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Thank you. I will try that next time it happens.

I apologize to everyone for being a bit strident.

I am actually struggling with fixing another problem with my Arturia SparkLE which functions perfect as a software plugin in Studio One but is now refusing to sync with it's own hardware unit.

It may be something I have to thrash out with Arturia. But it wrecked my whole evening of creativity, something I am sure many have experienced.

The Studio One hang up was just the last straw.

It is clearly a process getting hung up somewhere and what's weird is it is only Studio One that does this and it refers to unhang after a reboot sometimes.

I can't trigger it to happen but next time it does I will try your suggestion. Thanks.

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There seems to be no "Technical Support" forum.

Should this still be a sticky?

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while the login restrictions have been extended, i still think that problems belong there.. renamed to reflect section name change..

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Is this where I go to discuss my athletes foot problem?

[Have logged in and submitted a ticket, it seems that no tech support person wants to touch this one.]

Happy Saturday, ya'll.

And hurry up with S1 3.

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