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Hey guys,

The other day I was visiting with the sound guy from my old church, and mentioned to him that my band might be looking at moving to a digital board. So far, I have only heard the pros of going digital, so I was surprised that he cautioned me. He said that a digital board running at 14400 will compromise the tone on the high end. Is there truth to this?
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Perhaps first generation digital consoles not using oversampling. Because of this analog filters required very steep slope (introducing phase issues) or lesser slope that may cut of some of the hi-end. One need to be carefull not to introduce foldover due to high freq content.

Modern digital mixers should not have these issues...
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Did you mean 44,100? I would say a mixer running at 14400 WOULD have issues.

Unless your speakers can reproduce frequencies over 20kHz or your ears can hear that high, 44,100 is plenty high of a sample rate. And you could always go to 48,000 if you think that would help...
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