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FireStudio Project Latency and Using a click track/metronome
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The monitor mix that I'm listening to, through my headphones, is the metronome and my guitar - in zero latency mode... But the device buffer size (Firestudio Project), even at it's lowest setting allows 3.38ms of delay. If i'm listening to a metronome that has no latency but recording a signal that is 3.38ms delayed from the recorded source, I can't record any additional tracks precisely to the metronome without manually adjusting the audio that was recorded initially. So like, guitar player records his song with a metronome, hears it back it sounds off, adjust the audio chronologically, sounds good. Bass player records over the guitar, listening to the same metronome, plays back, sounds off, adjust audio (nudge region back), harmony/sync sounds good. If the problem was that the musician had not played right on top of the metronome this would not have happened. So, basically, after everything I record to a metronome in studio one, I have to nudge the audio back to be able to play the metronome over it while recording an additional instrument? And then for each additional track I must nudge carefully again? that's a drag, no pun intended. Even if I don't use a metronome, if I'm recording something over a previously recorded track, it always has to be nudged back to be in time (there's some kind of latency going on here that's greater than what's created by the buffer size). What am I missing here?
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