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My version 3 feature requests (at least the most important ones)
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I'm sure a bunch of these have already been mentioned but I want to at least throw in my wishlist and have an easy place for me to update it as I stuble upon annoyances.

Requests listed in no particular order.

Undo system

Undo system needs to be fixed. It's a huge pain in the donkey right now because it forces us to try and remeber what goes into the undo stack and what doesn't. Not to mention that a bunch of stuff that should go into the undo stack doesn't. It's a horrible UX mess and it needs to be fixed. Everything needs to go into the undo stack like basically every other professional program out there. Fix. This.

Mixer console improvements

I would like an option to set the width of the channel (an option inside the options interface or perhaps have a few pre-defined you can switch between like you switch between channel display modes now). The reason is that often plug-in names get cut off and it's a hassle to deal with, so I could use a bit more vertical space every now and then.

It's great that you can set the size of the insert and send areas, but it's in reverse right now. The vast majority of times I want to adjust this, I want to adjust it on just this particular channel, but this requires me to hold down Shift, whereas without Shift it does it to all the channels. As I said this is the reverse of good UX. Please change that around and it'll be just a tad easier to deal with (so Shift is the one that moves it for all channels).

You can't however completely move this bar to maximize either the insert og send area. I suggest making it possible to basically collapse either of them so it's just going into being the bar itself and the other one gets the full height available. Just a little thing that makes things a bit easier to deal with, especially on channels without any sends but perhaps a lot of inserts. Right now it's just "half there" of what it should be in terms of UX.

The send boxes are generally too big (height wise). I understand that it's going to be a fiddlely thing to kind of change this, but I will at least offer an idea of what I would like to see in the send box.
Less space used by the balance slider - the level is the thing that's mostly used and for the vast majority of the time (at least for me) the balance is just taking up space, which staggers my workflow because I have to do a bunch of scrolling to get to my sends (for channels with a few of them).
Likewise a level (could do the same for balance, if there's room) value shown so you can more easily see and set the current value of the level. The current method with having to hover over it to see the level in the tooltip just slows you down and isn't really very user friendly. The bar itself I also feel is a bit bleh for adjusting, so being able to also numerically input a value would be a nice addition.


Make it possible to open an automation lane in the Editor window and work with it there like you would an event or audio. This would really help make automation a bit easier to work with in Studio One as right now it can be a bit annoying as you have to zoom in and increase the size (height) of the lane to get the finer values in there. You can of course do it by punching in the values on each point, but that takes a while. All in all it's time consuming and it shouldn't be this much of a hassle.

Bezier curves (unlinked so you can create sharp corners) - it must happen. This will just makes life so much easier for everyone.

Fix the bug where sometimes you set the value by typing it in in the context menu and it deletes the point. Undoing it then restores the point at the value you just set it to. I have no idea what's going on with that, but a bit of a code snafu.

Scale locking

Give us an option to not have the scale lock work in the "instrument" panel but only with the piano panel (as in the panel in the Editor where the piano is visible, but not in the other one).

Detachable Browse window

That'd just be nice.

USB auto-detect

Auto-detect if a USB device is connected and it's in the list of devices you use. Having to go into options and enable it (not to mention the extra alert box that tells you to connect it (really, I'm well aware of this)) is just steps that could be avoided. Just a minor quality of life improvement.

Nested folders

Just mentioning this despite I was told on a stream a while back that it's coming - making sure you don't forget!


Anchor to the right side of it, so you can place it at the end of a bar, so to speak. There's ways around it but they're not ideal or especially user-friendly. Being able to have the right side of an event follow the grid as well will just make a lot of things so much easier and quicker.


I'm really missing a way where I can hold down a button and navigate around (both in the Editor and the main window, whichever the cursor is over once the key is held down).
Basically I want to hold down say space (you'd be able to set your keybinding as you wish anyway) and move the mouse around to go back and forward in the timeline as well as adjust zoom on both axis, this likely by using a modifier key or two more.
For me this would speed up navigation greatly as it's much more fluid and natural, at least to me.

Removing an insert

This is just horrible right now. Not in the way that you do it, that's fine, but the fact that there's no way to undo it (so it sort of ties into the undo system). If the undo system isn't fixed (IT SHOULD BE! ) you at least need to make a "Are you sure?" confirmation dialog for this action.

This is what I have for now off, the top of my head at least. Studio One is a great DAW and I'm really enjoying it, but there are still some things that could be vastly improved upon and hopefully V3 will do so.

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