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MIDI not recording NEED HELP
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hey guys! noob recording artist here, and i have a slight problem. i am currently using the 22vsl with studio one artist 2, and am using a yamaha moniter to boot. my problem is occuring when i attempt to record with my MIDI controller, which is a mobilekeys49 line 6 midi controller. i have it plugged into my laptop, reinstalled drivers and updated them and all. i can drag and drop a effect or majito or prescense into my line and start hearing the notes i generate with my mk49, but if i press the record button, it does not record. i have looked for solutions for hours please help. i can give more info if so

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Have you record armed the track?

There are 2 places to click to record.
On the track.. there is a Record Arm button. That must be clicked.
Then on the transport there is a Record Button.

Arming the track tells Studio One which rack you want to record onto.
The record button on the bi otto tells it to start the actual recording.

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