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please help with the process..... gain staging
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jeb stuart

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hi there, hey there everyone. i am slowly learning bedroom recording here. i have a question on gain staging with the audio box 22vsl. here it goes.

it's with the audio box screen that pops up.

right now when i create a song via studio one artist i i click on the 22vsl option as my interface/preamp. i then plug in my microphone for say acoustic guitar or vocal or electric guitar amp. i then turn up the knobs on my 22vsl so that the level on the 22vsl screen, with fat channel and all that stuff, is at about 70 percent in each channel. i have been bypassing all of the compression gate and such because i think those are for plugging an instrument directly into the vsl rather than using a microphone to capture sound. i also leave the fadeers all the way up for both channel one and two or what ever i am using essentially bypassing them.

i then record into studio one at about -14 db then boost back to zero for listening. it honestly does not sound bad and after i boost back to zero my overall mix is at about -12 on my main fader.

is this correct? or should i be turning my audio box up to almost clipping via the red light on the box then bringing down the fader so that i do not clip in studio one? receording at -14 and so on?

i find that after recording in studio one my sound waves are almost not visible. like little lines of drugs or something.

also is my assumption correct in that the fat channel presets are pretty much for plugin instruments like an acoustic directly into the vsl or are they for recording via microphone. i hope thiese question are understandable. thankyou
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