible. Definitely worth the money. Lightweight. Well padded. I wear mine for hours upon hours (taking occasional breaks but just to get my ears back).

They're geared towards studio use but if you're careful with em they are good for the road too. Help me get a quick listen to a Solo channel when I need to.

Not trying to hijack thread but just putting in a ++ for the 7506.
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