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Distorsion problem on Inspire 1394
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I am having some distorsion problems with the Inpire 1394. Even with relatively low gain and volume on my guitar, I get distorsion here and there. The cabling between my guitar and the unit doesn't seem to be the problem, I tried a few different cables and the result is the same. I only get one firewire cable and port, so I can't test that for now.

I have an old Compaq Presario (2005) running WinXP, with a 4 pins firewire port. I use Cubase SX version 1 (2002). Yeah... I am stuck in the past...

EDIT: The guitar is passive, an Aria Pro II Fullerton.

I join a sound clip where I play some random chords or else. You can hear it right from the beginning, but it gets worst around 0:11. Someone has a few ideas where that come from? I just bought the unit, so if this is a manufacturing problem or something like that, I would like to know so I could get a refound or some exchange.

Thank you very much!
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I tried it with a 4 pin Firewire did'nt work proper too. With a 6 pin it did work, but then I allready got a Project......
By the way is your FireWire chip a Ricoh chip ? Heard lots of bad things about those...

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