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robare99 wrote:Mine is an older one.

The thicker one.

Intel, duo core, 1.8
80gb drive
2gb ram


I bet they are $300 these days...

Nope. It's an Apple product. They want new price for a used one. Lol. But I think that server version will work fine.
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gadget69 wrote:The KW153's can do 500-700 with HF/MF falling off at distances...Line arrays are NOT the answer for every application...especially indoors.

I've heard they don't have a very long throw. Which can be good, most I would br throwing would be about 200 feet or so. I was looking also at the Flexsys F315 from dB Technologies, but they're only rated for 131dB and a 90x40 horn. Pairing boxes per side would be a PITA. The KW's would have some issues but not alot.
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I could have sworn this board had a multiquote option...or am I just not seeing it? Lol

@ckreon, I've thought about it. Actually (although more expensive) my eyes have been sitting on the dB Technologies line array, the T4 tops and S20 subs. I've been thinking about it, as I also work for a larger sound company and they would probably want a system to rent for events as well. But that's why I was looking at the KW's for a modular setup. Just two 153's for smaller acts (or even the 122's), two 153's and 4 181's for larger indoor or smaller outdoor gigs, and then all 4 tops, 8 subs (technically 10 if I add the other two from the planned K system) for large outdoor shows (I'd say up to 1,000 people at max, but probably on rare occasions, maybe 500 at most.

@rockstardave, I've been deciding between the two. The weight isnt an issue, but the amp module issues with the PRX series kept me away. (Plus the PRX635 is a 90* dispersion so using two together would be more of a hassle)
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Right now, my system is a LiveX system (2x15 + 2x18 front of house, plus 4x12 monitors) which is great for small stuff, but I'm getting to that point where people are asking me to do larger shows. I'm hoping to pick up a set of speakers for smaller stuff (probably the K series) but I'm also looking into larger stuff. Right now I have my heart set on the KW series (4 KW153's, 4-8 KW181's, and 6 KW122's for monitor), but are there other options? I'm trying to find a nice three-way powered top speaker (I know two-way would be easier to manage solo, but I can do it, plus I'll always have help) and matching subs. Mainly smaller outdoor festivals, typically country/rock style bands, with some occasional bluegrass/funk/heavy metal. Like I said, powered preferred for ease and simplicity...Thanks!
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I think it would be, but it would be nice to have more headroom there, as this will more than likely become a mix/record station, as well as storing music. Let's see if this makes sense though...

I was looking at upgrading the Mac Mini's, just to have that extra headroom...

Base 2.5 i5, 4GB RAM, 500GB 5400rpm HD: $800
Upgraded 2.7 i7, 8GB RAM, 750GB 5400rpm HD: $1150
Base Server Quad 2.0 i7, 4GB RAM, 2x500GB 7200rpm HD: $1000
Upgraded Server Quad 2.0 i7, 8GB RAM, 2x750GB 7200rpm HD, $1200

I can apply for the financing on a new one, and the upgraded server looks like plenty for me, versus what the stock 2.5 does.
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I'm planning on purchasing a computer to hook to my board, probably along the lines of a Mac Mini (I'll just order a 20" TV or something to hook to it) and getting a small case to put it all in. It'll primarily be running my single Studiolive 24, just basic control and recording. Can I get away with the i5 Mac Mini? I was looking at the Mac Mini Server, quad core i7 (same as my current laptop) and with 8GB RAM & 2x750GB HD's is under $1200. Not a bad deal IMHO. Just don't want to overspend, this computer will be mainly dedicated to Studiolive use, which may include some recording/mixdown, but nothing too hefty. What do you guys think?
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rockstardave wrote:No way- couple the 15s with the bottom one upside Down

Really? I figured that would cause more harm than good vs. tops together. Can you explain to me?

Promise, I'm not being a dick, but I've heard both sides. Some say couple mids together for an extra 3dB plus longer throw, and some say couple the highs to prevent HF comb filtering...
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rockstardave wrote:for outdoors i ALWAYS double up subs to tops. 2 subs for every top box. at least. a lot of local guys do 4 subs per top outdoors too.

i think what i'm going to move into next year is the massive stack found in the PDF on page 1 of this thread. 4 subs and 2 tops per side. with the 152s upside down on each other. gnarly!

Make sure you flip flop that, so the top ones are inverted, not the bottoms, or there may be a lot of comb filtering issues. I may give it a try when I get my 6 KW122's.
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lostinsound wrote:According to all of the documentation: NO. But there was one forum member a few months ago who claimed to be using two 24.4.2 consoles and using VSL with both. I'll see if I can find the thread.

The lack of recording, I can go without. But it would be nice to have 48 channels, and be able to still control the aux sends.
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I need to get one...just in case...especially if a breaker
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Of course, pointing the obvious, you can't record 48 channels (2 Studiolive 24's linked), but is there enough Firewire bandwith available after linking to at least permit control of the aux sends only, if you can't control the boards only? Just hoping it's plausible to do 48 channel linking and allow aux send control...
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mwright137 wrote:Are you asking me? Life happened and I couldn't afford to buy any speakers at all. We will be cobbling a system together from pieces the people in the band already own an praying it's enough.

If I had the money, I would go with 2 of the 153's for tops and 4 of the 181's for bottoms - 2 for use in small clubs and all 4 for larger clubs and outdoor gigs. But that's a $7,200 investment that I just can't make right now.


That has to suck. If I was still in PA I would be glad to help you out man. Good luck!
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Just a random idea I had. Say you had two 24.4.2's, and you wanted to link and record, which is not possible at the moment. Is there any way you could use software like Pro Tools, hook the two boards to two separate Firewire cards, and use the interface in Pro Tools to route them in the software to link, and also record? Just a crazy idea...whether or not it's possible, would be nice though...maybe someone with more Pro Tools experience could think on it?

OTOH, what limitation would there be in creating an interface which links two 2442's via a central hub, take the two inputs, and send them as a Firewire 800 link to the computer, and still be able to use them both together? Just some crazy ideas...maybe I should just go to sleep lol
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Any word on what you chose yet?
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I'm moving whereever you all are! Lol. I have a small system (ELX 15/18 front, 12's foldback) and it just all depends. Now, when I get my large QSC system, there will be fixed prices, but nothing too outrageous. It sucks being in the Appalachia/Bluegrass coal fields...
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