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Those of you interested check the moderation log at the top right hand of the forum you'll find it, as most here have said, your help is quite indispensable, not to mention your video's. As far as you getting locked it takes two to tango, your not the only confrontational one in that thread by no means. I think the decision was right though so as not to allow any one else to pile on and turn that thread into a street fight although there are some that would jump on your side in this one. I would like to say it was very civil of you to offer an apology and note that the other party should at some point accept and move on to the best forum out there hand's down!.
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skiltrip wrote:
I'm waiting for someone to come along and tell me how Ampire XT rules, and for the secret knob tweaking combination to get there! lol.

Same here, I'd like that as a special section in the preset exchange.
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Seems like you already have the info you need to make this decision, can't see why you need validation here, you know you want to get it so don't worry and get it. Now if your trying to use us as an excuse when you get caught by your significant other, well your the one that will eventually make that ultimate decision .... in all seriousness the advice of the previous posters could not be any better then i can give but I'll say it any way buy it and you can blame me if you want.
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well so far it's a little useless for effects presets as I don't have every high dollar must have vst available, I can see that it will be very helpful for all those tail chasers out(a large majority of users) there who have all the vst's they can afford or even not afford. I think there will have to be a more intricate way of browsing(other than search) maybe even a presonus only section other wise you'll have to view through a lot of content to find what your looking for. The sound sets are an excellent idea although you might run into copy right problems there. The whole idea is pretty good in my opinion and could eventually be an indispensable tool.
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Texas Willie wrote;

If you drag a midi file (one that contains multiple parts) into S1, it will CHANGE whatever tempo you have set up in a New Song to the tempo in the midi file. If you drag in a Midi Part, the song tempo in the Song will NOT change. For example, you have a song set up at 130 bpm and you drag a drum part in that is 140 bpm That PART will play at the song tempo of 130 bpm.

We may be saying the same thing?....But damned if I can tell


better answer then I gave, also good advice for the OP.
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Try the Components Browser in the products section in Guitar Rig, they should show up there, should just be able to drag or double click to load into Guitar Rig.
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I'm always dumbfounded with these requests for the defects of the Analog age, adding scratches and hiss, my conclusion would be to acquire a reel to reel and to a step back, but then that would be a heck of a lot work very hard to find the tape. I can't imagine a client asking for it, the clients I knew back at the time wanted to hear pro results minus all the deficiencies, oh well welcome to the computer age.
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I think what the OP means is the tempo of the original MIDI file being imported into the Song is changed. what ever you drag or import into a Song will follow the Song tempo set when you create the Song, I think the OP wants to have the song follow the imported MIDI file Tempo. If I haven't added to the confusion at least I hope I clarified this a little.

p.s. might try to open your explorer to the midi file and open with Studio One, it should open the midi file to the embedded tempo.
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crow wrote;
freeze them? how do u freeze tracks in s1v2?

Right click on track and chose transform.
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