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Studio One General Discussion » 3 tracks with a Kontakt instrument in each, 4gb of RAM all used - why!? » Go to message
It has to do with Kontakt sample loading, whenever you add an instance the samples are loaded to the RAM which when it reaches 4 Gb will issue a warning.

You can transform the tracks as you complete them to audio and offload the instruments to free up RAM, just right click on the track under Instruments choose "Transform Track to rendered audio"(freeze) and if you need to tweak them afterwards you still can.
Studio One General Discussion » 3 tracks with a Kontakt instrument in each, 4gb of RAM all used - why!? » Go to message
Please list your system spec's. If you can run Studio One at 64 bits as it will allow you to use all the RAM your system has available(if you can run 64bit).

note: 32bit Studio One only allows a max of 4 Gb
Studio One General Discussion » OT Anybody have an idea when Steven Slate is going to provide this service?,It's been a year already » Go to message
Kahlbert wrote:Yeah, sorry. I just can't stand his sense of humor. Not sure why ...

This is said by a Blue Smurf on a skateboard?

Steven Slate puts out some great plugins even with his sick sense of humor. It must be a American thing, too much "Saturday Night Live" in our youth(or not enough in some cases).

Studio One General Discussion » OT Anybody have an idea when Steven Slate is going to provide this service?,It's been a year already » Go to message
I would subscribe to this in a heart beat:

Of course it may just be good for Hip Hop and R&B mixes... hopefully they will scan and virtualize the other mixing greats.

Studio One Forum Community Support » Mixdown completely different from sound in project page... » Go to message
Are you guys doing a real time mixdown or a fast bounce?

Some highend plugins do not work as well with a fast bounce as they need to run at real time due to latency issues a high quality EQ falls in that category on most cases. when you do a digital file mixdown you may have better luck in a real time bounce.

if I use a plugin that requires look ahead or is heavy on resources I always bounce realtime to a .wav file and in mastering I never fast bounce and always get a consistent mix.
Studio One General Discussion » how far are we from v3? » Go to message
Okay... I looked into my crystal ball to the year 2020 and here is what I saw:

Studio One V6


Mindmeld Song transfer-- The ability to pull arrangement and song ideas right out of your head and without lifting a finger mastering and distributing the moment you decide to record that idea(in your mind of course)

Retina sensitive GUI- The moment you look at the interface your retina is scanned for any sensitivity and accepts and rejects the color scheme of the Knob widget or background and changes them accordingly(of course this is unnecessary since you never have to use the GUI anyway)

Group think Pattern generator- Scans all Studio One Mindmeld connections and finds the most popular and exciting breaks and phrases tweaks them a little then rearranges your project so that you will always have a hit.

System Requirements:


~ Mac OS XVI 16.3.5 or later

~ Intel Core i14 dual hexacore Processor

~ 400 GB Ram (650 or more recommended)


~ Windows 20 x256/x128 or Windows 21 X256/x128

~ Intel Core i14 dual hexacore Processor/ AMD... they went bankrupt with the ATI platform years ago

~ 400 GB Ram (650 or more recomended)


1,335,000 yuan(dollars died off years ago)
Digital Audio Recording » Anyone using Peavey's Revalver Mk III.V? » Go to message
I'm using Revalver HP and so far it blows my mind that to me it is more responsive then Guitar rig which I haven't touched since Iv'e forgotten when.

When I played out Professionally Peavey was my Amp of choice I gotta say the 6505 emulation has got the 5150 down pretty close and as responsive to dynamic playing which I'm afraid a lot of Amp sims fall short on. I guess if you prefer Peavey Amps in general you can't go wrong by getting Revalver.
Studio One General Discussion » how far are we from v3? » Go to message
A major release falls in the proprietary secrets category for sales purposes, unexpected circumstance vetting and to secure new features from being disclosed to remain competitive .

It is to be expected that the nearer to the release candidate the marketing department will gear up and announce a pre sale a month or so before the release to generate enthusiasm and highlight a new feature or two, Presonus is no different in that method than anyone else.
Digital Audio Recording » Studio One DAW console (mixer) upgrade to look more professional » Go to message
Although I'm with adding GUI customization(colors, etc.) I agree with Mr Wright a "Professional" look is not what Studio One is missing. I've seen a lot more that don't have any thing close to the present capabilities fall way short of Studio One in that department.

Unfortunately with nit picking and obscure requests as the new norm Studio One as with any DAW is not immune with all the power the standard DAW's have available these days.
Studio One Free » ampire and mp3 converter incompatible. anybody else having this problem? » Go to message
cristofe wrote:Piracy is neither appreciated or tolerated on these forums. If you don't want to get banned I suggest you cease advocating it.

Forget just advocating... if Mostwest is cracking Studio One which is documented here.

Studio One Free » Missing devices » Go to message
Since Studio One was updated to 2.5 they added a mix control to the original effects so any song created before that would show up as missing. You might want to keep version one and mix those songs down to stems and render those effect berfore you move them to version 2 or while you have them open in version one render all the onboard effect to audio and then open the song in version 2.

When they updated those effects they did give notice that this could happen and hopefully you can find a way to remedy this issue. .
Listen to this! » Any thoughts, comments, advice on these mixes? » Go to message
Hey welcome to the forum by the way.

Here is a thread that will help get you started on gain staging, a good Mastering practice. there are some real gems in this thread from some of the forums heavy hitters(and generally great folk's as well):

Always good to read up on this stuff my friend.
Listen to this! » Any thoughts, comments, advice on these mixes? » Go to message
Okay I listened to the start of your first three Songs and then skipped up to the heavy parts and here is a few suggestions:

When you get ready to master leave yourself at least 3dB of head room before you apply the limiter(-3dB below 0db), I noticed a lot of Compression Distortion in your mixes which leads me to believe the input to the limiter is overdriving.

As you use the limiter make sure to keep an eye on the Gain Reduction meter and try not to go below -6dB and sqaush the dynamics too much and set the release a tad longer(as you go lower in Gain Reduction) to prevent any more distortion from being added.

Just about all you frequencies are represented well but the Mid's are biting slightly which isn't too bad but may cause a little fatigue if listened too at any long length of time.

All in all the content of your songs are great in my opinion and when you post for critique you will get these types of answers, hopefully my advice is useful and taken in the spirit in which it is given my friend.
Studio One Feature Requests » Incredibly important addition needed to Studio One! Must Read!** » Go to message
While I use Live as a Rewire slave I have to agree, Macro control would be a great addition not just for EDM but as a way of controlling bus effects also and along with saving along with presets.

I will always agree to more control through all great features of other DAW's as long as there is already a method that can be tweaked in Studio One in the form of active controllers and MIDI mapping.
Studio One General Discussion » Mixes from 6 months ago no longer usable! » Go to message
mwright137 hit the nail on the head, the addition of the "Mix" knob on the compressor had me redoing some ealier mixes myself but go ahead with your support ticket though I doubt they will be able to help as has been said, you definitely aren't the only one who has had this issue when updating and it's possible it may be something else.

By the way it's great that they did add the "Mix" knob, Parallel processing is
All that" when mixing Drums.
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