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PhilG wrote:UC may suport that amount but the SL 24 actually has more recording inputs than 24 when you add up the FX, Aux's Subs etc ...

I would say by the time you combined 2x SL24's you would have well over 60-70

isnt 1xSL16 counted as 32 possible inputs on its own ?

That's true that there would be more than 52 possible inputs on the SL24, but the way the SL16's are setup, you get 32 channels when you daisy chain two together. So, on the SL24, it would makes sense to be able to record your 48 inputs, and maybe the stereo bus.
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Alexisgtr wrote:I asked it because in this store it says that it is possible

Link Multiple StudioLive's
Sometimes 24 input channels are not enough. No problem! You can use the StudioLive 24.4.2's second FireWire port to link two StudioLive 24.4.2 mixers for 48 channels of recording or to combine up to 4 StudioLive mixers for 96 channels in live performance, with sample-accurate synchronization between units. Now, you will never have to worry that your needs will outgrow your StudioLive's mixing capacity; when you need more channels, just plug in a second StudioLive 24.4.2, turn on its link ID, and your master StudioLive will detect it and merge the buses to the master unit. You don't even need a computer to cascade multiple units--simply connect them with a FireWire cable--done! You also can daisy-chain one or more FireStudio-series interfaces (such as the FireStudio Tube and FireStudio Project) with a StudioLive to provide additional inputs for recording.

I don't think it's likely that ZZounds would just made this stuff up; it's generally a copy/paste affair. Maybe we can take this as foreshadowing of things to come from a firmware update? If I'm reading right, Universal Control supports 52 inputs. Just stirrin' the pot. . .
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Yeah, I don't have the luxury of a dedicated music computer, but haven't really felt it necessary either. In general, macs really are stable enough to handle it. If one is really concerned about it, a simple solution is just have a clean install on another partition with just your music software. Simpler yet, setup a user account with only the essential extensions and background programs running. This wouldn't be quite as drastic, but might still give you peace of mind.
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You can't really overlook the fact that most people have a computer of some sort today. It's not like you are going to $1200 on a piece of gear that just sits by your SL looking pretty (though MacBooks do a good job of that, too). So, really, I'd argue that a computer would fall somewhere towards the category of mics, and cables; something you'll need anyway, for all kinds of reasons, not just to install updates on your SL. Granted, not everyone wants to spend that much on a computer for general use, so I'll concede part of that $1200.
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Thanks,Wally. I'm glad I'm not crazy, and very glad to know exactly how to work around it if it happens again.
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Okay, well, it's working now. It looks like the board was using the aux 2 settings and the iPad was using the Aux 1 settings. Seems strange, I know. I zeroed the Aux 2 settings then reset the aux 1 settings, and now everything is fine.
Thanks again.
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Thanks for the input, Juerg. I do see the link icon on the iPad between Aux 1 and 2. Here's the even stranger part. The pan works perfectly as well. But, when I select Aux 1 to adjust the levels, there is no communication with the board.
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Sorry if this has come up before, but my search turned up empty. I'm just digging into the SL remote and I just realized the that the linked aux 1-2 aren't working correctly. This is a stereo monitor send for the drummer on IEMs. The others are all mono and are responding in both directions fine. I figured out that the iPad is reflecting the aux settings for Aux 1, unlinked. When I switch it to mono, it works fine, but when I go back to stereo, it stops working, and just reflects where the Aux 1 settings were.
Anyone experienced this, and better yet, know how to fix it?
Thanks a lot,

For reference, I'm on iPad 2, a Mac, and all software firmware, etc., is up-to-date.
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Yeah, I was saying that you could do that, but I just double checked, and it looks like it will only work with SL hardware. I thought it also worked with Presonus interfaces daisy chained to the SL, but it doesn't look like that's the case. You might have to find a cheap DAW to accomplish that. My friend has a SL16 and I have a Firestudio, and can test this, but it won't be for at least a few days. I'm sure someone will chime in by then, but if not, I'll let you know what I find.
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Yep you can use the Firestudio to "capture" up to 32 tracks if you add a Digimax, for example, but, in general, your live mix will be limited to what going into your SL16. If you use a DAW, like StudioOne, you could theoretically submix something, like drums, going into the Firestudio, then send a stereo or mono mix back to the SL16 over firewire to add to your FOH, but that will add latency.
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szurbrick wrote:
Monolithent wrote:Yeah it does,

I think it has to be above 990 vertical to get sliders.

1400x1050 will show you the entire SL 16 interface. What I want to confirm is that the iPad app takes nothing graphically from the host computer. I wouldn't think it would, but am wondering how the iPad knows the host computer is running capture and how it interfaces with it.

Also curious if the host computer has to be a Mac OS ???

Bottom line is, while the have the scratch for an iPad, I have no real use for it if it's going to work with the SL and I really don't want knobs nor have to go buy a Macbook pro.

I'm not a software engineer, so I have to take it on faith that much of what happens is magic, but I can tell you the graphical interfaces are independent. The SL Remote just talks to the underlying software of VSL to tell it what to do.

It will work with mac or PC.

I'll also say, that if you've never owned an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, etc.), you will be amazed at all the uses you find for it.
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I have and use these Carvin IEM sets and they are quite good. The earbuds are even very useable. I can't imagine sets in the $1K range are twice as good. I've seen them sell these anywhere from $325 to the $400 where they're at right now, so if you wait, they might come down (or go up if they are catching on, who knows!).
You are obviously going to have some noise with a wireless setup, though, but it's not too bad with audio running.

You might be able to get audio sent over ethernet to the remote computer, but I think latency is going to be an issue (or deal breaker, really).

The other issue I can think of is setting your gain levels. If you are using Presonus gear you won't have a way to tweak input levels remotely. There are some interfaces that set input levels digitally, but they are going to cost more. I think some of MOTU's stuff works this way.
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I've thought about doing this as well, and while I haven't tried it live, I do it at rehearsal. Just a couple of mixes, though. The Firestudio can spit out 9 stereo zero latency mixes due to it's built in DSP. To get that many, though, you'd need another interface connected to get the extra outputs. You can also patch your inputs directly to the outputs to act as pass-throughs, so if you had a firestudio, and some sort of 8x8 ADAT interface, you could send your 4 mixes plus 12 pass throughs. If that's enough pass throughs, you wouldn't need splitters. You'll have to remember, though, there's no other processing, such as EQ.

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get the ipad sdk 3.2 or up it lets you have a fake ipad on your pc/mac

lol. Funny you should mention that; Just finished downloading. Haven't had a chance to mess with it, though.

wow, really?? how and where can I get that? and do you think It would accept ipad apps??
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While not as fancy, you can still just switch to your VNC client on the iPad and remotely control the screen on your computer.
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