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Compressor Settings for my Live Vocals (HELP ) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hi guys.

I'm using the 16.0.2 , for my Live work through a Pair of QSC K10s.
But i can't seem to get enough Clean headroom without the Mic feeding back?
I have the speakers set full , it works well.
And i have the Input trim at around 12 o'clock, and then i have to raise the mic level on my Lead Vox past unity DB, and this is where the problem occurs...

I try and get a good Mix/Mic Level/Sound, then i have to boost it with a Compressor setting , it just hums and squeals.... ???
No matter how hard i try i cannot get a loud, clean , compressed , non feeding Back Lead Mic level using either my Shure Deluxe 55 Mic, or my Neumann KMS 105 ?
I also have a shure Beta 58, but i don't use it so often, as i find ( when working well ) the other 2 mics mentioned above to be of much better quality of sound to my ears.

Can someone Help, maybe Post me over your Lead Vox Fat channel settings, High Pass, Comp , EQ etc..... , I'm struggling from gig to gig really here...

Many Thanks for your time guys.

Davey Woodford

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Couple of things that may help you:
1. Do not double post
2. Check mic position wrt speakers. Try keep the speakers in the 'dead zone' of the mic.
3. Be as close as possible to the mic. Eat it up.
4. Use the noise gate/expander on the mic input. You want a minimum mic input level. Whisper level is asking for trouble.
5. Use the HPF on the mic input, aggressively. It will clean up the sound.
6. Don't use compressor makeup gain if you're not 100% sure what you're doing. You should be able to do without it.
7. Ring out the speakers. Find the feedback frequencies and notch them out using the GEQ.
8. ...

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Many Thanks

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Justin does a nice video on the basics of shooting the room, including monitors, here:

This is always a good start when setting up as it gets the mains working from a known point right off the bat. You'll need a decent reference mic. I use the Presonus PRM-1 unit and it cost $100 bucks... a cheap, worthwhile investment for any sound man. Using the reference mic will help you know what a "flat" mic (one not tweaked for vocals, bass, etc) does with the mains and monitors. This is valuable because you can then tell the difference one mic to the next, referenced against a known flat point, and see which is more prone to feed back in a given use.

Set each mic input gain, using the technique in the manual if you need a good basic method to make sure you are setting up each channel the same way. Again, this gives you a level table to compare channel settings with, which will help identify issues particular to what is going into the channel itself.

Be particularly aware of monitor location. This is not only the lead vocal monitor, but where other monitors are which have the lead vocal coming to them, and any other sound source that might be feeding into the lead vocal mic. Proper setup of mics, mains, and monitors will eliminate many potential issues before they bite you. Once you have them set up and ring-checked as Justin shows in the video you can see if the issue is in the mic, or if moving or pointing the speaker in another direction eliminates the problem.

All suggestions above are also good ones. The lower you have to push the mics at your base settings, the more headroom you'll have as the show goes on. If you start against the wall, feedback wise, you'll be fighting feedback all night. Musicians seldom get quieter as the night wears on...

Best of luck!

PS: I ran across another video, on a 1st Gen 16.4.2, and it also has some good "finding the feedback on monitors" info. This one is a step by step with Rick Naqvi setting up for his band:

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