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Live Keyboards and volume issues
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Can anybody help me with getting the volume out of they keyboards even when using the 16.4.2? I use the compressor/limiter but not sure if I am using it well. I'm reluctant to overdo anything because I don't want to squash the sound or choke it but getting all the patches even on the fly is impossible.

thanks in advance

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this is what i do....

I have all the SL boards but i use my little 1602 a lot for small gigs and as my keyboard rig... I have a Kurxweil PC88 as the master, a krog module for organs and misc. and a big Open Labs XXL workstation. I have a bazillion keys but trying to get it down to just 3 units. The XXL is a PC based unit so it needs and interface... the 1602! s a great FW interface!

I take the PC 88 and Korg stereo outputs into an ANALOG volume pedal (MIDI volume pedals ALL SUCK!). Then take the pedals into stereo inputs on the 1602 (channels 13-16). IThe XXL uses the FW on the 1602 so I route this to the Control Room section on the 1602... this gives me 1/4" outputs ANALOG! I set all the channels inputs and the CR volume at unity gain so they are ALL THE SAME! (I also preset most the synth volumes in the unit so they are somewhat even to begin with). so now I have 2 stereo pedals on the PC88 and Korg and FW out the analog to a third stereo pedal... the 3rd pedal I bring into the the 1602 stereo line inputs... so now i have 3 stereo feeds into the mixer with nice quality volume pedals. This is real cool because i can play piano on the PC88 and fold in strings from the korg in and out with the pedals... or comp chords and hit some horn blasts on top with popping the pedals in/out... The XXL is a bit more complicated... it can do 1000 layers but realistically i use a sound or two layered or split... again thru the stereo pedal and I mix it all together with the pedals... works great!

so on the ground I have 2 pedals on the left a dual footswitch in the middle for sustain and etc... and the 3rd volume on the right... I use high quality 1/4" cables from the keys to the pedals in pairs and a custom made mogami multi cable from the pedals to the mixer... I can also record the band with the rest of the inputs into my XXL as it is a DAW too as well as a keyboard...
The 1602 is perfect for this as it is smaller than the 1642 and it has MIDI if I want to send the PC88 to the XXL as a master keyboard...
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