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Just found out myself. Thanks to Motoko

Get yourself an online photo sharing account (like Flickr or other).

Upload the pics there.

Copy the URL of the image you want to use.

Click the image button above the text block where you type response messages (works different for quick reply).

Paste the URL after the text that is input. Click image button again and you're done.

Should give you something like this (just not with my kids in it)...ain't he cute...the phones were my wife's idea, I swear it.

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If you come up with any innovations remember to post em on here. I'm sure others would love some new ideas.
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Your old interface probably wasn't using the DICE chipsets in the Presonus gear.

The Chipset is awesome but also finicky. It may still work. No sense losing hope just yet.
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Now that we know the dimensions of the church. How high up are the speakers. Are they mounted to poles or are they suspended?
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Not surprising. The Ricoh chipset works for the bulk of overall users and is low cost compared to the TI,VIA, Agere chipsets.

When I say bulk of overall users I mean the average computer guys not high end DAW and Video creation users. We make up I'd say at most 3-5 percent of all users (and that's being considerate, we may be less).

You also have to consider that there are only 2 or 3 OEM laptop makers and they make 95+ ppercent of all notebooks built in the world. Clevo is one of them, I think MSI is another. Clevo makes nearly 2/3 of the world's laptops (I think including Mac). They sell them to folks like HP and Dell and then they are reskinned with their individual company appearance (or it might be done at the Clevo factory, not sure).

Helps to explain why so many machines have nearly identical setups and so many internal parts are interchangeable among different models from the same company.

People wonder why I build rackmount, vesa mount and desktop machines for this business. Anytime someone asks me to build for them I ask them exactly how mobile do they need to be. Can they justify the need of a laptop. Only a small number actually have.

Please don't misunderstand. I'm not knocking anyone who uses a notebook for recording if its what works for you then go with it. These are just my thoughts and some reasoning behind them.
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I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya. Lemme know if it connects. If it does there is hope.
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Are you actually having problems with it working? You might still be able to get connection and be able to work just not with full capabilities.

If it does then we might be able to squash this issue as a problem with just that one machine and then folks will know what not to buy.
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Check with some of the Mom & Pop music stores in the area. They usually either rent or know someone who does.

I don't live anywhere near Florida so I can't be of more help than that.
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Most of us run the separate testing tools that GasPipe used to use in his signature line. If you need em they can be found here--

That might be a great idea for the next software upgrades. The ability to self diagnose would save a lot of heartache for many.
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Hey Doc,
Finally awake enough to think.

Here's the link

Be nice to know who the great gassy one is on the new forum though.
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Gotta throw a ++ in here for the K series as well. You like your K-10's and the 12 is a little fuller. A single could definitely get the job done as long as he doesn't need stereo. You might also look into the HPR122i from QSC. It's been replaced with the KW series so you might be able to get a deal on it. That combined with an SM58 a couple cables and a tiny little mixer you could easily get the job done and stay under your price range.
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kibo wrote:lowtech,

ok im going to try to do that. im in toronto.

let you know soon on wgats new!


Toronto...Montreal...Moose Jaw...Vancouver...It's all Canadian to me.

Also, If you're saying it sounds like you have a lot of echoes then your problem may be elsewhere. The feedback could be coming from the reflections in the room. What kind of sound treatment is there. What kind of dimensions is the room. Is there a concrete floor? Is the room really echo heavy without the system?

Hate to throw more ideas into the mix but I fought something like this years ago in a church and having someone come in with real teting equipment to find all the problems fixed all the problems. How hard wold it be to get one speaker and the rest of the gear outdoors for some testing and adjusting in an area with out reflections? Get the system perfect first and then concentrate on the room.
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mattaudio wrote:I just got a HP TC4200 tablet PC which I hope to use with my StudioLive. Any idea on a good expansion card with Firewire?

Also congrats on the newborn!

Thanks Matt,

Finally got him and the wife home last night (explains why I was on here pretty much all night).

If you can get me the full model number of the notebook (usually on the bottom) I can give it a look for you. I also posted what I was looking for in the presales questions threads last night and why. If you wanna give it a look. I'm not awake enough to look it up right now.

There's a problem with Ricoh PCI-E controller in certain HP (maybe others) notebooks. The way to verify is to look up the drivers for the exact model of Laptop and see what is there.

To give the most direct answer to your question. Grab one of the recommended ones from the thread above. There are others that may work but those have been well tested by Presonus on a number of systems.
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Hey SeigelC

Your question isn't one that comes with an easy answer and it isn't Presonus products only. The info you're referring to comes from some research a respected system builder did on a pretty high end HP notebook and some other low end units using approve TI expresscards. He found that the HP would not work with firewire properly because of the Ricoh brand chipset for the PCI-E bus which also controls the expresscard. This phenomenon is potentially either isolated or more widespread amongst chipset makers. My guess based on so many people using the cards successfully in their notebooks is that it is isolated. You should be fine.

Worst case make sure you buy from a place you can send back to.
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Hi and welcome to the forum.

Here's my thoughts on the answers to your questions in order

1. I'd recommend bridge mono--stereo at 8 ohms only gives you 475 per channel (barely enough to get sound out of em)--run a single line from the amp to one speaker and a line between each speaker. You only have speakons so use an NL-4 on the one directly from the amp (I believe the bottom connector) and an NL-4 from the top connector to the bottom connector on the other (follow the wiring directions in the Crown manual or the neutrik site to make sure the wiring is correct).

2. You can do that but I usually recommend a good gain structure so you don't have to worry about clipping your amp as long as nothing else is clipping. If your gain structure is right then if the baord isn't redlining then neither is anything else and you prevent damage to your speakers. You're gonna be at the ragged adge of the amps capabilities with the setup you have trying to feed sound to that many people.

3. I keep mine pretty much cranked without trouble so you should be fine.

4. Yes. If you have it...use it. Remember cut first and since you only have a small number of notches in the parametric in the amp I would have a good critical listen and figure out what you need less of first. Better to get rid of unwanted peaks in your output and give yourself some more headroom. Be sure to set up some kind of hi-pass filter to protect your low freq speakers from excursion as well as the limiter addressed later.

5. No real need at this point as you aren't bi-amping anything (you can't with that model speaker without major surgery) and there is nothing (no sub) else to crossover. In order to get the most power to the speakers I would drive them full range for now til you can get a few more components.

6. What options do you have for the limiter? I didn't find it in the manual. And remember the SL has digital limiters too along with ton of other processing capability in the fat channel. Get it right out of the board first and then the decision on the limiter should answer itself
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