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..but could the solo button work on the outputs channels?

To clarify....I want to hear the mix I'm sending to each performer (multiple headphone mixes). But when I solo the output channel, I get nothing. Not only that, but the headphone mix gets interrupted because the channels are muted.

Yes, I know that I can "solo safe" all the individual channels so they stay working when I solo the output channel, but that still doesn't route the "Solo" signal to my control room mix... plus then my ability to solo individual channels is gone.

So why put a "Solo" button on a channel if it doesn't work?

In the world of analog mixers (a world where I'm from) , a desk made primarily for live sound will allow the "solo" signal to show up at the mains (for sound check), or optionally to some headphones ( for during the show). In the studio environment, the "solo" button interrupts the control room source. It's been that way for at least 40 years.

But in Studio one, this goes ....??? into the bit-bucket apparently. I'm told by support that this is "normal" and just the way it works. Hence the feature request.

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