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Why am I clipping??
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Hi, I'm a bit of newbie so pardon me if I sound unknowledgeable. For some reason every time I go to export my mixdowns in studio one it clips by anywhere from 1-4db. I'm usually only recording my guitar via mic and I always set my instrument input to a moderate level to where I am not clipping during recording. I usually have anywhere from 1-6 guitars going at a time (rhythms, melodies and harmonies on separate tracks) along with a midi drum beat. Whenever I see that it clips during the exporting process I will go back and try to EQ some of the low end or put compression on the tracks (just the default compression settings because I don't know what I'm doing) to see if I can make it better and it usually only makes a moderate difference. Can anyone give me some suggestions as to what could be causing this? Again, during playback in the program no levels meter is clipping. Thanks for the help in advance!

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I am a new to Studio One 2 artist as well but have previously used protools SE with an MXL 990 and never experienced this kind of clipping. I now use the Audio-Technica 2020 and am not pleased with performance because while monitoring and recording, before i even playback i hear random inconsistent clicks and clipping even while not playing. I use one dry track and bring up a compresser, pro EQ, and room reverb on the other track. Visually, i can see exactly where these annoying clicks occur and would like to drop kick my mic, cable, or interface. Can someone tell me whats wrong here? My xlr cables aren't new or high quality but i have never had this problem, i even switched the cables once to see if i had a bad one. SAME. in general i can hear distortion in a cable and when playing E. guitar or bass i have to stand across the room and face away from the interface to eliminate cable noise.. the mic and the interface are new though. Is there something i need to adjust on my compressor or EQ, or is it the gain level on my mic channel? the clip looks like a line going from middle to top or middle to bottom of the track. I dont know alot about the digital aspects of sound analysis but this seems like a hardware problem to me. I hope its just new cables i need.
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