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EQ question... reference mic & vocal mics, EQ vocals with actual mics used..
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I do EQ the room with the ref mic (usually can't ring it out... always customers about and they just HATE that....) but i do the pink noise thing and flatten out. Now.... Can I (Should I) EQ each vocal channel out with the actual mic being used??? I was thinking about doing this in individual vocal monitors already... (as each different mic seems to have its own characteristics ....and of course, we have a 5 piece group with 5 different mics). We had a problem with a 58, and substituted an EV "on the fly" and whoa, what a difference..... (not a good one unfortunately.... without knocking a big hole between 2k & 3.5k)... But would it be a good idea to flat'n the "in use" mics thru the mains on each vocal channel....

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The Smaart room EQ tool helps compensating outputs for a room's preference for certain frequencies (or lack thereof) 'in space', i.e. the results are valid at the position of the reference mic. Move it a few feet and results will be different. Just so you know.

Feedback is the preference of the whole loop of mic-positioning-PEQ-PEQ-GEQ-speakers-positioning-room-mic for certain frequencies.

As you can see, the Smaart results are in the loop, but only a part of it. Depending on the rest of the loop and how loud you want/need to be feedback is a certainty when you push the faders too far. Ringing out the room has only one purpose: moving that point further up the faders.

Note that feedback is only the last stage of things getting out of control. Before then the sound already starts to 'deform' so you need to move the feedback point well above your required output levels. The 'deforming' sound also allows you to ring out a room without actually hitting the feedback point. Use the GEQs and the Smaart spectrograph, tweak the sensitivity of spectrograph's display, and you can see the feedback frequencies almost before you can hear them. Use it!
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