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He is clearly not aware of it.

God damn it.
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Michael1985 wrote:Update:
Even more better would be also AUTOMATION EVENTS!

Can you explain again please, what are Automation Events? You mentioned it since more than one year, to PreSonus and in lot of threads in THIS FORUM and in other Forums and to me too. But we can't remember so badly because we have too much to do with other feature requests you wrote us in hundred of lists.

Have a nice day!
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Hello Studio One Users,

Studio One 2.6 is online!
For detailed list of enhancements please read the release notes.

Be creative - with the new Studio One 2.6!
best regards


Studio One 2.6.0 Release Notes

Studio One 2.6.0 has the following new features and enhancements:

- Improved Mackie Control support (incl. Send slot navigation, Sends support. Control Link mapping, momentary Mute/Solo, Track Edit mode, FX Bypass Mode (EQ Button), Add insert/send/instrument)
- Extended Capture session import (includes StudioLiveAI mix scenes with Fat Channel settings, level, pan, sends, busses)
- New Plug-in "Fat Channel" (the native version of the StudioLive AI mixer channel strip)
- [Win] ASIO Direct Monitoring support enabled via cue mix setting in I/O setup
- Nimbit dashboard on Startpage (provides access to up-to-date Nimbit user account stats: number of fans, number of active promotions, sales)
- Nimbit Upload defaults to WAV format
- SoundCloud dashboard on Startpage (displays key stats from a user's SoundCloud account, as well as a scrolling display of the SoundCloud activity stream.)

- Arm instrument tracks via mixer remote control (FaderPort for example)
- Enhanced Tempo Resolution (Song Tempo and Tempo Changes now accurate to 1/10000 of a beat)
- Note Length for Paint Tool in instrument editor for painting notes with user-definable length independent from the grid
- Expanded "recent files" list on start page

- Metronome enhancements
* Selectable click in Precount Option to record with a precount click.
* Visual count-in on Record button
* Adjustable offbeat click
* Repeat Accent to repeat accent on time signatures with a 3rd counter
* Additional click samples
* Add custom click samples via Drag&Drop and menu option
* Render click to audio track
* Click Presets
- Auto-Save restore less naggy - When the user denies to load a found autosave file, it's now always copied to history, without asking "Do you want to keep the backup as a version?"
- [Win] Keep Space bar focus on S1 when Plugin window is open
- Enabled inserting automation points to expanded Envelope Lane
- Instrument part is selected after merge

- 384 KHz audio export support (WAV/AIFF/FLAC only)
- MIDI Options - Pitch Bend filter
- Improved handling of floating windows on OSX
- New command Shift+F11 to open the Instrument editor of the selected track
- Open channel editor opens FX editor always also on Instrument tracks
- Channel Editor remembers last device (F11)
- Drag&Drop for FX Chains to Send Slots
- Add Event FX to multiple selected events (with ALT)
- New Link function for Strip Silence
- "Layer follows Events" Option now defaults to ON

- Grouping Improvements
* Removing a track from a group deselects the track
* Dissolving a group deselects all but the first tracks of the group
- Use aftertouch for note repeat velocity
- CC11 - Expression doesn't reset on stop
- Adjustable rate for MIDI controller automation: External MIDI devices now have an adjustable MIDI cc transmit rate (range: 10 - 100 ms). A slider has been added to the device edit panel. Default is 10ms (fast).
- Performance Monitor now has Show On-/Off-State / Access Devices for plug-ins and instruments

- [Project] CD Time display shows the current CD length of your project
- [Project] Transport bar shows relative song position
- [Project] Limit ISRC input to valid characters


Studio One 2.6.0 fixes the following issues:

- Improved MIDI Timing when looping back MIDI data from plugins or instruments
- Melodyne data not removed when using "Remove Melodyne"
- Melodyne playback cursor not visible when using FX with latency in input channels
- Edit with Melodyne function bounces the event with all Event FX
- Edit with Melodyne function removes already loaded Event FX on event
- Sample offset in Advanced Audio options not saved
- MIDI Preview playback does not show correct position
- Mixer channels don't follow when moving audio tracks in folders
- Soundcloud download in File Browser fixed

- [Win] Double click not working on Win 8 touch screen
- [OSX] GUI issues with a lot of 3rd party plugins
- [OSX] Tab inserted when jumping to next input field
- [OSX] Wacom tablets do not work with Drag&Drop
- Send to sample one not working with rex files at different sample rate
- Japanese localization fixes
- Long macro list not scrollable
- Autosave invoked while text-box is open
- Key-command doubled when assigning NumPad keys
- [Phaser] Spread parameter not working
- [Chorus] Improved square LFO behavior
- VST patch is changed when using VST program list scrollbar
- [Impact] Decay fader broken

- Crash when deleting I/O busses
- Delay compensation not working for instrument tracks when exporting stems
- Layers messed up after deleting layer via shortcut
- Record to layers option not saved after restart
- Duplicate and insert broken when folders involved
- Move to cursor inserts new marker when start or end marker are selected
- Dragging an instrument from the instrument rack to the track set track name to default

- Mixer channel navigation unhides hidden tracks
- Dirty flag set when loading song with editor open
- Empty event when recording a short time with max Pre-Record time
- Compressor bypass not working
- Some VST plugins not working in stereo mode
- Automapped plugin automation recorded with steps
- Audio tracks with no input can be monitored
- Invert Selection not working within open folders


Studio One 2.6.0 known issues:

- [OSX] Older iLok plugins may crash when loading on OSX 10.7 or 10.8
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You mentioned it several times before.
Thank you for posting twice and treble.

