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S1 and Retrologue
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Help me sort this out. I have installed Steinbergs Retrologue on my new i7 computer system. I have it running on S1 2, Reaper and Tracktion. Retrologue is a VST3 plug.

The VSTi runs fine on all the DAWS, both 32 and 64 bit. I've run into a problem getting S1 to see a new sound set called Vintage Classics. The new sound set is showing up fine in Reaper and Tracktion but is absent from both 32 and 64 bit versions of Studio One. The DAWS are set to scan the same paths for plug-ins.

The preset folder for Retrologue is in the following location:
Where Retrologue sound banks live - c:\program data\vst3presets\Steinberg Media Technologies

Also, with Tracktion and Reaper, the entire Retrologue UI is visible... S1 2.6.2 cuts off the bottom of the UI where the preset browser is visible. I've tried the controls at the top of the S1 window and they don't show an option to open the Vintage Classics sound bank.

Is there any way to make the S1 VST UI window larger?

GOT IT! All I had to do was re index presets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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But, if you'd never have posted, you'd NEVER have found the solution!
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