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Just purchased a 16.0.2 and hooked everything up. Upgraded firmware and Universal Controller ( 1.7.2 I believe). The issue I am having is getting a DAW or Skype to recognize the input. I am only showing 1 input and 1 output in Windows Sounds. When in Control Panel, I can see the audio meter just fine when speaking into the mic. However, in Skype or Audition 3.0 I get nothing. Using Audacity on stereo I get input on 1 channel but nothing on mono. I'm guessing its a setting but no idea. Been searching for a while. Didn't have this issue with the Mackie 1220i I am replacing. All 12 inputs and outputs showed up in Win Control Panel and I just had to pick the correct one. The 16.0.2 is only giving me 1 in and 1 out though. Newb when it comes to firewire. Been using boards as analog to USB interface. Thanks in advance. If there is a newb forum or how to someone can direct me to I would appreciate it.

Running Win 8.1 btw. Maybe that's the issue. Driver is latest though.
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