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Our debut album, recorded thru my Firestudio
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Hey everybody,

Just re-registered under my band's name... I was formerly registered as 'Cassidy'.. anyhoo.. i'm excited to share the final result from toiling away in my studio for over 18 months... tweakin, recording, re-recording, re-writing, remixing, starting over with a new singer, remixing, re-recording... sheesh it was starting to turn into Chinese Democracy 2 LOL..

anyhoo, the final result sounds pretty huge if I do say so... would love to get some ears on it if you have the time to check it out...

just to make things interesting, I've created 12 YouTube videos, one per track on the album... featuring my super hot friend Julie... she's just sitting there listening to the tracks and no she doesn't take her shirt off.. hehe so don't ask (people have been asking ...)

as far as gear goes, most of the album was recorded through my Firestudio with a Digimax FS lightpiped together... into my PC running winXP and Cubase4.5something or other..

also recorded all the vocals with a Shure SMb7 (love that thing..) thru a Presonus TubePRE... snare was SM57 through the TubePRE

more details on the recording techniques are available if anyone is interested... let me know!

check it out..

(the videos have annotation links that take you to the next track...)

our band site is here: (if you're into that whole buying music thing... feel free to order an actual CD or check out the iTunes link... <--- shameless plug alert!!)

and the whole album is streaming on mySpace if you don't want to go through all the YouTube videos... if hot blondes aren't your thing...

hope you enjoy!
excited to finally share it with y'all!


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Fun videos - nice music
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Well done bro all your tweaking, re-mixing, and re-recording for 18 mos sounds awesome, nice work and like the tune.
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the chick creeped me out after 2 songs

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