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me <--- deleted

ok guys, has been good with you but all that bacon,.. now i'm going to be a berliner instead of a hamburger. (small private joke for the germans in here) ,

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it autoscales to input level. upper picture is just noise. it may be very quiet, but there are inputs on monitor there. funky patterns are possibly something to worry about, even if it is at very low levels
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a very peculiar combination of no license and dumb question..
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i think most critical will be your preamp / cable / pickup combination, and the input level into ampire. if you have a clean DI track, you can try adjusting ampire with that to separate the issues. direct into audio interface mic in does not work well with many audio interfaces (e.g. firebox or audiobox), a separate Preamp or DI box helps with that. or active pickups can as well.
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you can just delete it, it is not used in s1 free anyway. should not be on your desktop though?
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has been fixed somewhere during 2.5
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actually it should be very similar to adjusting the core audio blocksize.

i'm not 100% sure about the reasons for this difference but on Win not all ASIO panels are adjustable from the outside, while Core Audio always allows for this. unlocking S1 internal blocksize from audio blocksize adds extra buffering and adds to IO latency but helps avouding peaks. not sure, you really want to do that rather than just lowering device blocksize. but, if you want to this seems to be adjustable in mac system settings. at the panel where you create aggregate devices i think.
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Reverb Mix (top right)
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it's a gain compressor (as in not an rms compressor), the dial controls both threshold and ratio (and knee iirc).
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in response to a PM:

automation is read and then sent before processing a block. this is a pragmatic solution, there are other solutions, all of them come at much higher cpu-cost (e.g. FL apparently changes internal processing blocksize to fit automation changes).

most parameters have a smoothing that limits change speed or creates crossfades internally (to avoid clicks and zippernoises). this is something that the plugins or processing in the host does. not all hosts do this. e.g. some click on switching bypass on/off, but will react faster then.

we had a problem with plugin latency compensation vs automation. AFAIK/IIRC that has been fixed though.

quantisation to audio blocksize means also that the block-change position depends on the audio device, i.e. is not synchronized with song-position. you can enhance precision by chosing smaller blocksize. this need not be the device blocksize, instead you can "unlock" blocksize in the options dialog, and chose a smaller one for internal processing.
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try and find out what the analog delay does for you..
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automation is quantized to blocksize and many parameters are declicked.
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correct. it seems that you have three accounts but no license associated to any of them. right?
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while the login restrictions have been extended, i still think that problems belong there.. renamed to reflect section name change..
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dunno what that device stuff is meant to say. probably your first interpretation.

* Tri-Dither is chosen BECAUSE it seems most transparent.
* dithering is only done when REDUCING bitdepth to an INTEGER one.
* repeating noise-shaping is very bad, imho it should not be done by anything but DA-converter-firmware.
* repeating dithering would add to the noise level if not for the fact that repeating bit-reduction would add MORE to the noise-level in a MORE OBVIOUS way.
* studio one likes doing bounces and mixdowns in float resolution. no dithering necessary there.
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