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Heavy Bass Players and Gain setting
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I have experienced a bad preamp due to aggressive bass playing. Does anyone have any suggestions to avoid this? It's very hard to set the level because it's either real low and then when they are slapping it sometimes randomly clips.

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Depends on your gear but assuming a preamp followed by an A/D converter you never want to hit full scale. So set your input gain to where you never do. Trim it down!

Leaves you with low levels in-between the excursions. Other than educating the bass player you have two options:
- Digital compression + make-up gain: by boosting the quiet passages you will raise the noise floor. Matter of trying if the (analog and digital) noise stays at acceptable levels.
- Analog compression: use a preamp stage with analog compressor to restrict levels before they hit the A/D converter. Needs extra hardware but avoids noise issues due to too low input levels.

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