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Is there a way for dual bus system?
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Hi, is there a way in Studio One to put the same channels in two different buses?
For example, all drums mono/stereo channels into a first bus to add compression, and also into a second bus to maintain the original sound and punch.
Thanks in advance .

note: you'll find a copy of this message also in the new Presonus forum, same message in two different places !
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Hey Cyber

I saw it in the new
Yeah mix every track as you like
Make a sub and put them all to that - output of them all to that sub
then on the sub you can 'master' them heheh you know what I mean
put that sub to a main one
You will have to mix the tracks in S1 - efx, faders and all

Just how I do it in Cubase
Mix each tnat put em to one sub to sometimes put a multicompressor or such on
you know
When done lol that sub will be where you can put a master on ( one for all)

( I've had a beer tonoght lol tons of typos I'm sure)

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