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I must be too old and too ADD for this new fangled stuff.
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Nothing but problems. All of them fixable once I get the correct information. I have walked into my studio for several nights and tried to ignore the mixer because every time I try to do something... like listen to iTunes to play along with a song.. I get grief.. no sound, just grief. I must be too ADD to sit for six hours and read the manual and the tow Power Tools books my sons gave me for Father's Day. Ok, it will take more than 6 hours.. probably closer to 12..
All to use a freaking mixer...
Everything works tonight for the second night in a row.... Will try to record a little guitar... nothing fancy.. last time I tried it was a 3 hour ordeal that ended up on the cutting room floor... DAW was (Studio One) was acting really weird...

Here we go..


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Hang in there Cajun. Looks like you have all the stuff for a great song right there

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I second SwitchBack on that, hang in there. Most of us here are converts from 100% analog mixers and systems and we've made it through. Once you get over the hump you'll see there are many things that make digital the easy way. It's just new to you, as it was to us. You'll get there.
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rgaucoin - I completely feel your pain. In fact, my 13 years of ITexperience are largely due to me becoming tired of relying on others for help with this technology. Even being in the IT field I've struggled with new hardware and software combinations over the years. What I have learned in that time is, no matter the problem, someone else has more than likely already had the same issue and if you can find the patience you will either be able to google the answer to your question or ask in communities like this for help in finding a solution.
Like the others said, Hang in there, it gets easier, just look and ask for help when neccisary.
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