And in the German Forum.

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Hello Studio One users,

there is a new maintenance update available in your accounts.
In Studio One 2.5.2 the following bugs were fixed:

- Disk writing can be too slow on some systems
- [OSX] Soundcloud upload not working
- [OSX] Nimbit upload not working

Have fun!
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The User JDENT said it before.

If you have an ARTIST Version, then you cannot use 3rd party VST plug-ins.
So it is not Studio One itselfs - but the limitation of the cheap Artist Version.

If your people you talked to have problems with VST in Studio One 2 Professional, then i invite them to write me an email.
We will fix it.

Have a nice day!
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Hello Studio One Users,

The maintenance update Studio One 2.5.1 is online!
For detailed list of enhancements and fixes please read the release notes.

Have fun with the new Studio One 2.5.1!
best regards

Studio One 2.5.1 Release Notes

This is a maintenance update which includes several quality and stability improvements, as well as a few feature enhancements.

PLEASE NOTE BEFORE UPDATING: As part of this release all dynamics plug-ins have been updated to address an issue introduced in version 2.5 which caused audible artifacts when using the "Auto" or "Adaptive" modes. As a side effect of this fix, affected channels may have a higher output volume compared to version 2.5. Expect having to adjust mix settings after updating to 2.5.1. The following plug-ins are affected:

- Compressor with envelope on auto or adaptive
- Tricomp with envelope on auto
- Multiband Dynamics with envelope on auto
- Autofilter with envelope on auto
- Dynamics section in Channelstrip

If you're in doubt which songs might be affected, please make sure to create mixdowns before updating to 2.5.1.

Studio One 2.5.1 has the following enhancements:

- Support for Japanese characters in Project export (toggled via program language)
- Muted tracks can be enabled now in stem export
- [Sample One] loop mode added
- Mixdown of soloed track is placed under soloed track
- Added manual addendum for German, Spanish, French and Japanese

Studio One 2.5.1 fixes the following issues:

- "Disk is not fast enough" message displayed when audio device sync error occurs while recording
- CD cannot be written when 1st pause is longer than 2 seconds
- [OSX] Enter key not working in song notes
- [OSX] Plugin GUI fix or UAD and D16 VST plugins
- [OSX] Audio folder no longer displayed as Volume in file browser (paths used from this volume need to be recreated)
- Crash after renaming songs
- New Song template tab not remembered
- Drawing bug with layer events
- MIDI file import bug when notes have overlap
- Automation points not added when using "Insert Silence"
- Explode pitches does place new tracks outside of folder
- Zoom to selection not working correctly with folder events
- Track navigation bug when traversing tracks in open folders
- Fixed volume meter curve in Transport and Track meters
- Using mute tool on automation can crash
- Inserts lost when transforming back an old 2.0 song
- Error when using "Duplicate and Insert" repeatedly
- Reverse audio does not use original event color
- Several Sampler engine issues (improved sfz import; clicks at sample end)
- Groove quantize bend marker problem
- I/O settings can't be correctly restored (for example: StudioLive Outputs in template on OSX)
- Plugin name filter fixed (East West "Play" name not displayed correctly)
- [ProEQ] Oversampling now disabled when no band active
- Dynamics plug-ins have a fixed Adaptive and Auto mode (2.5.0 songs may sound louder if these modes were enabled – please read IMPORTANT NOTE above)
- [Ampire] Mid and Treble controls are reset when set to minimum
- [Open AIR] Dry signal latency compensation not working on uneven buffer-sizes
- [Sample One] Parameters not correctly updated after loading Preset
- [Impact] Improved default preset and Amp envelope

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Daw stew wrote:Great idea, however wasn't this requested late last year?

Yes it was.
Like any other requests that comes from him.

And we think about this and many other things long time before this great ideas comes "from him".
He likes to spam this forum and every other forum.
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Hi Philipe,

can you tell me an old version of studio one where the preset works as you expects!?
I would like to counter-check it with the latest program version.

Thanks in advance!
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I can't confirm it here.
Just tested and it works fine.

Maybe another user can test it also and confirm it?!

Studio One Forum Community Support » Using outboard gear in the mastering section? » Go to message
Using the Pipeline?
Where is the issue?
Studio One Feature Requests » Renaming also MIDI stacked automations! » Go to message
Slowly its getting outrageous.
Studio One Feature Requests » Renaming also MIDI stacked automations! » Go to message
Michael1985 wrote:
And Ari, please be more constructive.

And Mikkel, please be more creative!
Studio One Feature Requests » Renaming also MIDI stacked automations! » Go to message
Just create Automation tracks.
It can be named as you want.
Studio One Forum Community Support » S1 V2.5 Pro - Ampire presets are messed up. » Go to message
You don't have to really roll back.

You can install both versions. 2.0.7 and 2.5 parralel.
They don't disturb eachother.

Old Projects ( i mean just the ampire tracks inside) should be transformed. So the Audio never get lost.
And new projects benefits from the improved sound!

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