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Came back to recording project and some tracks are dark/ghosted?
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Hello, sorry I'm a bit of a n00b when it comes to Studio One. I can't figure out what's happened.

For the past several weeks, I had been recording a multi-track song.

Then I let it go for a while while I moved my studio to another room. When I got everything hooked back up, and launch my song in Studio One, some of the tracks are black and unselectable, essentially, ghosts. The audio from them still plays just fine, however I cannot move them around or click on them or anything. I've attached a screenshot to this post.

It includes both MIDI and Audio tracks. In the screenshot you can see that the top 6 tracks are blacked out and hard to see, but there is MIDI and AUDIO data within them. The three tracks at the bottom are just fine, normal and selectable.

I have no idea what's wrong Nothing really changed in the project, but I obviously moved my Audiobox and PC in the move, but this seems software related.

Thanks in advance for your help
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