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Layered vocals. Played the drums without Quantize, lost the drum stick. Used Ampire Metal Pack.
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The Song: I Have Learned

I Love Studio One, and I try to get all my friends to get it.

My Tama drums, but now I use Addictive Drums with Roland DV 11. I live in a small place with many people.
Morten Kalland *
~ I Love Studio One, but not Windows ~
Windows 8. Intel i7-3770 @ 3.40GHz. 64bit. 16GB ram. Studio One Pro. Audiobox 1818vsl.
VDrums. Tama. Ibanez Guitar. Rock It Bass. Røde Mic. AKG Mic. M-Audio Keystation 88es. (The Son of God) Savior of the World. (His Blood) The Bible John 3.16-17. Life. Sadness. Hope. Love. Family
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